Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Morning at Another Broken Egg Cafe

My boyfriend couldn't sleep last night so he was awake bright and early this morning so I was like, Hey, we should go to Another Broken Egg Cafe.

So what did we do? We went there of course.

I decided to go with a light yogurt and fruit parfait while my boyfriend got the Eggs Benedict.

Here are some pictures!

 photo IMG_8264watermark_zpsf789490a.jpg

 photo IMG_8261watermark_zps67b245f6.jpg

 photo IMG_8268watermark_zps05234bd0.jpg

 photo IMG_8267watermark_zpsa2588b6f.jpg

That's all for this morning! See y'all later!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Is it possible for me to SAVE?

So after watching Julia Graf's video on what equipment she uses to film her videos, I decided that I really need to save money to get better equipment for better quality videos.

Problem? How do I save money when there are so many nice deals out there?

I just realized that had I not bought all these fashion items recently, I really could've used the money towards a Canon T5i which is around $600 though I'd imagine that price will go down by next year, which is the time that I will attempt to get this camera.

I know, stupid of me right? Can I return the products I bought? No, though some I can, but for the most part I cannot because a lot of these are Asian beauty items that are non-refundable.

So what's a girl to do when she wants things but has no money?



Did I mention, save?

Maybe it's really time I've gone on a diet. No, not necessarily for my body, though I do need to go on a diet for that too, but diet for my money. No spending except for food, rent, gas, aka necessities.

I highly doubt I can achieve this, as there are too many sales and I already bought stuff, but a girl can try, right?

Also, maybe I don't need all these camera equipment right away. My channel isn't even big yet. It only has 206 subscribers as of yet, and I barely get views. I don't know how to get more views but I'm hoping to grow! I really am against asking other people to subscribe to me by messaging them directly to do it. I am also against self-promoting by posting a thread in a forum to go visit some video I made. I feel like that's such a cheap way to get views.

I personally feel that if I am going to grow my youtube channel, it should be the honest way, which is to let people find my channel whichever way they did on their own, watch my videos, and subscribe if they want to, and that's it. No forcing people to watch my stuff.

No, I don't want to be a Michelle Phan YouTube star. I just want to share my products trials and errors and help people out and have fun with it. Does the Ad money help? Yea, it really does. Why? Because that money could go towards different things. It could obviously go towards rent, but it could also go towards more products for me to review and help people out with to make decisions on what to buy.

I also don't want to do tutorials on makeup. Why? Because there are already hundreds of YouTubers out there who do a hell of a good job at coming up with ideas and I don't think I need to be doing any tutorials. Does that make it final that I will never do a tutorial? Nah, I MIGHT do a tutorial, but I will only consider it if I first get a Canon T5i and get better at makeup application. I am pretty bad at makeup in all honesty so I don't feel that I have the ability to be doing makeup tutorials.

All these camera equipment, including a new camera, is gonna run me probably $1000 total. But you know what? I think I can do it. By the end of NEXT YEAR most likely, but it's doable. Hopefully by then my videos will be more successful? Hope so.

Something I regret purchasing, is from Gmarket. Not because it's a bad site or that it has bad products. No. It has great products and its a great site. It's that I spent $800 total a few years ago and that $800 could've been used towards a professional camera and more higher end brands. You live and learn....right? =/

Anyway, I will see y'all later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Even MORE Products I Am Wanting!?


This is VERY BAD for my wallet. I need to STOP!

I ordered so many things when I don't really have the funds. Okay, so I DO have funds for it but those funds should be going towards either savings or paying rent and food and gas. Luckily there are one or two products I ordered that I can still return if I want to get some money back.

But.....of course...there are still more things I want. The main thing I want though is a new DSLR. Yes, I have the Canon 10D, but it doesn't have video function! So my youtube videos turn out extremely low quality and blurry =/

But yea, here are some things I would like:

1) Canon T3i . About $300-350 on ebay used. Yes, this is outdated but I don't care. It's far more updated than my 2002 year or so Canon 10D and it seems a lot of YouTubers use this version if they don't have the more updated T5i.

2) Ring Light. About $150-200 on Amazon. This is crucial to get effective lighting for making videos. I want to focus more on my YouTube channel now and grow. No, I don't need or want to be the next Michelle Phan, but it would be nice to have only a few thousand views per video. I don't necessarily "need" 100,000 views per video, but hey, it would be nice, wouldn't it? But that's a dream. I also don't have a Mac Pro laptop so I can't edit using their software. I'm using a crappy free editor that doesn't do too much other than the bare minimum.

3) Velour Lashes $30. I hear many good things about these lashes from RAEview and she has an immaculate face and makeup. She says you can use one pair of lashes for a dozen or two times so it's worth the investment. I currently use cheap lashes I got from eBay that aren't that great lol

4) Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner $30. I saw Pony's Beauty Diary use this in one of her videos for longer lasting makeup so I want to try it out.

5) RMK Creamy Gel Foundation $60-70. I saw this on RAEview. She said that this holds up even in THE most humid weather, so that catches my attention right away since I live in the south, weather is really humid and hot. I need something that will stay put! I need to figure out my shade though. But first, I need to figure out the MONEY for it -___-

So yea there's probably more that I want to buy but I am feeling a bit lazy right now to put everything up. Also, I feel like I put any more up, I will end up buying them .__. 

How do you control your buying habits? I need to know! I want to buy more sheet masks and just about everything >_<

K I guess I will see y'all later!


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