Monday, March 3, 2008

List of Lemmings

Hi everybody :)

I'm just gonna use this post to list whatever I've been wanting to have. I've been reading so many reviews and searching near and far for swatches and extra opinions, so if anybody has any extra input on the stuff I'm about to write, I'd greatly appreciate the extra opinions, recommendations, warnings, praises, etc for the products. My bf will probably be taking me to ULTA during spring break, so I'm trying to get together exactly what I need/want so I don't make him stand there all day in a makeup store! haha. Also, I can't waste the whole day on that--I'd like to spend time with him since we don't get to see each other as often. (plus since I can't get to a makeup store that often, I wanna be sure I make the most of every visit to the store and not regret what I buy!)

1) NYX Doll Eyes Volumizing OR Lengthening Mascara-- $8
I read every single review MUA had to offer on both of these and I'm having so much trouble deciding which one to buy! I heard great things for both. I just don't know which one is more suitable for our Asian lashes. I'm particularly looking for one that doesnt OVERLY volumize, but doesn't make my lashes look super-natural-ish either. I was thinking of getting the Lengthening once since I'm sure I'm able to add more coats to get the lashes thicker, and since I heard good things about both Doll Eyes mascara on their separation feature. This costs $8 and I needa know which to buy :O . BUT when I did a picture search on MUA, this lady had the Volumizing mascar on and her lashes look EXACTLY the way I want my lashes to be, but she's caucasian so I'm not sure it will work the same for me =/...that picture made me convinced to get the Volumizing one, but I'm still not sure which one to buy! I PMed that girl but haven't received a reply yet. Hopefully I do get a response soon. Does ULTA allow returns on opened products..?

2) Queen Helene Grapeseed Peel-Off Mask-- $3
Actually, just about any mask will do for me at this point. I'd love to find a great mask that will exfoliate, smooth out, brighten , and control the oilies, and be affordable on top of that, but maybe I'm just asking too much! XD I was considering this mask since it's so cheap.

3) Milani Eyeshadows in Shamrock and Blue Lagoon--about $5 each
When I visited Vanessa Garcia's blogspot, I practically fell in love with these two colors. Love them. I'm not quite sure if the Shamrock will look too "powerful-colored" on me or not, so I'm debating whether to get Milani in Shamrock or whether to get NYX's Green Tea. What's your suggestion on the green eyeshadows?

4) NYX Eyeshadows(need help in color decisions here XD)--about $4 each
  • Not quite sure what colors to get yet since I'm trying to avoid getting colors that I already have. I'm pretty limited on my money so I wanna make a picky choice to pinpoint which ones I know I can and will use. As I have mentioned before, I'm eyeing Green Tea but still debating on to get that or the Milani Shamrock.

    Is Mermaid Green better than Green Tea? I'm now debating between 4 things for green: Milani Shamrock, NYX Green Tea, NYX Mermaid Green, or NYX #8 Trio (green pallet that includes Spring Green, Lime, and Green Tea)
  • I'm also debating what to get: Rust, Burgundy Pearl, or Prune. The look I'm trying to get from those colors is using one of my lighter pinks to blend into a darker mauvey color. In particular, I remember Stephie making a tutorial for a Pink look and I want to make one just like that, except with NYX cosmetics because they are much more affordable for me. (Any recs on colors please?).
  • I'm also eyeing the loose pigments in Yellow Gold. I'm trying to find a gold and yellow ish color that can double as yellow when I want to make that yellow-green-blue tropical look and have the regular gold color to double as that christmasy gold that Stephie used in her Holiday FOTD. I prefer the pressed eyeshadows rather than the loose pigments since the pressed are easier to use IMO and more convenient, so to try to find that gold/yellow that can double up in lots of looks, I was debating whether to get from the pressed single shadows: Blondie, Yellow Pearl, Gold...and I think thats it. I did look back at the ABB NYX swatch that Alienman created for us and I looked at Sugabum's swatches since she had a great variety of these colors, and I'm still having a hard time deciding. AAA I wanna know.
  • Since VanessaGarcia showed the swatch for the NYX Lipgloss in Beige, I was thinking of getting that too since it looked pretty :) But I already have so many lip products and I'd feel guilty if I bought more! Tell me, is it worth it to get this lipgloss? Actually, you know what? I would like to get an orange lipgloss. You know, it's those orangey colors that you see the people over in Asia wearing. It's not too sheer of an orange, but it's not a powerful-in-your-face orange either. I'm searching for a girly orange that gives just enough of a hint of orange to brighten the face.
5) Milani Pressed Powder in Buff--about $4-6
I fell in love with the Cream-to-Powder one and now I want the pressed powder to try it out since Buff was such a great colormatch for me. Too bad the ULTA at my area doesn't carry Milani anymore. They said that they discontinued it because it wasn't selling at all =/ I'll have to stop by a CVS for it. The one near my house has all the colors, EXCEPT Buff. What luck. I'm hoping my bf will be gracious enough to take me to the one that isn't too near the house since it's on the way and in the same street as the ULTA. I just want to quit chucking out $13 for that Neutrogena Mineral Pressed Powder. Although I like it, it's too expensive for me to repurchase and the color isn't as good as the Milani Buff color.

6) Dove Pro-Age Finishing Hairspray - Long Lasting Hold--about $5
I saw that d0rksta (from youtube and blogspot) recommended this product for holding up her curls in her hair and since Prom is coming up in May for me, I'd like to find a hairspray that will hold the curls all day without all that crunchy crispy hard hair feeling you get with other hairsprays. Anybody have further input on this product? I want to ask that girl myself but she's busy at the moment with her BF coming over so I don't wanna bother her.

