Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mini Haul Given from my Sweet BF :)

So I saw my Walgreens where I live having a BOGOF with the entire stock of L'oreal products, which means the L'oreal paints came into mind to buy since they usually are so pricey! Usually my bf comes over to visit me and he takes me to Walgreens to buy makeup since Walgreens keeps having sales for some reason--but I'm not complaining, I like those sales :). Since I keep feeling bad for wasting "us" time due to my Walgreens-trips whenever he comes over, I asked if it was okay if he could go to Walgreens to buy me the L'Oreal paints so that way when he comes to pick me up, we won't waste time for us (don't think anything dirty now people!!).

He didn't like the idea of rummaging through makeup since he's a guy of course, but he went past his "ickness" and bought them for me :). Unfortunately the Walgreens near his house didn't have the sale, so he bought 3 Loreal paint tubes for me, totaling to like $30! I felt so horrible since I thought it was BOGOF throughout the city where I'm at, but unfortunately it was only for my area where I live that had that promotion. Having felt so bad, I gave him $20. He didn't want it since he got it for me out of his want since he knows I love makeup :). But I gave him the money anyway and put it in his wallet because I don't wanna be the gf that wastes all the guy's money. He wanted to pay for it so I left that compromise where the $10 were on him and the $20 were on me out of the $30 total purchase price.

I tried some on, but without concealer so I probably didn't get the most out of the color. My yellow undertones probably skewed the true color. I tested it out with the brush, and I personally didn't like the brush. It didn't make things go on evenly at all and it deposited too much or too little in some areas, so I stuck with using my fingers since I don't really have a brush set. Maybe I'll just use those wimpy brushes to apply powder eyeshadow or something or use it as a lip brush. Since I have 3 of those brushes, I'll test them out, but for sure it'll probably make a better lip brush than eyeshadow.


1) Feels really smooth :)
2) Although I haven't gone outside with this on, it seems to not crease on me and it stays put rather well
3) Not glittery, but not a flat color. It has this subtle shimmer to it
4) Great as a base
5) A little goes a long way


1) When you "pierce" the opening of the tube, for some reason the pressure that was stored in the tube is slowly trying to make the paint come out on its own and I don't like that since I dont' wanna waste any paint.

2) I thought the color Lofty was gonna be more on the pink side. It's more of a pretty beige on me. Maybe it's because I didn't have concealer on to neutralize out my yellow undertones

3) I honestly thought the tubes were gonna be bigger than what they actually are!! You see that picture I put up of the tubes? Thats a really good comparison for the paint tube's actual size. The actual tube is slightly slightly slightly smaller than shown in the picture, but that's the closest I can get to showing the tube-size "to scale" if you know what I mean.

I tried to take pictures with the paints on my eyes as swatches, but since these were neutral colors, you couldn't see that much on the camera since the sun is bright outside. you definitely see more in person.

"Secretive" is a good champagne color that brightens up the eye area. Good to wear with mascara and a little bit of eyeliner for a natural look, or use it as a base.

Although I know there aren't exactly many viewers reading this, oh well, if anybody has any questions regarding these Loreal tubes, don't hesitate to ask :)

Last, but definitely not least, I want to say to my bf: I love you honey! Thank you for buying the makeup, I appreciate it <3



' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

awww that is sweet of him :)

btw, found you through ilurvemakeup's blog :) yay for more ABBer blogs!

ilurvemakeup said...

Your bf is such a sweetheart, my hubby would never spend $30 on his own on makeup unless I was with him to nag LOL

I have been lemming those HiP paints. Whenever there is a BOGO the colors are always gone, I mean EMPTY shelves! :( Some girl on YT said to better invest on MAC, but f that! I want me some BOGO holla!!! lol Do a fotd with these as base please? :)

*waves @ Arashi*

Violet Honeybee said...

Aww that's nice of him! Yay for blogging! ^-^

I agree with Lurve.. do a FOTD!


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