Sunday, November 16, 2014

On A Shopping Diet/Ban Again

The last item I purchased was my Makeup Revolution products, which were 3 items, and I bought a Target sweater.

Now that I have seen my credit card and debit card bank statements, it's time to go on a diet. A shopping diet.

I did sell a good wad of clothes though to Plato's Closet as well as 2 shoes. So in total from that I gained $42, which should cover 3/4 of the money I spent on the Makeup Revolution products and Target jewel embellished sweater.

Still though, despite that I haven't bought a lot of stuff compared to the past, it's time for me to go on a shopping ban for the rest of the year. Yes you heard me right. It's honestly just 1.5 more months to go so it's not so bad. I know, there will be crazy sales coming up, but I really don't need anymore things. If any, I should sell some more items of mine. But really, when is there ever a time I actually "need" more clothes and shoes? Never anymore. It used to be the case back in like my first year of college where I really had a limited amount of clothing that actually looked good. Now I have so much that I don't wear. I need to really chill out on the spending.

This month I spent a good $70 for 3 days of juicing. That's $23.33/day for 6 drinks per day, which is $3.89 per 16oz drink. Very expensive to juice. Yikes =/ but at least it's just 3 days.

I think I need to unsubscribe to a lot of my shopping websites because they always warn you about sales. Yea I always delete them but to tempt me really is terrible.

I've squandered so much money at the grocery this month to restock on items that I had to throw out when I was gone throughout October in Houston. I had to buy chicken again, and all sorts of stuff. Eating good and healthy foods really add up. It isn't as expensive as eating out, but expensive enough where I can barely keep up. Just 2 more months til I start working again unless this one cosmetics company I'm trying to get an interview with actually hires me.

Mmmk, this will be the end of my post. Honestly, I don't think anyone will truly read this post, but if you do so happen to read, thank you.

See yall later :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadows in Vintage Vamp and KISSING Lipstick in Night Crimson

This is my review for two Charlotte Tilbury products. Please watch the video!

Swatches and pictures will be below the video :)

Thank y'all!

 photo IMG_8562watermark_zpsd29b30f7.jpg

 photo IMG_8543_zpscfa9853b.jpg

 photo IMG_8531_zpsaed54d60.jpg

 photo IMG_8535_zps3325350e.jpg

 photo IMG_8536_zps44ccb4cf.jpg

 photo IMG_8541_zps940dd865.jpg

If y'all have any questions, please comment down below or on my youtube video :)

See y'all later!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

To Buy List...Yet Again...

So I WON'T be buying these soon but I will buy them probably within the next year or depending how well I do with my business. But overall I'm definitely looking to buy these things.

  1. Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana $12 + shipping
  2. Zoeva 225 blending brush $9.50 + shipping
  3. Zoeva 330 Lip Contour brush $9.50 + shipping
  4. Jewel embellished sweater or shirt (cost varies but is usually expensive)
  5. Camel or Burgundy colored Peacoat (expensive T_T )
  6. Makeup Revolution Store products (shipping internationally to the US sucks though!)
  7. Model In A Bottle Original Formula $14 + shipping (only will buy once I finish my Urban Decay De Slick Setting Spray)
Don't be fooled by the short list. There are a TON of things I want from the Makeup Revolution Store. They're based in the UK so the shipping cost to the US is absurd. But it's still worth it! They have tons of low price dupes for high end products that I want to get my hands on. But for now, I ordered 3 items. I will show them in a video probably once I get them in the mail which will probably take a long time since it's from overseas :( I expect waiting nearly a month for them.

Anyway that's really it for now. I made a new video on youtube regarding my review of the Zoeva Rose Golden brush set. I guess I'll repost it here so people can see.

See yall later!

Monday, September 29, 2014

How I Managed to Not Spend While Having A Spending Habit

Those of you who read previous posts about me buying too much and having trouble saving, and then wondering if I could actually save, well, good news for me!

This entire month of September, I did NOT buy a single fashion, makeup, or leisure item!

I strictly stuck to paying rent, utilities, gasoline, food/groceries, and laundry quarters.

