Saturday, March 29, 2008

Car Recs Please :)

I posted this under the ABB forums, but I'm copying/pasting all that over here on my blog. (honestly, i'm trying to get more responses cuz it's more of a need-to-know thing). by the time fall arrives, i really need to know what car I'm settling on in order to drive to college.

so here's the repost of my forum post:

Hi everybody!

Though I probably won’t get a car of my own any time soon until next year when I start college, I’m doing tons of research at this point to make sure I get something good for the money.

My scenario is having to drive ALOTTTTTTTTT to college since Im not dorming. If any of you are from Houston and have to drive to downtown area, you will know it is a PAIN to get through all that traffic, AND to find parking space.

Having that said, I would need a car whose size is the maximum length/size of like a camry and an accord.

Since we probably can’t afford neither of those cars right now (i’m liking the new Accord 09 sedan, especially the coupe, but alas, no money ;.; )

I just need a car to get me from my house all the way to downtown area, which should be a good 1.5 , maybe on a bad day, a 2 hr drive to college through traffic (without traffic should be like an hour or less! traffic makes all the difference) and I need a compact or midsize car so I can park easier

So for right now, I’ve narrowed down my choice to 2 cars :

1) Toyota Corolla 08/09 whichever year
2) Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer ES CVT

I’m reading tons of consumer reviews and this is what I have found for each car so far:


-awesome mileage
-one of the best reputations in car history for reliability
-around $18k (a/c, LE, etc) so it’s affordable
-slight improvement in appearance as opposed to the more rounder 07/08 model

-doesn’t work well with the freeway cuz it’s lightweight and doesn’t have as good of stability. Shaky on freeweay
-only like a couple thousand dollars away from getting a camry
-heard some reports of it breaking down actually sooner than people think. so it’s a hit or miss with the newer cars
-interior is sorta cheap


-more stability on the freeway due to heavier car weight. better control when driving curves
-brakes not too responsive (so less jerky/abrupt stops), but braking is rated "above average" Motor Week said it went from 60 to 0 mph and it took like...120 meters..iono..something like that, to come to a full stop
-ES CVT base price is around $16,500 (including a/c etc) so ti’s cheaper than the corolla
-loose sporty, but is a sedan. don’t have to pay the sports-car insurance price, but you get the sport-car look in a sedan.
-nice interior

-Mitsubishi’s reliability has not been as established in society like the corolla, so a person would feel slightly uneasy of when the car would break down
-due to heavier weight of car (thought it gives more stability), that makes the car work harder to lug the weight, therefore it will give you less mileage than the corolla.

Personally, I want to deviate away from the Corolla cuz we keep getting camry’s and corollas and the Lancer looks sportier and slightly cheaper than the Corolla, but the Corolla has such a good reputation to pass up. It’s fully established in society and is well known for its good price, good mileage, and good dependability, but lately i’ve been seeing a bit more negative reports for some reason on them.

Mitsubishi looks nice for the price, but I’m a bit scared of how long it will last even though it has the 100,000 mile warranty and all those warranties etc. I’m also concerned about the gas mileage being lower ( avg 21 mpg city, 29 mpg freeway/highway) since nowadays the gas price is ridiculous.

Have yall heard of any stories of these two cars? Anybody has experience with either of these cars and would like to share your nit picky pros and cons about your car?

Car expert? what are your tips/tricks for finding cars. Any other car suggestion that would fit the categories of the car that I am preferring? Anything you feel you want to specifically point out for either or both of those cars?

Thank yall so much and I hope to generate some responses . We’re tight on budget right now and I’m trying to get an affordable car that doesn’t look horrible, but doesn’t have to look really good either. My parents refuse to buy me a used car, and in which I’m thankful for cuz I have this fear of buying used cars, so no used-cars recs please. Just new car recs.

hope to year from yall ! ^_^

ps: I’ve read tons of reviews of both experts and consumer reviews from and any other site suggestions?

Thank yall in advance :)


ilurvemakeup said...

Like I mentioned in the forums, bicycle lol *runs and moons you* :)

Vi Anne said...

I'm no car expert but IMO go for the car that can save more money in the long run.

Violet Honeybee said...

I rather have the Toyota than the Mitsu just because it's more reliable than the M (though I can't be sure since it hasn't been around as long as T)

You can try the Toyota Yaris or even the Honda Fit if you want something smaller. Hyundai isn't a bad brand either and their warranty isn't all too bad as well. ^-^


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