Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Rants and Complaining

This week pretty much sucks so far.

Starting this morning, I had a mini mistake driving my car and the other driver acted as if I was the worst person on the planet. He even turned around to shake his fist at me..dear god....I understand I made a mistake on the road--which was just a few feet away from my house (i just barely got out of my street) and I made a mistake. Yes, I was wrong to make that mistake, but I'm still learning and getting used to driving.

Plus, it didn't really help that I was stupid enough to wear loose flip flops while driving--I might as well have gone bare footed.

So I'm very disappointed in my own stupidity in not checking all directions of where I was about to turn (which was out of my street onto a tiny street) and am confuddled at how angry a person can get enough to shake their fist at me...I mean, that really huge loud long horn beeping was enough...but I think turning around to shake their fist at me and make a disgusted face at me was taking it too far.

Not only that, but my "friend" always asks me to explain to her AP Statistics because she doesn't understand it. Well you know what? It's because she doesn't take notes, doesn't pay attention, talks all around class, fools around 24/7. Then for the past few tests, she asked me to explain the entire curriculum we just learned because "she doesn't get it"....well if she had done the 3 problems for homework that takes like 10 minutes to do, that even has half of the answers in the back of the book, maybe she would get some of this stuff!! She even has a personal tutor (who is in Top 10 highest GPA graduates) and she doesn't even ask her questions! Why put all the responsibility on me when she has her own tutor and she isn't taking the responsibility to learn things herself?

I work my butt off in that class. Before I ask my friends for help, I make sure I read through my own notes and homework and copy down all that my teacher writes to make sure what I do and dont' know, and try to solve things I dont' know. After trying hard, THEN I'll go to my friend. This girl does didally squat and expects me to explain her everything..and what pisses me off even more is that she gets a higher grade than me in that class after she has done absolutely nothing and used me left and right. I'm sick of it!

So what did I do today when she kept whining and trying to manipulate me to help her? I told her NO. I was like, no, you and I very well know that you need to be paying attention in class and take notes. And she whined back "but i DOOOOO".

whatever--just bs stuff. she does nothing and she's filled with lies. So after rejecting her the first time, she had the nerve to come back and interrupt my studying and whined again "seriously Grace, PLEASSSSSSSSSSEEE teach me this stuff. I have no idea what I'm doing"

I stood up for myself this time and refused to help her any longer. I am not a mean person. I am more than willing to help out a person, but if a person is a fuckin lazy dumbass who uses people to get an undeserving B or A, fuck that! I'm not helping you! Wastes my own studying time while all they do is annoy the living crap outta me!

Not only that, but she gets wayyyyyyyyy too much into my personal business. She's SO NOSY. Like for the Anime Convention that I just went to, my guyfriend who invited me specifically requested me not to talk about it in class because he didn't invite some specific people. So then that girl asked me:

*insert incessant annoying fast-speaking voice of that girl here*
"omg omg omg tell me tell me tell me!!! what you are you doing? where is it? when is it? what time will it be at? who are you going will? why won't you tell me? It's not like i'm gonna tell anybody. PLEASE just tell me! omg seriously Grace just tell me. You know you can trust me. I swear I'm not gonna tell anybody. come on come on!! WHYYYYYY wont' you tell me. you're like, my bestest friend EVER. and you know what? best friends tell each other EVERYTHING so why aren't you telling me this!?!? huh!?!? graccccceeee tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

I SWEAR she did not take a breath inbetween all those words she said to me. She stalked me DURING stats class, AFTER stats class & down the math hallway, DOWN the stairs, then DOWN the 1st floor hallway all the way to the entrance of the school, JUST to find out about the anime convention that is none of her business! Plus, I want to respect my friend's request in not blabbing about when, where, and who this convention involved. She was so persistent until I gave in with minimal information. Then she was extremely UNsatisfied with my minimal info I told her and she dragged me into telling her more. Can you say, NOSY!?!?

that's just ONE incident with her trying to get into my business. She later asks about me and my bf, and I like to keep our personal lives to ourselves, not announced to the world because that is my preference. So she asks "so when do you see your bf. what do you do with him. where do you go with him. did you do it with him? who is he? OMGG, here's a secret. I slept with my bf's best friend...i feel horrible....yea...oh life to the fullest!" and then she goes to her next friend literally a few feet away and tell her the EXACT same "i slept with my bf's best friend" story..and i'm what type of secret is that to announce, and to find it hilarious that you slept with your bf's best friend....seriously!

I am SO SICK OF HER. Everybody tells her to shut up cuz she's SO ANNOYING. She bothers EVERYONE. She can definitely be nice, and she IS nice, but she's ANNOYING.

