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Houston, Texas Anime Matsuri Convention March 22, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. All week long I hung out with my bf and we went around and I didn't have time to blog/post up pics, but now I do ^_^

So yesterday, I hung out with a couple friends, which turned out to be all guys even though I thought 2 of my other girlfriends were going...but they didn't, anyhoo, so yea, ended up to be all guys, and just me, one girl XD.

I dressed up as Rinoa :D

This convention was REALLY TINY...i was disappointed of how small it was..but it was fun nevertheless. Well, when you hang out with guys, it tends to be fun cuz guys don't bother to bring drama and complaining or whatever; they just want to have some fuss-free fun, so that's good.

Any Houstonians who were at the convention who took a picture with me, can you please link me to your page where your photo is(or send me the original photo)? I kept forgetting to ask yall who asked to take a picture of me to take a picture using my camera too, so I couldn't keep any memories/pics of who I got to take pics with :( . This was my 2nd anime convention and I didn't get many pictures, so any linkage to photos of you and me together in a photo is very much appreciated ^_^

Also, if any of you who were in these pictures want the full sized pictures, I'd be glad to email them to you. Just please comment leaving your email :)

Okay...onward to the pictures! :)

The making of my Rinoa costume. My mom made it! she's good at sewing

In the process of completion. Sorry for looking frumpy! XD My hair and face is whack right there so sorry XD and I'm wearing the Charlie Brown shirt from F21 and some guy shorts...haha i look funny XD

yay! all done with my costume and ready to go!! Just waiting for my friend to pick me up lol

me at my piano

I bumped into one of my friends at the convention :D

i LOVE her sailor moon outfit. Out of all the sailor outfits I've seen online, hers was the best. And I love the guy in the Sora outfit too. He did a great job at it!!

I took a picture with Cloud from FF7!! and I did the Rinoa finger pose

the Pikachu and Meowth costume was SO CUTE and sexy. love it!


it's me and PIKACHU!!!!!!!! how awesome!

I honestly have no clue what he's cosplaying as but I took a picture anyway cuz the costume was cute lol

It's Sailor Pluto and Sailor Moon ^_^

check out these awesome Mortal Kombat cosplayers!!! i SO want to cosplay as Mortal Kombat! Jade was my favorite lol, but I also like the blue...oops..i forgot the Blue MK's character name x.x..

he was the only Prince of Tennis cosplayer I saw! I had to take a picture

I really don't know which character he was cosplaying as, but I think he did a great job

bwuahaha look at all the cute stuffed animals!! too bad they were so expensive XD

The Chi's from Chobits. I love how they doubled up together to do the light and dark side of Chi

I bought a sexy Kitty collar for $15. I tried bargaining with that damn boy but he didn't budge. I told him that this is made in China and could easily be made for 15 cents instead of $15, but he didn't budge. I should have slapped him to give it to me for $10. Greedy vendors!!! I really wanted the Cat ears but they costed $25!! RIP OFF!!! If I can find those cat ears myself, I'll decorate them myself and make them way cuter for much cheaper! (btw..anybody know where to get "empty" cat ears that you can decorate yourselves since I don't think Hobby Lobby will have them XD)

My god my feet HURT by the end of the day. I wore heels from 11AM to 9PM. And since I normally never wear heels..I'm not used to the discomfort! And since you have to use your hips to balance around, my hips hurt too! XD

Oh...i was also really sad that I missed out on Import Reactor!! I didn't get to see the car show! And for those of you who are hardcore car fans and import model fans, Jeri Lee was there. I searched up Anime Matsuri 2008 on Flickr and this screen name called "Kevin" has the pics from the import car show. I wished I could have been there!

Thank yall for looking, and again, anybody who has Houston, TX Anime Matsuri 2008 Convention pictures with me, please please please do comment and email me(which I will give in private message or whatever since I don't want my email out in public)


Tina said...

Wow, I really wanted to go to the Matsuri Convention! I wouldn't dress up as anyone, but I would have brought my doll~ She dresses up as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts sometimes! Looks like you had fun~ Btw.. If you were wondering how I found your blog, I was searching for anime conventions in Houston and your blog happened to show up~

IchigoBunnie said...


yay a fellow houstonian! ^__^ TBH the convention wasn't THAT great. It was rather small even for the $30 pre-registration ticket cost ($48 at the door). Since I'm cutting my hair short JUST like Kairi's hairstyle in KH2 (NOT her short bob, the shoulder length one ^_^), I'm thinking of cosplaying as Kairi since her outfit seems simple to do. ...okay I dunno why I just rambled XD

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

looks fun!!! :) my boyfriend is an anime fanatic so he's been asking me to go with him to a conventione and to cosplay with him. hah. :P your rinoa costume was AWESOME. you did a great job with it. :) looks like you had fun! :)

ilurvemakeup said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! Anime/Cosplay conventions are hella FUN! I have been slacking and haven't been to one in YEARS! :(:(:( I love your Rinoa costume although a Tifa one would of been killer! ;) :P

Violet Honeybee said...

The big bear thing is from Full Metal Panic lol. You make me wanna cosplay for the anime convention here in LA.. xD

Anonymous said...

pretty! good job with the costume. and lol, cute SO :)

Tina said...

Just in case you were curious.. Here's a link to my doll:


Fabu-less Beauty said...

That looks like so much fun!

IchigoBunnie said...


omg that Kairi doll is so CUTE!! ^___^

Nic Nic said...

hey there, i found you on Petitebelle's site! You can easily pull it off as Rinoa, you are so pretty! anyway thanks for linking me :) I'll return the favor! ps, i looked at your previous posts, im so jealous of LONG lashes!! hehe

Anit said...

The 15th photo... the one before the little plushies... that Bridget... not quite so adorable as the real Bridget... but brilliant all the same.


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