Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Mall Trip

So when I went to the mall yesterday, my parents and I in search of a bathroom in Macy's after a long drive to this mall that's far from home.

Finally me and my mom got to the bathroom, which was next to the fitting rooms, and right before I entered the entrance for the bathroom hall, 4 models walked out of the fitting rooms wearing prom dresses. So I was there's some show to promote prom dresses or something. Then I realized I had to pee so bad and went straight through the doors. On the way out of Macys into the main part of the mall, I saw the same 4 models, cept on the mannequins' platform podium thingy.

Then I spotted that not only was there those models, but Miss Texas USA signing some autographs. So I lined up and got her autograph and took pictures with her, and she even put her crown on me :D. Sorry, I had a 4-year-old-wannabe-princess moment there hahhahha. I must say....those pageant contestants look...rather different in person than on TV and in photos. Well...of course for photos you know they photoshop them, but still...

After getting the autograph, I exited Macy's and since those 4 models were right there, there was a modeling recruiter people and asked me to sign up. You kno, its those people who ask you to fill out the sheet and what not. My mom got hesitant cuz she hates those modeling thing. She never let me have a chance to do anything. I'd love to model something. I think that would be awesome to maybe one photoshoot even. But hey, the process of filling out those sheets was cool cuz I got a free mini clutch (not fancy but hey, it something), free samples of those pricey hair serums and shampoo, and coupons for Visible Changes haircut (not gonna use them since that place is so expensive!) and a free DVD of the previews for One Tree Hill. My guyfriend is doing some modeling and he says it's pretty much easy stuff and easy money, but then again he has rather more of the unique model face anyway so it's probably easy for him because of that. I dunno, I wouldn't think it would be bad to model for Target or Walmart right? If you get paid, then why not XD.

Anyhoo, onward to photos:

Sorry, I didn't put makeup on. I just had on MoM and Neutrogena Mineral Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory

God I look so short! hahahha and she's even bending down for me! My face was up to her boobs if she didn't bend down for me XD (i wish i wore makeup cuz I don't really like how i look in here! XD haha)

My autographed pic :)

It's those four girls that came outta the fitting room and Miss Texas USA is behind the speakers at the table. I like the green dress :) Doesn't look as "Prom-y" as the other ones

Part of the mall

Me standing in a sitting area

Also while at the mall, I stopped by Sephora, of course. There are so many lipglosses in there that I would want to have O.O!! I checked out the Dior glosses because I remember Petitebelle liking them, so I tried some color on and I liked the consistency of the formula and the gloss itself. Too bad it's like $23 for the tube! I also looked at Bourjois's water-based lipglosses. I liked 3 of the colors. It was the two brighter pinks and the orange color that looked nice, but the Orange seemed rather sheer.

oooo I stopped by Victoria's secret too and those eyeshadows are pretty nice. Its the one in the tube with the sponge applicator. They're usually located near the cashier line. The one in the green tube looks REALLY nice. It's like this shimmery/not too glittery, but still glittery mermaid green. It's so pretty. Then I like this dark navy blue with sparkles in them too. The gold looked great as well, but I'd prefer if it had more of a brighter gold to it than the darker one. 2 for $10. I think the green and the dark navy blue tube are worth it to get. I think the other colors they have are ordinary and you can find those colors everywhere.

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading! ...or just looking at the pics lol :)


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

haha, i found it funny how you wrote you were looking at those models and then suddenly realised how bad you had to go :P

You look nice in these pictures even without makeup. But i know how you feel, i find i never have makeup on when i end up in pictures, yet when i'm all prepared and nicely made up no pictures happen lol.

ilurvemakeup said...

That's a very nice looking mall :)

I think you look great even without makeup, wish i can pull that off *envy* I love your top, it's so cute :) Btw my mall has those modeling thingys where people try to recruit random wonderers. I always get stopped, but I'm with your mom those shit seem like gimmicks to me lol

Glad to see you had fun though! :)

Ethereal Prey said...

Miss Texas looks very smilie and happy. Those ppl in the mall recruiting for models are always iffy. the ones here are pretty much a scam, cause they want you to pay for your own pictures and stuff. but don't worry be happy.

That is a nice looking mall...must be warm where u are...

Vanessa said...

Awww she is so pretty...just like YOU!

Chiara said...

Why hello Snugglebunny! I just found your bloggy!

I wonder how that modeling thing works out :] Haha, I've always wanted to be a model, but I think I'm just too short at 5'0!! They have plus sized modelss, why can't they also have shorty modelss?

-Chiara (itsizzy from ABB)

ChyiX2 said...

Miss Texas is TALL!!! Aaw.. that was so sweet of her to let you try her crown. You sure look like you're having one of those princess-moments =D

LOL the verification code is nfotdc, FOTD..okok I'm probably the only one who smiled at this...

Vi Anne said...

whoa she's tall. Girl, you look very pretty even without makeup! You could rock at modeling. :) don't forget to sign an autograph for me when your famous. :)

IchigoBunnie said...

vi anne:

haha i wish! I got a mail from the modeling thing to come for an interview but my mom gave it to me to read, and then she chucked it in the trash XD. No modeling career for me lol. But I do know there are modeling stuff out there since my guyfriend is in it and he gets paid to have his pics taken, even if there's only a few good ones.


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