Okay, so back to me telling her "no" to re-teaching her every last bit of our lesson. She gave me a silent treatment and isolation for not helping her. She didn't talk to me, nor did she wait for me when the bell rings to dismiss us like she usually does. Then in stats class, she usually talks to me, but then she talked to EVERYONE BUT me. so i'm thinking...are you effin serious? how can you possibly act that immature over my "no" response when it is your responsibility in the first place to ask questions in class and take notes!

alrightee, that part is over. sorry guys for my complaining. I am SOO crazy right now, and it doesn't help that I'm sorta PMS, so please diregard any current, or past few days of any rude words because I'm just pmsing and words are flying outta my mouth.

mmmk, now, back to studying for my stats test tomorrow and the rest of my Ch.10 for my Eco test that's Wed & Thurs. Damn bastard of an Eco teacher. That's another story. @_@

sorry to bore you and annoy you of my post. Thank you to anyone who actually read it all or even skimmed through it :)

have a great day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Car Recs Please :)

I posted this under the ABB forums, but I'm copying/pasting all that over here on my blog. (honestly, i'm trying to get more responses cuz it's more of a need-to-know thing). by the time fall arrives, i really need to know what car I'm settling on in order to drive to college.

so here's the repost of my forum post:

Hi everybody!

Though I probably won’t get a car of my own any time soon until next year when I start college, I’m doing tons of research at this point to make sure I get something good for the money.

My scenario is having to drive ALOTTTTTTTTT to college since Im not dorming. If any of you are from Houston and have to drive to downtown area, you will know it is a PAIN to get through all that traffic, AND to find parking space.

Having that said, I would need a car whose size is the maximum length/size of like a camry and an accord.

Since we probably can’t afford neither of those cars right now (i’m liking the new Accord 09 sedan, especially the coupe, but alas, no money ;.; )

I just need a car to get me from my house all the way to downtown area, which should be a good 1.5 , maybe on a bad day, a 2 hr drive to college through traffic (without traffic should be like an hour or less! traffic makes all the difference) and I need a compact or midsize car so I can park easier

So for right now, I’ve narrowed down my choice to 2 cars :

1) Toyota Corolla 08/09 whichever year
2) Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer ES CVT

I’m reading tons of consumer reviews and this is what I have found for each car so far:


-awesome mileage
-one of the best reputations in car history for reliability
-around $18k (a/c, LE, etc) so it’s affordable
-slight improvement in appearance as opposed to the more rounder 07/08 model

-doesn’t work well with the freeway cuz it’s lightweight and doesn’t have as good of stability. Shaky on freeweay
-only like a couple thousand dollars away from getting a camry
-heard some reports of it breaking down actually sooner than people think. so it’s a hit or miss with the newer cars
-interior is sorta cheap


-more stability on the freeway due to heavier car weight. better control when driving curves
-brakes not too responsive (so less jerky/abrupt stops), but braking is rated "above average" Motor Week said it went from 60 to 0 mph and it took like...120 meters..iono..something like that, to come to a full stop
-ES CVT base price is around $16,500 (including a/c etc) so ti’s cheaper than the corolla
-loose sporty, but is a sedan. don’t have to pay the sports-car insurance price, but you get the sport-car look in a sedan.
-nice interior

-Mitsubishi’s reliability has not been as established in society like the corolla, so a person would feel slightly uneasy of when the car would break down
-due to heavier weight of car (thought it gives more stability), that makes the car work harder to lug the weight, therefore it will give you less mileage than the corolla.

Personally, I want to deviate away from the Corolla cuz we keep getting camry’s and corollas and the Lancer looks sportier and slightly cheaper than the Corolla, but the Corolla has such a good reputation to pass up. It’s fully established in society and is well known for its good price, good mileage, and good dependability, but lately i’ve been seeing a bit more negative reports for some reason on them.

Mitsubishi looks nice for the price, but I’m a bit scared of how long it will last even though it has the 100,000 mile warranty and all those warranties etc. I’m also concerned about the gas mileage being lower ( avg 21 mpg city, 29 mpg freeway/highway) since nowadays the gas price is ridiculous.

Have yall heard of any stories of these two cars? Anybody has experience with either of these cars and would like to share your nit picky pros and cons about your car?

Car expert? what are your tips/tricks for finding cars. Any other car suggestion that would fit the categories of the car that I am preferring? Anything you feel you want to specifically point out for either or both of those cars?

Thank yall so much and I hope to generate some responses . We’re tight on budget right now and I’m trying to get an affordable car that doesn’t look horrible, but doesn’t have to look really good either. My parents refuse to buy me a used car, and in which I’m thankful for cuz I have this fear of buying used cars, so no used-cars recs please. Just new car recs.

hope to year from yall ! ^_^

ps: I’ve read tons of reviews of both experts and consumer reviews from and any other site suggestions?

Thank yall in advance :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Beauty Crimes

I got tagged by the gorgeous Aradani!!