I also managed to get my and my bf's grocery bill together to be around $300. That does not include going out to eat, which he always pays for, but sticking to $300 isn't too terrible and reasonable for two adults.

One question here is, was my sanity compromised?

Actually...not too much! My sanity stayed more or less same except I didn't have to experience regrets! I am proud of myself for not buying a thing.

Big question is, how did I manage to not spend with my spending addiction?


  1.  Any ad in my email I deleted immediately, didn't even take a full glance at the deals they were offering so that I wouldn't be tempted.
  2.  I also CONSTANTLY reminded myself mentally that I'm on a shopping ban. 
  3. I did not even browse the cosmetic section of CVS, Target, Walmart, or any store to prevent myself from being tempted. In and out of the grocery store with food only and household essentials like toilet paper.
  4. Did not browse any fashion retailer website, even for fun, even if I really did not intend to buy anything, as to not be tempted to buy anything, even if it was $5 
  5. I constantly checked my bank accounts to remind myself how poor I am and how I quite literally cannot afford anything at the moment regarding leisure.
  6. Did not even go to the mall (not that this town has any good shopping malls...). Period. Except for an interview and that was it. In. Out. Done.
My methods obviously wont' work for everyone but it's what worked for me.

I will be visiting Houston next month to face paint for my old boss to hopefully gain a lot of money to save to hold me off until I can find a stable job. 

So you're probably wondering....if I didn't go out to have fun or go shopping, what on earth have I been doing with myself for an entire month?


  1. Watched YouTube videos, despite them tempting me to buy makeup with guru's recommendations. Mostly watched for the sake of watching, not necessarily to be on the hunt to buy anything
  2. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. You'd be surprised how much you have to clean even if your house/apartment looks clean. There's always vacuuming. Tile cleaning. Bathroom cleaning. Dish washing. Putting up the dishes. SO MUCH CLEANING
  3. Played Age of Empires on the desktop computer. My bf's friend bought me the game a while ago so it was free for me, but really, it was just $10 anyway
  4. Practiced face painting on myself
  5. Slept
  6. Ran a bunch of grocery errands and other errands
  7. Drew a comic, which I will be drawing more comics in the future and perhaps might reward myself with a drawing tablet if I am serious about putting them on a blog/online for the public to see. My drawings aren't great, but everyone starts somewhere.
  8. Took pictures
  9. Went on a few walks with my boyfriend at the park
  10. Dealt with drama. I obviously do NOT recommend this but it took up some of my time
  11. Filmed a YouTube video or two. I've slowed down on videos because I haven't been hauling. I need to start filming non-purchase related videos!
  12. Packed my luggage for my Houston trip that's around the corner for October 2014
  13. Looked up cooking blogs
  14. Facebook
  15. Spent a good chunk of my time cooking lunch and dinner each day for me and my boyfriend
  16. Chatted with friends via Kakao, regular texting, AIM, and Facebook messenger
  17. Attempted to play the old game Animal Crossing
  18. Did two interviews for two different companies (I have yet to hear back from them though T_T )
  19. Played Magic the Gathering with my boyfriend to learn how to play it more
  20. Watched YouTube videos on how to play Magic the Gathering
  21. Watched long vlogs
  22. Did one free balloon gig for an elementary school who didn't seem all that grateful to me dedicating my time. Tomorrow I'm doing a free 3 hour face painting gig at a well known fast food chain to get my name out there. I originally emailed them asking if they need my services but they never responded to me because they're cheap and didn't want to pay me despite my lower rates/fees. Emailed them again with a special deal on one free 3 hour face painting and they responded immediately. NEVER AGAIN will I allow myself to be taken advantage of! I won't face paint for this restaurant anymore unless they decide to pay me in FULL and with MONEY rather than ONE FREE MEAL. Ugh.
  23. Pampered myself with sheet masks and regular masks that I already own
  24. Thought about too many things and made myself anxious--definitely do not recommend but it definitely consumed my time!
  25. Painted my nails
So yea, that's what kept me busy. I can't lie though. There were times I went nuts because there was nothing to do in this boring town, but I tried my best to keep busy with what I listed above. 

That's it y'all! Thank you to anybody who read this post. :)

See y'all later!


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