Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cute Short Hairstyles

So I've been really wanting to cut my hair short for quite a while now. The last time I had short hair was when I was 7 (10 years ago), so I just wanted to experience what it's like to have short hair. I'm really scared how I would look like in short hair. I don't know if it will accentuate the roundness in my face more (aka make my face look chubbier), or whether it will make me look like a 5 year old (which would be unprofessional if I were to get a job), or whether I just plain bluntly look bad in it.

Since it would be the summer that I am considering doing this, I'm hoping that if it's a mistake to get my hair short, I'll be able to have the rest of the summer to grow it out to a reasonable length. But....I'm gonna do community college summer only that, but after my birthday, I'll turn 18, and will be able to get a job. I'm considering working at ULTA since it's right down the street from the summer school comm. college and I get to make money and see makeup and beauty products all day :D........but thats just if they actually hire me XD. I dunno....I dont' even have a car yet! aaaa! so I have got no clue how I'll be able to do anything without a car.

Anyway, back to the main topic: short hair. Here are a few hairstyles I am thinking of having. Well, actually, it's more of that I want to incorporate the different features each one of the hairstyles has and mesh it into one super-awesome short know what I mean right? I just don't think I'll look good in just ONE of those haircuts, so I just wanna grab what I like about each haircut and tell my haircutter to have this type of bang, and that type of length, and this type of layering, etc etc.

The first set of pictures is of Gillian Chung. I really like her haircut, but I'm thinking that I would look better if my hair wasn't as flat and had more volume to it--or else my face will look chubby XD:

I like the bang placement (except I would prefer mind to be a bit longer) and I would like the length to be slightly longer. but I like the general format of it

The next pic shows the layering I like, but of course, due to my personal preference, I wouldn't want THAT many layers to the point where my hair gets too thinned out, but I just wanted to put forth my point in me wanting to incorporate some layers here and there so the look wouldn't end up boring:

I want to go into Adobe Photoshop and crop out my face into these hairstyles, but for some odd reason... I can't find the installation CD at my house :(...I had adobe CS and I have got no clue where it went! I forgot to install it when I reformatted my computer. So for right now, I'm just gonna be wondering how I look in the hairstyle.

I really like how cute the short hairstyle is yet it doesn't look so kiddish either. I want that versatility of still looking really cute, but still looking your age, and have chic-ness to go with it too. I love how you can play short hair to make it look uber cute or sexy or fashion-chic. ^_^

okay enough of ranting lol

see yall later!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hey there! I actually like the second haircut or the last one. Have you even considered a bob, like Victoria Beckham? My friend got her hair cut like that and it's so cute on her, but she has thick hair. It's longer in the front and shorter in the back. It's a short haircut though.

Anyways, I don't think I will post my pics of my hair anytime soon. Becuase I can't style it like how I came out of the salon!!

IchigoBunnie said...


I actually was thinking about V.Beck's hair but I think it might look "too old" on me. I know it looks really chic and uber sexy, but I don't think it would fit my face too well. And I have medium-thickness hair-not full, not thin.

ilurvemakeup said...

I love the last 2 hair looks. I'm like you, I get scared of cutting my hair extremely short. I hate when you change one little thing, it changes everything *sigh*

Everyone has the VB cut... in all honesty, I'm so sick and tired of seeing it... I see MANY in my area who have it, they look like the OLD NAVY commercial where everyone wore the same damn outfits in different colors lol Go for something different, make your smexi stand out sweets!

Vi Anne said...

hmmm, maybe you test you hair with short but longer than the above pics then have it in the style you want if you like the result and feel of it.

Violet Honeybee said...

I like the third one! I wanted to V. Beck hair too but it's sooo short in the back and would require straightening my hair every morning, which I'm not all too interested in doing lol

Chiara said...

Mang, the one and only time I had short hair was when I was like 6. My mommy clipped it all off during the summer. I remember crying because I wanted my long hair back Lol. Think LONG and HARD about chopping off those locks of yours... :P As much as I envy girls with short hair, I could never do it myself :PP

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i have the same problem. i have a round face and huge chubster cheeks. everyone always tells me i've got chipmunk cheeks. >=P LOL. :P if you want more volume, short layers around your crown will really help. :] plus bangs work great! that's just my personal experience though. :P


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