So..I guess here's my 5 Beauty Crimes that I commit/commited

1) Wear smudgeable eyeliner and eyemakeup during my tennis practices/tournaments. HAHA I thought I looked good with the makeup but little did I know that all that makeup smudged around and made me look all raccoon-ish and panda-bear-eyes. I must have looked like a moron for an entire year with all those other tennis players on my team AND from other schools x.x

2) I pick at my pimples. When I see a plump pimple ready to pop, i must pop it. I have tried all I could to just apply the cream and wait for them to deflate..but that just doesn't end up happening all the way. I just have to pop the pimples ;.;

3) I got lazy at shaving a few years back while still in Tennis. I actually wore those short shorts and short skirts for tennis practices AND tournaments, all while displaying my HAIRRYYYY legs!!!! i can't imagine how many people I blinded with my gorilla hairy legs.

4) I wore on some days a padded bra(made me look unnaturally huge), then a super super no-padded-sports bra(which made me flatter than I really am) another day in the same it was like I was alternating boob sizes every other day! I apparently did not get the right bra size for my boobs XD so I looked so fake every single day. It looked so obvious my boobs were not big and the variation of sizes was so bad XD. Glad I stopped that years ago! lol. Moral of this crime: stick to your real boob size (don't make it look too big or too small) and stay consistent with the boob-size appearance with people you see often XD

5) I allowed my friend to do my makeup in the middle of lunch in 8th grade. BIGGEST MISTAKE IN HISTORY. One lunch, I skipped out on eating (bad mistake cuz I was starving the whole day) to allow her to use her (never cleaned, very dirty) makeup on me. She tried to do a smokey blue/purple look on me..but that just SO did NOT work out!! I looked like I got punched in both eyes. She didn't know how to apply makeup on asian eyes (which isn't her fault), but I looked AWFUL. On top of that, she got out the spray glitter and sprayed ALLLLL of my hair in glittery maddness. I looked like I just came from the Maury Show or Jerry Springer XD. And I had my stupid glasses on so I looked even worse. Everybody laughed at me and pointed at me, but yet, somehow, just somehow, I thought I was on top of the world and looked so awesome--apparently that really wasn't the case on how it really is!

now....instead of beauty crimes..I guess I'll make up my own thing.

5 Bad Habits (in general, doesn't have to be beauty related)

1) this is gross, but I have a horrible habit of leaving unfinished cups of either milk or juice in my room and by the end of the week, the milk turns into a block of disgusting cheese XDD and the juice turns into a sticky glaze. This is really bad of me and I have got to stop this habit @_@

2) I pile up all my clothes on my bed no matter what. When I sleep, they all fall down and spill everywhere. Then I come back and pile more on there.

3) I leave a huge trail of TISSUES EVERYWHEREEEEE i go and sit. in the car, in my room, at the dinner school...everywhere. My nose is constantly running but I gotta get me some portable trashcan attached to me or something!! I make mountains with used tissues--aaaa!

4) When I eat, I EATTTTT. Like today for example. I just finished up the rest of the bag of Archer Farms Potato Chips, which are the best chips ever IMO cuz they're soooo crunchy ^_____^ ...i get so addicted that I end up eating it all to myself in one sitting sometimes--that needs to stop! i notice my skin gets worse after I eat a whole huge bag of chips >.>;; more chips for me!

5) I am too doubtful and untrustful to people. I rarely trust people and I always doubt what they say. I used to be the exact opposite, in that I was always gullible. Now I just can't find myself to trust anymore or believe what they say =/ I always think what they're saying is a lie or some form of a lie whether it's little or a lot.

okay...I tag.......

Violet Honeybee
Lurve (you might have done this already though..)
Arashi (a watercoloursky)




My Doxycycline medication will cost $200 PER MONTH

therefore, I cannot have the medication. I only have about 2 more sample pills of this and that's it.......back to acne for me.....-_-.......

i hate this...*curls up in a dark corner*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Take a Walk through my Acne from 2006-2007

I just wanted to talk and show you my acne that I once had, to help some of you girls and/or guys out there who may be going through acne or even have questions about acne, since I have tried just about every medication, including pills.

Most of the time, yall see me as Snugglebunny saying "does that have sulfa in the ingredients? May I have the ingredients list please because I'm REALLY allergic to sulfa and I don't want to get somethin that'll break me out"

People often think, oh, it's just some little breakout that people usually get when their skin dislikes a product and they just go back to normal.

Not for me.

I had some minor acne and then decided to try out ProActiv. Now ProActive is NOT bad. I have a friend who swears by it and her skin is PERFECTly clear while using this. It was just upon my mistake that I wasn't aware I am allergic to Sulfates. I always used products all my life that had Sulfates, so my body suddenly forming an allergy to it never crossed my mind. I'm not allergic to any food, or at least that I'm aware of, and I've never really had allergies/sinus or whatever(except NOW i have the "sniffles/runny nose allergy" -.-), so any allergies never crossed my mind, other than the one allergy that I have to mosquitoes where I swell up like 10X more than others, but anyway..yea....

after using Proactive just during the summer a few face started to get worse. Then a dermatologist prescribed me Sulfa pills, that I still wasn't aware I was allergic to.

