Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Even MORE Products I Am Wanting!?


This is VERY BAD for my wallet. I need to STOP!

I ordered so many things when I don't really have the funds. Okay, so I DO have funds for it but those funds should be going towards either savings or paying rent and food and gas. Luckily there are one or two products I ordered that I can still return if I want to get some money back.

But.....of course...there are still more things I want. The main thing I want though is a new DSLR. Yes, I have the Canon 10D, but it doesn't have video function! So my youtube videos turn out extremely low quality and blurry =/

But yea, here are some things I would like:

1) Canon T3i . About $300-350 on ebay used. Yes, this is outdated but I don't care. It's far more updated than my 2002 year or so Canon 10D and it seems a lot of YouTubers use this version if they don't have the more updated T5i.

2) Ring Light. About $150-200 on Amazon. This is crucial to get effective lighting for making videos. I want to focus more on my YouTube channel now and grow. No, I don't need or want to be the next Michelle Phan, but it would be nice to have only a few thousand views per video. I don't necessarily "need" 100,000 views per video, but hey, it would be nice, wouldn't it? But that's a dream. I also don't have a Mac Pro laptop so I can't edit using their software. I'm using a crappy free editor that doesn't do too much other than the bare minimum.

3) Velour Lashes $30. I hear many good things about these lashes from RAEview and she has an immaculate face and makeup. She says you can use one pair of lashes for a dozen or two times so it's worth the investment. I currently use cheap lashes I got from eBay that aren't that great lol

4) Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner $30. I saw Pony's Beauty Diary use this in one of her videos for longer lasting makeup so I want to try it out.

5) RMK Creamy Gel Foundation $60-70. I saw this on RAEview. She said that this holds up even in THE most humid weather, so that catches my attention right away since I live in the south, weather is really humid and hot. I need something that will stay put! I need to figure out my shade though. But first, I need to figure out the MONEY for it -___-

So yea there's probably more that I want to buy but I am feeling a bit lazy right now to put everything up. Also, I feel like I put any more up, I will end up buying them .__. 

How do you control your buying habits? I need to know! I want to buy more sheet masks and just about everything >_<

K I guess I will see y'all later!


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