Friday, February 29, 2008

Exotic Green/Blue EOTD

Hello to those who actually read my blog lol :)

I did a EOTD, as usual with just one eye XD. I don't know...I never do two eyes since I can never capture a good picture with bot eyes open and closed. It always ends up looking weird and I just zoom up usually on my left eye.

I also rarely do FOTDs since I dont' really wanna waste my face makeup, well, not that it's severely wasted and all, but if I were to do a lotta FOTDs, then my makeup would go bye-bye pretty soon. Since I have no car, no insurance, but I do have a driver's license, I can't exactly get anywhere to get makeup. Plus, my mom doesn't really favor me buying makeup because she thinks when I wear makeup, I "show off", but that's obviously not the case!!! Us girls love to play with makeup. It's a hobby, pastime, and you know what, some of us really love lookin at the mirror and see improvements we have done from learning, or simply we are very proud that we did a good job! Also wearing makeup alotta times gives an extra "oomph" to my out appearance and I like that if I go out sometimes. But my again, my mom tries to minimize my use of makeup as she doesn't like me looking old and what not. I can see her point, but I don't see what's a little harm in wearing some eye makeup just only sometimes when I go out. Makeup's fun and i love it, I just hope she understands it.

anyhoo, onward to the pictures because I'm sure yall rather would see that than read my blabbing! I'm sorry that my camera didn't quite capture the true color of the eyeshadows. The blue at the outer corner is supposed to be much bluer than you see in the photo. In the photos it sorta just looks green, which disappoints me since it looks so nice in person.
I used:

-Loreal Paint in "Secretive" as my base
-NYX Ultra Pearl Mania loose pigments in Lime (inner corner to half lid)
-ULTA single eyeshadow in Luna (from half lid to outer corner)
-Styli-Style 24 Line & Seal Eyeliner in Carbon Black #135
-Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara in Black (used as a base to hold curl)
-Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara in Black (used to lengthen and volumize)
-Tweezerman Metal Eyelash curler

Hope yall enjoyed it ^_^


ilurvemakeup said...

Babble away sweets! I do A LOT in my blog lol! It's your blog so you will tend to type nonstop, who cares, I love it :)

My mom was the same way when I lived at home. I hate wearing makeup when I don't need to. I don't feel like it waste my stuff, it's cuz I'm just too lazy. I think my eotds/fotds always looked weird. I hate that our cams don't capture true colors, maybe we doing something wrong with the cam's settings? :(

Glow Chaser said...

green really suits you!

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