The results?

see for yourself:

here's a better picture of how my face looked like. This was Homecoming 2006 when my boyfriend had to leave the next morning after the dance. I was beginning to cry, but my face was already that red to begin with. Yea, I pretty much had to look that ugly every day for the first semester in school.

I was not kidding when I said I am severely allergic to Sulfates. And this picture doesn't depict all that acne I had since the camera took out a lot of the bright-red-coloring of the acne.

Yes, all that acne hurt just as painful as it looks. My face BURNED, itched, everything under the sun you can think of. You can see my face expression when I took this picture through my eyes. I was really sad and it impacted my social life altogether.

I stopped going to family events because I was too ashamed to show my face, but I still had to deal with school and had to walk to school with that exact face, NO MAKEUP, EVERY SINGLE day. Most people freak out over a couple of pimples, and actually, that's what I'm doing now since I'm so paranoid that my face will go back to that horrible state I once was in, but really, a couple of pimples that you, and even me, complain about, is nothing compared to having a face looking like what I just posted.

My friends ditched me completely. They stopped inviting me places..and they just said they were busy etc...well you know what? I didn't fall for that. It was way too coincidental that the very day they saw my face broken out, they avoided me since then. My Junior year in HS was demolished because of this acne.

Then I went back to my original dermatologist and was put on Accutane, the strongest pill medication out there.

What did it do to me?

It cleared up my acne like no other. Even a guyfriend in my Physics class said (after two weeks of using Accutane)

Guyfriend:"whoa that Accutane is workin pretty fast. "
Me:"..Huh...? you see improvement??"
And he replied "of course. I've noticed improvement since you took it so that med stuff must be working really good."

That completely made me feel better that even a guy noticed my face was improving, so it was great verification that my meds were working and it wasn't some placebo affect in my mind.

However, there was a price that came with Accutane.

The side effects that I experienced were:

dry dry dry dry EVERYWHERE. Now, dry on my face was BLISS, but everywhere else was horrible. My BONES were even dry to the point whenever I turn my neck, it CREEKED the "un-oiled door-hinge" type of creeking. The dryness factor got that bad. Not only that, but I couldn't even walk for 20 minutes in the mall. I ended up crying cuz my bones were too weak and my whole body was down.

On this medication, my diet was tortured. I had to cut back on sweets and cholesterol, or else I was kicked off the medication, enforced by the law/govt/authorities. Literally for a month, all I ate was Honey Nut Cheerios and peanut butter sandwiches. I also ate tons of fish....but beef was limited. Good god my mom freaked out so bad that she even restricted me from eating Pho because it had beef in it. Since my diet was reduced to a minimum, my whole body was deprived of nutrients and my body felt like I was a homeless person on the street who hasn't eaten in days.
Despite of the side effects, I had to suck it up to gain back my once perfect-porcelain skin I had in 8th grade (everybody used to identify me as the girl with the perfect skin).

Not only that, but if you noticed, I am wearing my glasses in some of these pictures. Why? because Accutane even dried out my eyes to the point where I couldn't even wear my contacts and my derma even recommended me not to wear my contacts because they would be more prone to popping out of my eyes due to dryness and discomfort.

So what's the plus side of this medication besides getting clear skin (since I've just been listing bad stuff XD)? I was on birth control pills (BC pills are a REQUIREMENT for women because Accutane causes severe deformities to the baby if you were to get pregnant, which pregnancy was totally not on my to-do list until I'm married lol) and I took a thrill out of the fact that it made me have boobs XD HAHHAHA. (but they obviously went away when I stopped using the pills! -.-...) But the DOWNSIDE to the BC pills was that I wasn't used to taking pills and skipped a few days here and there, and the result? Unusual bleeding/mini period when it wasn't supposed to happen and sharp cut-pains down there to the point where it hurt to walk. It felt like some kept slicing me down there with a knife every time I walked. So I had to go to a gynecologist to figure out what's wrong and it was just that I didn't take the pills regularly/on time because I kept forgetting.

Anyway, I was supposed to go on for a full 5 months since that was the program Accutane goes for, but my body couldn't handle it anymore and so I stopped at 3 months.

The result?

Here's one of the very few pictures I have that shows my face immediately after I got off Accutane:

Looked pretty nice....but then guess what. The acne came back a few months later :(...not as horrible as it once was, but it was getting outta hand.

Here's a picture approximately 3 months after I got off Accutane. This was taken during my Hawaii vacation on the cruise boat:

If you can't see my acne you can click on the picture for a bigger size. But my acne was indeed there. I was really sad that my acne came back so quickly after having that clear face you saw me in the previous picture (Rodeo Art Show)

So then I was put back on pills. This time it was Minocycline, which worked like a charm. Cleared me up in just a FEW DAYS. Bad part? I got bad luck and got one of the side effects of getting gray/black gums, so I had to discontinue it.

