Friday, March 28, 2008

Beauty Crimes

I got tagged by the gorgeous Aradani!!

So..I guess here's my 5 Beauty Crimes that I commit/commited

1) Wear smudgeable eyeliner and eyemakeup during my tennis practices/tournaments. HAHA I thought I looked good with the makeup but little did I know that all that makeup smudged around and made me look all raccoon-ish and panda-bear-eyes. I must have looked like a moron for an entire year with all those other tennis players on my team AND from other schools x.x

2) I pick at my pimples. When I see a plump pimple ready to pop, i must pop it. I have tried all I could to just apply the cream and wait for them to deflate..but that just doesn't end up happening all the way. I just have to pop the pimples ;.;

3) I got lazy at shaving a few years back while still in Tennis. I actually wore those short shorts and short skirts for tennis practices AND tournaments, all while displaying my HAIRRYYYY legs!!!! i can't imagine how many people I blinded with my gorilla hairy legs.

4) I wore on some days a padded bra(made me look unnaturally huge), then a super super no-padded-sports bra(which made me flatter than I really am) another day in the same it was like I was alternating boob sizes every other day! I apparently did not get the right bra size for my boobs XD so I looked so fake every single day. It looked so obvious my boobs were not big and the variation of sizes was so bad XD. Glad I stopped that years ago! lol. Moral of this crime: stick to your real boob size (don't make it look too big or too small) and stay consistent with the boob-size appearance with people you see often XD

5) I allowed my friend to do my makeup in the middle of lunch in 8th grade. BIGGEST MISTAKE IN HISTORY. One lunch, I skipped out on eating (bad mistake cuz I was starving the whole day) to allow her to use her (never cleaned, very dirty) makeup on me. She tried to do a smokey blue/purple look on me..but that just SO did NOT work out!! I looked like I got punched in both eyes. She didn't know how to apply makeup on asian eyes (which isn't her fault), but I looked AWFUL. On top of that, she got out the spray glitter and sprayed ALLLLL of my hair in glittery maddness. I looked like I just came from the Maury Show or Jerry Springer XD. And I had my stupid glasses on so I looked even worse. Everybody laughed at me and pointed at me, but yet, somehow, just somehow, I thought I was on top of the world and looked so awesome--apparently that really wasn't the case on how it really is!

now....instead of beauty crimes..I guess I'll make up my own thing.

5 Bad Habits (in general, doesn't have to be beauty related)

1) this is gross, but I have a horrible habit of leaving unfinished cups of either milk or juice in my room and by the end of the week, the milk turns into a block of disgusting cheese XDD and the juice turns into a sticky glaze. This is really bad of me and I have got to stop this habit @_@

2) I pile up all my clothes on my bed no matter what. When I sleep, they all fall down and spill everywhere. Then I come back and pile more on there.

3) I leave a huge trail of TISSUES EVERYWHEREEEEE i go and sit. in the car, in my room, at the dinner school...everywhere. My nose is constantly running but I gotta get me some portable trashcan attached to me or something!! I make mountains with used tissues--aaaa!

4) When I eat, I EATTTTT. Like today for example. I just finished up the rest of the bag of Archer Farms Potato Chips, which are the best chips ever IMO cuz they're soooo crunchy ^_____^ ...i get so addicted that I end up eating it all to myself in one sitting sometimes--that needs to stop! i notice my skin gets worse after I eat a whole huge bag of chips >.>;; more chips for me!

5) I am too doubtful and untrustful to people. I rarely trust people and I always doubt what they say. I used to be the exact opposite, in that I was always gullible. Now I just can't find myself to trust anymore or believe what they say =/ I always think what they're saying is a lie or some form of a lie whether it's little or a lot.

okay...I tag.......

Violet Honeybee
Lurve (you might have done this already though..)
Arashi (a watercoloursky)




My Doxycycline medication will cost $200 PER MONTH

therefore, I cannot have the medication. I only have about 2 more sample pills of this and that's it.......back to acne for me.....-_-.......

i hate this...*curls up in a dark corner*


Anonymous said...

See if you can get just plain ole Doxycycline $4 at walmart - explain to your dr how expensive it is maybe you can get more samples

Anonymous said...

oh I threw up with Doxycycline - you gotta eat a meal with it - empty stomach & up it comes

Vi Anne said...

I can relate to almost everybody's beauty crimes!

I relate with 5th habit a lot too. Trust is something that takes me really long to give.

Sorry about the Doxy I hope you do find a great yet cheaper alternative.

*hugs HunnyBunnie*

Anonymous said...

can you ask your doctor to give you more sample pills? my acne medication used to cost a ton of money so my doctor just gave me a ton of samples, and then the price on the real stuff dropped drastically. that really does suck though

rofl I forget to shave too. I figure no one would get close enough to notice. but then my guy friend one day was talking to me, and suddenly he squatted to look at my legs, shook his head, and laughted. never again rofl

IchigoBunnie said...


I tried the Generic brand of Doxy before getting the real brand, and I did eat a FULLL dinner meal every time I took the pill, but alas, I threw up still :(

the generic doxy took me $10 to get, which was a great price, but literally after 20 minutes of taking it, i feel nauscious. I took it for 3 days of feeling nauseated. then finally on the 4th day my stomach couldn't handle it and i threw up >_<

I was thinking of going back to minocycline, but maybe if I were to be put at a lower dosage, maybe I won't get the side effects of the discoloration of the gums.


IchigoBunnie said...


my mom actually nudged my derma to give more samples but he said he can't do that cuz there are other patients that the pills must be available for =/...either that, or they are liars and are too greedy to share their medication! XD

hahhaa i never actually had a person kneel down and look at my hair legs (when i dun shave), but i would sure feel embarassed if they did. actually, i don't even think people need to bend down to look at my legs--they can probably see the hair a mile away!!! hahhaha

ilurvemakeup said...

I have I have hehe np :)

I can never ever step foot in your room, you'd probably give me a heart attack with the clothes on the bed...

And WHOOOAAAA $200...

Anonymous said...

I get so lazy about shaving my legs too! LOL so I just wear jeans to cover up the hairiness. Yikes i had no idea that medicine was so expensive! How long do you have to take the drug? I mean will you be able to slowly go off of it without your acne coming back? Or is your acne only being suppressed as long as you are on medication?

IchigoBunnie said...


haha. my mom freaks out every time she steps foot in my room. she gets so irritated of teh clothes constantly there. It's not that i purposely put it there--it's just something i do unconsciously for some reason XD haha.


from all the meds I experienced, my body is stupid and only keeps the acne down if I have medication in my body =/, so basically once I stop taking the meds, my acne will be unstable again. It'll be another rollercoaster ride where one week my face looks perfect, then the next week it's a huge disaster, then the next week the acne dies down halfway, goes back to normal, then does another outburst of acne again. really annoying!

the meds shouldn't be that expensive, but my dad's company is with a Blue Cross Blue Shield, a descent, not top of the line insurance so it doesn't cover the meds. Where my mom used to work (exxon) they had Aetna, which is like top notch insurance that constantly covered all my medications that I took since 6th grade, but alas, we dont' have that insurance anymore :(

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Thanks for tagging me! Do you have insurance, because doxycycline should be covered? If not Walmart, check out Costco..Coscto is really cheap and you don't have to be a member of Costsco to go to their pharmacy.

I use generic Doxy and it works fine. That first week was killer, but after that it was okay. The trick is to take it an hour after a full meal, not before the meal or during the meal.

I think I tried minocycline but don't recall that...hehe


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