Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty Wish List Spring 2014

Totally resisting the Sephora 15% off since I probably don't have that much money left after purchasing too much stuff for face painting supplies and clothes.

I'm sad T.T I wish I had more money D: Oh well, in due time I will have a proper job and will have cash rolling in. It's not like I NEED these things immediately. They can wait.

For now, this will remain a wish list, rather than a "will actually buy now" list.

In no particular order, here's my list:

1) YSL Lipsticks $35

  • Keep seeing this on missnataliie 's blog and among other bloggers and youtubers. The pigmentation looks great and so does the packaging. 

2) Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick $22

  • Heard this from FrmHeadToToe Jen of course! Much more "affordable" than the YSL lipsticks but still pricey IMO. Looks great though!

3) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer $18-52
  • I've heard great things about the oil-control of this primer. None of my primers have worked for me. 

4) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder $45
  • EVERYONE and their mother raves about this highlighting product. RaeView in particular has a lot of these and she loves them and they make her look glowy and fresh without looking like a disco ball. 

5) SK-II Skincare Line $too expensive.

6) Japanese lipsticks (KATE, Lavshuca, Integrate, Coffret D'or, Lunasol etc) 
  • Who doesn't like Japanese makeup? Sure some are lower/better quality than others, but no one can deny the pretty packaging and fun colors. Japanese lipsticks range between $10-30

7) Fresh Soy Face Cleanser $15-38
  • I hear good things about this cleanser too so I want to try it but I feel like it's so gentle for the skin that it may not improve my skin any? Thoughts? If it's just meant to be gentle only then I think I should just continue using my Dove Unscented Sensitive Skin bar soap.

8) A high quality fluffy Bronzer Brush
  • I have an angled blush brush but it makes such a harsh line so I want something fluffy to blend the bronzer better

9) Lush products
  • Now I've actually used this Vanishing Cream shown before and I did like it but at $42.95 I couldn't justify buying it again ._. With that money I can actually buy a Laneige Emulsion that's two times the product amount. But I did enjoy this cream while it lasted. One day when I have money I'll return to this as well as try other products that may be better

10) A high quality curling iron $too expensive.

If I think of any more I'll add to my list but that's it for now! 

What are yall wanting to buy? Let me know down in the comments!

See yall later!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SOTD (Selfie of the Day) April 10 2014

So I made up a new "of the day" thing, Selfie of the Day, unless that was already out there? Anyway this wasn't from today since I wore the red blouse and zara white skort as shown in my previous blogpost and video.

Anyway, I just didn't want to title my posts "camwhoring session" again because that sounded kind of bad and unappealing.

I took a few shots of myself that I want to share with yall. It's really hard taking pictures when you only have a 50mm 1.8 fixed lens, no zoom. However I did purchase online recently a 28mm-135mm zoom lens that I had sent to my Texas address, which I'll get when I come there next week.

 photo IMG_6742watermark_zps2812418a.jpg

 photo IMG_6731watermark_zpsde4b9234.jpg

 photo IMG_6721watermark_zps91ba045a.jpg

 photo IMG_6743watermark_zps4ba282ca.jpg

See yall later!

Outfit Of The Day OOTD April 10, 2014

So I was running errands today and ate some lunch and this is what I wore. I think this outfit looks much better than my previous OOTD two days ago.

I will edit this post later with a video I made for this outfit once it uploads.

The photographer is my boyfriend. He and I both don't really know what we're doing for photos. He's just taking directions from me and trying his best and then I don't really know how to pose so things end up looking not as artistic as stuff on and other fashion blogs.

Any pointers? I've tried watching youtube videos on how to pose for pictures but I'm still awkward and the pictures don't look artistic enough.

 photo IMG_6750watermark_zps8bb50aff.jpg

 photo IMG_6754watermark_zps4c3df940.jpg

 photo IMG_6748watermark_zps05022adb.jpg

 photo IMG_6751watermark_zpsfb6fb426.jpg

 photo IMG_6752watermark_zpsee2f0134.jpg

 photo IMG_6755watermark_zps9d0ffc87.jpg

 photo IMG_6756watermark_zpsd2e13f98.jpg

Blouse: H&M $24 (still in stock as of 4/10/14)
Skort: Zara $50
Heels: H&M $70 (out of stock)
Necklace: Forever21 $8 (purchased in store)
Purse: Nine West $15 from Ross


End Edit

That's all folks! I'm slowly but surely improving my outfits. I'm in the process of redoing my closet.

See yall later!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Haul


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