I just stuck with topical creams etc during the meanwhile, but then acne came back a bit more. Some acne came back, but I had to deal with them. They came and went. My skin is like the weather, it creates a thunderstorm or a light sprinkle of rain, or has its sunny happy day whenever it pleases so I never know when acne comes back or it clears up.

At the moment, I'm finally back on pills again and am using Doxycycline. The REAL brand, NOT the generic brands. I got the generic doxycycline first and I threw up on the 4th day of using it (which was about last month). Generic brands tend to make people a bit more prone to side effects. Sort of like my Minocycline. I used the real brand and had no side effects whatsoever, but my insurance didnt' cover it so i had to settle for the generic brand which caused discoloration in my gums.

But for right now, I'm happy. I'm on samples of Doxycycline and have been having zero side effects. Problem is, is that I dont' know how much my insurance will cover the cost of this medication =/...

As of this moment, my face is pretty clear, as shown as my last post with my rinoa cosplay and you saw my face and it's that clear right now, since that's the most recent picture of me (its from spring break).

so overall, my face is finally happy and it looks like this (well..I'm wearing some Neutrogena Mineral Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory right here, mascara, and Victoria's Secret Mirror Mirror Shiny Lipgloss in Crimson Kiss[discontinued]):

So if any of you ladies, OR men, who are suffering from acne and you have any questions about Accutane, or any other medication, or need somebody to talk to who has been in your shoes about acne, you can talk to me if you want :)

Just wanted to share with yall my journey with my skin. ^_^

I hope this helps somebody out there even if you don't comment or whatever. I'm glad if I helped somebody out there or give a "she understands my position" type of feeling.

have a great day!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Houston, Texas Anime Matsuri Convention March 22, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. All week long I hung out with my bf and we went around and I didn't have time to blog/post up pics, but now I do ^_^

So yesterday, I hung out with a couple friends, which turned out to be all guys even though I thought 2 of my other girlfriends were going...but they didn't, anyhoo, so yea, ended up to be all guys, and just me, one girl XD.

I dressed up as Rinoa :D

This convention was REALLY TINY...i was disappointed of how small it was..but it was fun nevertheless. Well, when you hang out with guys, it tends to be fun cuz guys don't bother to bring drama and complaining or whatever; they just want to have some fuss-free fun, so that's good.

Any Houstonians who were at the convention who took a picture with me, can you please link me to your page where your photo is(or send me the original photo)? I kept forgetting to ask yall who asked to take a picture of me to take a picture using my camera too, so I couldn't keep any memories/pics of who I got to take pics with :( . This was my 2nd anime convention and I didn't get many pictures, so any linkage to photos of you and me together in a photo is very much appreciated ^_^

Also, if any of you who were in these pictures want the full sized pictures, I'd be glad to email them to you. Just please comment leaving your email :)

Okay...onward to the pictures! :)

The making of my Rinoa costume. My mom made it! she's good at sewing

In the process of completion. Sorry for looking frumpy! XD My hair and face is whack right there so sorry XD and I'm wearing the Charlie Brown shirt from F21 and some guy shorts...haha i look funny XD

yay! all done with my costume and ready to go!! Just waiting for my friend to pick me up lol

me at my piano

I bumped into one of my friends at the convention :D

i LOVE her sailor moon outfit. Out of all the sailor outfits I've seen online, hers was the best. And I love the guy in the Sora outfit too. He did a great job at it!!

I took a picture with Cloud from FF7!! and I did the Rinoa finger pose

the Pikachu and Meowth costume was SO CUTE and sexy. love it!


it's me and PIKACHU!!!!!!!! how awesome!

I honestly have no clue what he's cosplaying as but I took a picture anyway cuz the costume was cute lol

It's Sailor Pluto and Sailor Moon ^_^

check out these awesome Mortal Kombat cosplayers!!! i SO want to cosplay as Mortal Kombat! Jade was my favorite lol, but I also like the blue...oops..i forgot the Blue MK's character name x.x..

he was the only Prince of Tennis cosplayer I saw! I had to take a picture

I really don't know which character he was cosplaying as, but I think he did a great job

bwuahaha look at all the cute stuffed animals!! too bad they were so expensive XD

The Chi's from Chobits. I love how they doubled up together to do the light and dark side of Chi

I bought a sexy Kitty collar for $15. I tried bargaining with that damn boy but he didn't budge. I told him that this is made in China and could easily be made for 15 cents instead of $15, but he didn't budge. I should have slapped him to give it to me for $10. Greedy vendors!!! I really wanted the Cat ears but they costed $25!! RIP OFF!!! If I can find those cat ears myself, I'll decorate them myself and make them way cuter for much cheaper! (btw..anybody know where to get "empty" cat ears that you can decorate yourselves since I don't think Hobby Lobby will have them XD)

My god my feet HURT by the end of the day. I wore heels from 11AM to 9PM. And since I normally never wear heels..I'm not used to the discomfort! And since you have to use your hips to balance around, my hips hurt too! XD

Oh...i was also really sad that I missed out on Import Reactor!! I didn't get to see the car show! And for those of you who are hardcore car fans and import model fans, Jeri Lee was there. I searched up Anime Matsuri 2008 on Flickr and this screen name called "Kevin" has the pics from the import car show. I wished I could have been there!

