Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cute Japanese Stationary & Accessories

Ever since I switched out my Pochacco bag that I've been using since 5th grade (and now I'm a senior) and put all my stuff into my sister's much smaller tiny pencil bag, it got me thinking about those really cute Japanese stationary things. You know what I'm talking about. It's those adorable, but over-priced, goodies.

When I was cleaning out my sister's pencil bag, I noticed she had cute Winnie the Pooh pens and Hello Kitty Pens, and now that made me reallllllllly wanna buy those adorable pens and pencils. Too bad they cost like $3 each whereas you can go to Office Depot or somewhere and get an entire pack that has the same functions for $3 (cept they dun look cute).

Just for some pictures sake of my rant, I included some pictures courtesy of (morning glory stores). Some of the stuff is really cheap, but they don't mention the shipping price, and there's a minimum of $10 fee. I do have a Morning Glory store in my chinatown, but they price their stuff higher than the ones online which is gay.


oooooo I totally forgot to mention my dream that I had last night!

So the dream was that I went to some grocery store, and I was trying my very best to find the new Milani Wet/Dry eyeshadows, only to find them stuffed in a small cartridge behind other makeup. I rummaged through all and grab all the colors to see which one I would like to get. Then some other girls were behind me looking at some makeup and I freaked out that they were gonna get the Milani shadows that I was gonna get (btw the ones that were there were the only ones left of each color). So then at the very end I didn't get my makeup because I woke up!!! XD This is the second time I had a makeup dream that me waking up interrupted the ending of the story. I want to find out whether I got my makeup in my dream or not! XD hahaha.

My other dream I had a few months ago was about NYX eyeshadows. I remember going to this large room freakin LOADEDDDD with NYX and testers galore. It looked like a museum gallery, cept for NYX cosmetics and testers and you get to buy everything. It looked amazing. Too bad there's not a store like this where I live. That would be way too awesome.

okay, thats all ^_^


ilurvemakeup said...

I've never had makeup dreams before LOL Which is good cuz I doubt I'll ever wake up :P

Aww those pens are cute ^_^ I just uploaded HK on my cam fone :D I didn't know I could do that and use it as a background!!! :D:D:D:D I wish I had a little sister to steal cute things from hehehehe


ilurvemakeup said...

I've been using QH Masks, I need to find the other ones :( Also ones from Neutrogena. They don't really do much for my oily t-zone, but they balance out my zits and make my face feel softer hehe


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