Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mini CVS Haul

So I am very happy today.

Why? Because my boyfriend actually WANTED to drive me to get makeup. He was actually excited and pushed me to go so he could drive. I couldn't believe it, but then he explained lol. Usually we have to go through school zones afterschool, but since today is TAKS testing (statewide academic level testing), I didn't have to come to school since I'm a senior and I already passed it all from last year. Having said that, that means there's no school zone to bump into, and my boyfriend was excited. And in general, he wanted to drive me since he now has a car and he likes to drive me places--yay!

sooooooo I guess my trip to CVS ended one of my lemmings: Milani Blue Lagoon and Shamrock eyeshadows. I guess I won't be trying to decide what green to get since I bought that green--and I totally do not regret it at all--I love them :), and my bf paid for them too! what a sweetie ^_^

What's even better that I took the LAST Shamrock on the shelf! These guys were selling like crazy. There was only 3 Blue Lagoons left so I took one of those. What I was disappointed in was that they still don't have the color Buff for the Milani Smooth Finish Powder Foundation. I just don't get why they dont' have it, but on the bright side, they DO have the creme foundation in Buff, so now I know that I can restock on them if I need to. BUT I really was looking forward to looking for powder foundation since I probably would wear that more than creme full-coverage foundation. Maybe Target might have it...I dont' know, but during spring break, since Target is located right next to ULTA for me, I'll take a poke in that store and see if Milani exists there.

Anyhoo, onward to pics and swatches:

Shamrock to the left, Blue Lagoon to the right

I swatched it over NYX Concealer in a Jar in Fair. DRY-applied swatches, NOT wet-applied

Hope that helps some people with how it looks. Vanessa's swatches are a lot more clearer than mine, so you might want to check hers out. My swatches were done in bright afternoon high sun natural light coming into my window. I know the colors look flat, but it isn't like that in person. You see more shimmer in person, but subtle shimmer. For some reason my colors didn't turn out as shimmery and bright as Vanessa's, but then again, she did hers wet-applied, maybe that's the difference.

*insert mini intermission here*

Okay I just went to my sink, got some water, and did a wet-application with Blue Lagoon and the blue looks a LOT more vibrant when wet. The blue is more pronounced and you definitely see the shimmer more. WOW....I really like the results when the stuff is applied wet--it looks really nice.

Now I just need to wait for Spring break to get to Target and ULTA and more hauls! XD Man, ABB has totally made me broke x.x! Ever since I joined and lurked that website, my money went straight to makeup. lol, but I like it nevertheless that I"m getting makeup. I've been wanting to get them for quite a while but never could and never knew which to buy.

Alrightee, so that's about it until Spring break for Haulage. I'm definitely looking forward to trying to get the Milani powder and NYX mascara.

see yall later!


dangit...I always forget to tag my photos since I'm not used to doing that. I gotta learn to remember to tag photos


ilurvemakeup said...

Awww that was sweet still that he went to get makeup with you hehe :)

My CVS still has zero of those shadows *sighs* Do an eotd sometime with those mmmkay? :) *hugs*

Aradani said...

lol take advantage of the chauffeuring! I agree with lurve, eotd please!

IchigoBunnie said...

Once spring break comes, I'll do the EOTD since I'll be getting the NYX mascara by then. My mascaras seem to be drying out, so some days they give me good lashes, on other days they don't. It's getting inconsistent =/...hopefully the NYX mascara will turn out great (I'm hoping it will be my HG!lol)

In the mean time, I'll figure out how to do the color combos, or maybe just flat out use one color on my lids. I did that for the green one (wet-applied) and it looks amazing as a one-color application on the eyes. It doesn't look boring like most shadows usually do when it's just a one-color on the lid--this Milani shamrock looks AWESOME

Emilee @ GMM said...

I think everyone's gotten these shadows but me, lol. All the CVS' that I've stopped at has not had these. They look great, though!

ChyiX2 said...

That was so nice of your boyfriend! I can't wait to see an eotd with those e/s

Violet Honeybee said...

Very pretty! The bf promised to take me to CVS but we haven't yet!! *rawr!!

I have too many blues and greens I thinks.. But i still want them lol.

Your swatches are up on my blog! I'm sorry.. I don't think theyre very good though.. *shame..

Anonymous said...

how weird, they don't look nearly as shimmery as the swatches from Vanessa, maybe it was the flash that made them more shimmery? Anyway, I'm bummed that I can't find any at my local drugstores :(

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i love it when my bf offers to drive me places too :)

Fabu-less Beauty said...

How's Shamrock? From your swatch it looks kinda matte, but when I've seen them in person, it looks more shimmery and glittery.

IchigoBunnie said...


yea it's more shimmery in person, BUT when it's applied dry, the shimmer is down to more of a minimum. For some odd reason it's more of a sheen and a TINYYY bit of glitter when it's dry, but when I apply it wet, the color becomes a slightly darker green than in the container and the glitter shows up MUCH better and things are shimmery and pretty! Though I prefer to apply things dry since it's just convenient, I say that to get the glitter/shimmer and the best out of the color, applying it wet is the way to go, or at least that's what I'm gonna do.

What I stated above was regarding the green. Now for the BLUE, for some odd reason it doesn't show up as much as I wanted. I have to add a few layers on--or maybe I just don't have the right brushes!!!! haha, which is true since some brushes can totally ruin or make the best of a product. Nevertheless, when the blue is applied wet, it turns more Sapphire-ish--glitter/shimmer included :). But when applied dry, it honestly looks pretty dull...but it's in a way good if you want to double up your colors as a matte or shimmery think of it as a 2-in-1 ^_^


Yea, it's so hard to find the Milani. All ULTA's seemed to have discontinued Milani in my area and So far I only know only one CVS that I went to that has those eyeshadows. The CVS near my house never stocked any eyeshadows other than the glimmer stripes.


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