Thank yall for looking, and again, anybody who has Houston, TX Anime Matsuri 2008 Convention pictures with me, please please please do comment and email me(which I will give in private message or whatever since I don't want my email out in public)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some Pictures of My Haul

Here's the pictures from yesterday's Haul

The two NYX Eyeshadows:

All the ULTA beauty stuff:


On my computer this just looks black, but i know some of yalls computers show "lighter" pics so maybe you can see the "cross-cloth-layers" in the front

The Target Easter Chicken:

My bf bought some soap from the dollar store before he came to my house. They're cute!:

They look much cuter in person. The flash goes through the liquid and it looks somewhat weird

and i zoomed up on the frog just for Lurve lol

I keep having makeup related dreams...

Since I couldn't find the NYX Doll Eyes Long Lash Mascara, I was sad and ended up having a dream that I found it stuffed all the way at the very top of the display where I could barely reach. So I bought it in my dream...but I never got to buy it :( oh well. I do have a "Save-A-Lot" grocery store ...or whatever it's called...near my bf's house...and I believe that somebody said on MUA that some grocery somewhere near that name sells NYX at their maybe just someday I'll stop by it to see if they have it or not.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break Haulage


So today my boyfriend took me just about EVERYWHERE.

First stop: ULTA

what did I get?

1) NYX Single Eyeshadow in Rust ($4.99)
2) NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow (pressed powder, not the loose version) in Blonde Pearl ($5.99)
3) Revlon 1 1/2 in. curling iron that was 20% off so it costed me about $12 and some cents

What did I NOT get at ULTA:

1) NYX Doll Eyes Long Lash mascara. I'm so sad! They don't even stock them at wasn't even the case that "they ran out" or's that they don't carry them at all! how sad! >_<

Then went to the mall and got:

1) Forever21 Black dress that I've been wanting to have ($24.99 but had a gift certificate with $16 leftover, so I pitched in round 8 dollars extra for the dress)
2) My boyfriend LOVES charlie brown stuff and wanted me to get the shirt he pointed out ($14.99 he paid for it since he loves it so much on me and wanted to pay for it)

Next stop: Target (2 different locations)

1) My boyfriend was on the hunt to go get this stuffed animal that he thought was just so cute and awesome (and it IS). It's a chicken in the shape of a ball. ($9.99)
2) My FIRST FALSIES!! I got the "starter kit" from Ardell that had the 110's in them. QUESTION: Is the glue from the starter set any good? Or do I need to buy the DUO glue? And as Violet Honeybee suggested, I will get some "practice falsies" later this week when I go with my bf again. Is it okay to get "cheap" lashes, like NYC cheapo ones to practice on? Or are those "too cheap" and "stupid & uggggg" to practice with?
3) Unfortunately this Target didn't have Milani! Only one Target I know so far has Milani but it's too far from my house!

Office Depot

1) Since I've been having ringing in my ears for the entire last week up until today, my mom's friend (who works in the medical field) said that it must be because of my cell phone (not sure..but oh well). Having that said, my boyfriend found a deal that you send in the $35 rebate and we only pay $15 for a motorolla H500 BlueTooth! So whoot! I'll have my bluetooth pretty soon and even if i didn't have the ringing in my ears, we were gonna get it anyway.

Since my friend is picking me up REALLY soon, like 5 minutes, I haven't the time to post up pictures yet. I will when I get home! ^_^

So yes...I spent TONS of money today and so did my boyfriend. We're both really happy of what we got :D

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Testing out my Camera Functions

Hey! :)

I have been really determined how to get my camera done right! XD So I posted up these pictures to get some feedback to see if yall guys can see the color and see things nicely.

My camera is the Canon A520

I set my Camera up with the "face" function where you scroll the round-about away from the "auto" function and onto literally a face icon. Then I pushed the "function" button, which should be the 3rd button under the LCD screen, and I picked a -1 and 2/3 +/- thingy majigger at the top of the functions list. After I scrolled down the menu (which should be to your left btw) and adjusted the AWB to Tungsten. I scrolled down to the next feature and put the "effects" function on to "vivid". Last, I put the picture on the highest resolution and put the sharpness on "superfine" .