7) A Hilighter
I saw in Jeban's makeup tutorial that she used a Clinique Hilighter stick thingy on her nose and cheeks and forehead, and I wanna get one of those! Except problem is, is that obviously the US doesn't carry that product :( So I'm trying to find an alternative to it, and affordable one is preferred. So far I am using Date Bait from SilkNaturals, but it seemed to have sort of a tanned glow which isn't want I'm looking for. I wanted a hilighter just like the Clinique one that Jeban used OR the Ettusais Hilight Powder (except I can't get my hands on this one since it's online and it's too expensive for me!) Does anybody know any hilighter that is under $10, preferably hanging around the $5 range?

I am hoping that the ULTA has NYX. The first time I called in, the lady said they do not carry NYX. Then I called a few weeks later and the man said yes they do have NYX. HOWEVER, I don't know if the man accidently mistakened what I said as "NYC". I sure hope that he understood what I said in that they do have NYX! I'd hate for my bf to waste his time there driving me all so that there isn't any NYX there, you know? And since there's no Milani there either, that would be even worse.

If yall could give some input, I'd really appreciate that to help narrow down my list since I'm limited on my money and my trip to the store. Thank you :)


ilurvemakeup said...

That is a lot of lemmings :O Definitely get the QH mask, I've never tried the grape since i can't seem to find it anywhere. I like that brand a lot <3

Although I don't have a lot of the Milani shadows, they are way better than NYX imho :s

IchigoBunnie said...


haha yes, lots of lemmings since I don't have a car to satisfy my lemmings, so they end up piling up big until I get a ride again to the store or if I find more information about the product.

As soon as I know more info about products, I can narrow down the ones that I should benefit most from etc.

you can't find QH? I have them everywhere in my CVS, Walgreens, Target & Walmart. I also see it in every last grocery store I go to, yet i rarely find Milani and NYX, how poo-ey is that. XD

Emilee @ GMM said...

1) NYX Doll Eyes Volumizing OR Lengthening Mascara: for Asian lashes, you might be more interested in lengthening. I own the volumizing one (I like it, it's not too bad), and passed on lenghtening mostly because I like how long my lashes are.

2) Queen Helene Grapeseed Peel-Off Mask: Not a bad mask. It does work on the pores, but it doesn't work miracles (which is hard to find these days, haha). I don't think you'll do a mask that does everything you want...there are a lot of natural masks that you can use homemade ingredients to achieve what you're looking for (e.g. lemon juice for brightening). I like QH products, especially for the price. Since you're going to be at Ulta, take a look at other QH facial products - their oatmeal & honey scrub is great for exfoliating, and the mint julep mask is good to use for the pores, too.

3) Milani Eyeshadows in Shamrock and Blue Lagoon: I don't think you could really compare these shadows to NYX just because these Milani ones are different formulas. NYX Green Tea is a frost (matte?) shade that doesn't have a lot of shimmer, whereas Shamrock is a lot more shimmery. If you're not into loud colors, I would probably pick NYX.

4) NYX Eyeshadows: I have some NYX eyeshadows, and I like it for the price. I like Rust and Prune, but have never tried Burgundy Pearl. Unfortunately, Ulta doesn't have open containers for swatching, but you might want to try out MUA for swatches.

7) A Hilighter: I know Revlon made these liquid highlighters a few years ago called Skinlights. I don't know if they're still availble now, but they were a sheer liquid highlighter that you could also use all over the face. If you're looking for a stick highlighter, I can't think of any. :X I use MAC's mineralized skinfinishes, but they're a bit pricey at $24.50.

Hope that helped! :) I've never tried the other items you listed, so I can't give you any feedback.

Grayburn said...

Nice list! A great highlighter is from Nars but quite pricey. Have you tried the one from Revlon or Lumiere? I'll post about the lumiere one in the next few days so maybe you can see :)


Violet Honeybee said...

I've tried the NYX Doll Lashes in Lengthing and it did lengthen my lashes quite a bit, but didn't give too much volume. I'm using Maybelline Full N Soft right now and for me it works a lot better than the NYX because it gives me length and volume (and it's a bit cheaper lol)

Lol.. I say get Rust because it's a goregous color.. I have it and can swatch it for you if you would like. I have a bunch of the green shadows and can swatch them for you too if you would like that as well. xD

I have the Revlon Skinlights and even though it's a great product, I don't use it just because I don't really need it lol. It's been sitting in my drawer for awhile so if you wanna swap/buy it off me let me know! xD

Hope this kinda helps..

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

regarding the gold shadow, i'm not a fan of Blondie because its more of a dirty gold, while Yellow Gold pigment is a bit too yellow. But you said you want some thing yellow so maybe Yellow gold will be good :)

I have swatches on my blog (the same ones as on Alienman's swatch thread) of Blondie and Yellow gold if you haven't already seen them :)

A good cheap highlighter that gets high reviews on MUA is Wet n Wild's Acapulco Glow. It says bronzer on the packaging, but its definitely a highlighter. I can try to swatch it for you if you want?

ELF Luminance highlighter is similar to the Wet N Wild, but its cheaper only if you can find the line in a store rather than ordering online.

I remember Chel talking about the NYX Mosaic highlighter could check that out too. I haven't because they don't sell any face stuff from NYX in Canada, just eyeshadows :(

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

its no problem, i'll do them tomorrow when i get home from work as there'll be better lighting to take pics with :)

Violet Honeybee said...

I'll make the swatches for you tomorrow or so.. any color family you're looking for in particular?

I'm sorry I threw away my NYX mascara awhile ago! =( For me, they didn't really hold the curl very well, but that can be due to my monolids pushing down on my lashes hehe..

The highlighter I use is Jane Bronzer in Tahiti but it's way too light to be a bronzer. If you have a light, neutral, shimmery eyeshadow you can always use that as a highlighter as well (yay for 2-in-1s!)


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