1st pic: just some Jane mascara on
2nd pic: added ULTA Singles Eyeshadows in Luna. IRL it's much bluer than that so the camera still didn't capture the true color :( it looks so much prettier in person...still working on capturing the color!
3rd pic: same thing cept with eyes closed

This whole second look I have on Lancome eyeshadow in Like Mink. The camera made it look more brown but it's more of a shimmery taupe brown/grey ish. I also had on Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara and Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner in Black on both top and bottom, cept I only lined my bottom 2/3 the way.

on the 2nd pic, you can't really see the its still bit washed out >_<

well.....I'm almost much work just to try to get a good picture....argggg @_@

BTW....I've got a simple question:

For prom I'm considering wearing some Ardell falsies for the very first time. I went to CVS today to get some of my contact lens solution and stopped by the falsies section and stared at the 110's cuz they looked natural and stuff, but I also looked at the individual fake lashes...and I saw some other ones that looked natural but had an extra "oomph" to them.

That's what I would like, natural, but "oomphed" cuz I don't wanna go outside literally looking as if I wore falsies, but I would'nt like it either if my lashes looked TOO natural to the point where it beats the point of having falsies on, you know what i mean? What do yall ladies recommend?

I'm gonna be wearing gold eyeshadow, with I think NYX Rust. I'm actually considering using Chi's Golden Plum look to my prom since my dress is golden champagne, but more leaning on the gold side with some really nice antique-gold colored beads and stuff. I'll post up pics of the dress later, but for the eyes..yea..that's what I'm planning to do. Since I haven't decided on a gold eyeshadow yet, which gold eyeshadow would yall recommend me? I'm eyeing more towards NYX shadows, but if there's a better one out there for the same price (like..$5 or less). I'm gonna go to ULTA in hopes that they have NYX since I called in and they did say they had I'm hoping they didn't lie to me or mistakened it for NYC or somethin...

anyhoo, thank you ladies for any suggestions :)


okay, so, so far after looking at MUA for Ardell Falsies (Snowkei's ardell falsies pics), the ones I like so far are:


I'm not sure if ULTA has all of those, but assuming if they did, which one do you think is most suitable? I've never worn falsies and I highly doubt I'll wear falsies on a daily basis other than special occasions, so I just want one pair of falsies that I can use for all occasions. Like I mentioned earlier, I just want one that doesn't scream falsies, but adds that extra flirty eyes oomph.

I just don't wanna mess with mascara on prom since it might run on me and smudge here and there, and might even irritate my contact I thought maybe having falsies might do the trick in lasting all night, no smudge to worry about, and no contact lens irritation...what's your opinion on this?

and since the Ardells dont' come with their own glue, I'm assuming that I should go buy DUO lash glue right?

also, I heard that some people's falsies only last around 3-4 times. Some others said up to 10 times. How long would these Ardells last me cuz I'm planning on practicing putting on the falsies many times before prom comes so I can get them on perfectly by the time Prom comes. I just wouldn't want to waste my lashes just from know? I read "how to take care of falsies" in the ABB forum...and I'm guessing from that and some other stuff I read... I use either alcohol or makeup remover just slightly enough to remove any residue glue/eyeliner from the falsies' backbone strip thing?

sorry for all these questions! i'm too new at falsies XDD

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ethereal Challenge look from ABB

Hi guys! er, GIRLS! lol

Beautygeek from ABB put up a challenge to create an Ethereal look. Her challenge was inspired by her own makeup that she is planning to do for her dance and here's my take on this Ethereal Challenge. Hope you like it!

I used (in order):


--NYX Concealer in a Jar in Fair (too light for me) and used it to neutralize my yellow undertones on my eye
--L'Oreal HIP Paints in Secretive used as a base
--Amuse Ultra Shine Diamond Shimmer Powder and I used the lightest pink that is pinkish-plumish-goldish. This was used on the inner corner of the eye
--NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Lime used in the middle of the eye
--ULTA Single Eyeshadows in Luna which was used on the outer corner of the eye
--Milani Wet/Dry Eyeshadow in Blue Lagoon used slightly on the bottom & top rim of the outer corner of the eye
--L'oreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner in Black
--L'oreal Le Kohl eyeliner pencil in Carbon Black
--Tweezerman Metal Eyelash curler
--Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara

--Wild and Crazy Lipgloss in Fuschia (I haven't gone outside in this color cuz it's too bright for me!)
--the second lip photo has NYX Glitter Mania in Apple over it. I didn't know what to do with my glitters since I hate them so much so I just decided to throw them in there for a photo's sake

Thanks for looking and I hope yall like it! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged by Lurve

So I got tagged by Lurve on her blog, and I shall now list the products. I actually had a hard time coming up with these 5 products since I usually don't buy many things (makeup-wise) and when I do buy makeup, I do so much research to the point where I don't experience many dissapointments. The only extreme disappointments I had with makeup is NYX loose Glitters and NYC Sungold Pink Lipgloss. So I noticed that most of my products refer to hair related products. I wouldn't say this is too much of beauty products, but eh, I tried!

Top 5 Products IchigoBunnie says NO-NO to:

1) Pantene Shampoos
I keep getting TONS of dandruff every time I use them! grrr! I love Pantene's hair conditioner, but the shampoo just isn't working. My Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo works better and costs less!

2) Cheap Tweezers
I noticed getting really bad ingrown hairs and split hairs when I used to tweeze with those super cheap store-brand tweezers. Even the Revlon tweezers suck. They snap your hair and don't pluck a damn hair. Irritating! Not only that, but they just don't have a good grip on the hair and the hair always seems to slip, and tweezing hair is just about nonexistent. Get yourself a good Tweezerman tweezers. The one I bought was only $4.50! It was the mini tweezers. I didn't bother to get the $20 ones and that cheap smaller $4.50 Tweezerman does the trick and gets the hair out great.

3) Old-school Shaving Razors
You're more prone to razor burn, nicks & cuts, and overall your legs just don't end up as smooth. I used to use a 2-blade pink disposable razor and I ended up carving out a huge layer of my skin--which hurt SO BAD. Now I'm stuck with this pretty bad scar. These razors just don't have that flexible moving head and they don't have a proper handle....just everything isn't right in my point of view. You can definitely get away with using these disposable razors, but I believe that since us ladies shave pretty often, usually during the summer, we should treat our legs with utmost care since they allow us to move to get to places. I actually use a guy's razor--my bf actually got it for me hahah. It's the Gillette Fusion Razor. You press the button and it vibrates and it honestly creates a smoother leg and I rarely have cuts in shower--even when I'm not wearing my glasses and I can't see where I'm shaving.

4) ELF Earth/Water....whatever Mascara
This is the WORST mascara is history!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM IT! It may be $1 but it made some of my lashes fall out, made them severely brittle while the mascara was on, clumped sooooo bad, STIFF crunchy lashes, all spiky-tarantula-like, flake-galore, smudge-galore. oh my god. It is just an awful product. I can't stand it! On top of that, this mascara gave me stys on both eyes! Ladies, never buy this product! It's soooo a must-NOT have.

5) Cheap Makeup Sets
I agree with Lurve on this one, but it doesn't only pertain to ULTA. It's a whole range of cheap makeup sets. They may seem enticing with their affordable price and infinite colors, but they are only good to play with little kids, not to use as your real makeup. I feel it's more damaging to your eyes and face overall to use products that are cheaply made that have zero pigment and drag across your skin. Save your money to get a better makeup that you'll actually use and not stuff in the closet to collect dust like those cheap MU sets.

I Tag...

YOU! You, whoever you are, you read this post and I tag you to write your Top 5 Beauty Product No-No's :)

Cute Short Hairstyles

So I've been really wanting to cut my hair short for quite a while now. The last time I had short hair was when I was 7 (10 years ago), so I just wanted to experience what it's like to have short hair. I'm really scared how I would look like in short hair. I don't know if it will accentuate the roundness in my face more (aka make my face look chubbier), or whether it will make me look like a 5 year old (which would be unprofessional if I were to get a job), or whether I just plain bluntly look bad in it.

Since it would be the summer that I am considering doing this, I'm hoping that if it's a mistake to get my hair short, I'll be able to have the rest of the summer to grow it out to a reasonable length. But....I'm gonna do community college summer only that, but after my birthday, I'll turn 18, and will be able to get a job. I'm considering working at ULTA since it's right down the street from the summer school comm. college and I get to make money and see makeup and beauty products all day :D........but thats just if they actually hire me XD. I dunno....I dont' even have a car yet! aaaa! so I have got no clue how I'll be able to do anything without a car.

Anyway, back to the main topic: short hair. Here are a few hairstyles I am thinking of having. Well, actually, it's more of that I want to incorporate the different features each one of the hairstyles has and mesh it into one super-awesome short know what I mean right? I just don't think I'll look good in just ONE of those haircuts, so I just wanna grab what I like about each haircut and tell my haircutter to have this type of bang, and that type of length, and this type of layering, etc etc.

The first set of pictures is of Gillian Chung. I really like her haircut, but I'm thinking that I would look better if my hair wasn't as flat and had more volume to it--or else my face will look chubby XD:

I like the bang placement (except I would prefer mind to be a bit longer) and I would like the length to be slightly longer. but I like the general format of it

The next pic shows the layering I like, but of course, due to my personal preference, I wouldn't want THAT many layers to the point where my hair gets too thinned out, but I just wanted to put forth my point in me wanting to incorporate some layers here and there so the look wouldn't end up boring:

I want to go into Adobe Photoshop and crop out my face into these hairstyles, but for some odd reason... I can't find the installation CD at my house :(...I had adobe CS and I have got no clue where it went! I forgot to install it when I reformatted my computer. So for right now, I'm just gonna be wondering how I look in the hairstyle.

I really like how cute the short hairstyle is yet it doesn't look so kiddish either. I want that versatility of still looking really cute, but still looking your age, and have chic-ness to go with it too. I love how you can play short hair to make it look uber cute or sexy or fashion-chic. ^_^

okay enough of ranting lol

see yall later!


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