Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Rants and Complaining

This week pretty much sucks so far.

Starting this morning, I had a mini mistake driving my car and the other driver acted as if I was the worst person on the planet. He even turned around to shake his fist at me..dear god....I understand I made a mistake on the road--which was just a few feet away from my house (i just barely got out of my street) and I made a mistake. Yes, I was wrong to make that mistake, but I'm still learning and getting used to driving.

Plus, it didn't really help that I was stupid enough to wear loose flip flops while driving--I might as well have gone bare footed.

So I'm very disappointed in my own stupidity in not checking all directions of where I was about to turn (which was out of my street onto a tiny street) and am confuddled at how angry a person can get enough to shake their fist at me...I mean, that really huge loud long horn beeping was enough...but I think turning around to shake their fist at me and make a disgusted face at me was taking it too far.

Not only that, but my "friend" always asks me to explain to her AP Statistics because she doesn't understand it. Well you know what? It's because she doesn't take notes, doesn't pay attention, talks all around class, fools around 24/7. Then for the past few tests, she asked me to explain the entire curriculum we just learned because "she doesn't get it"....well if she had done the 3 problems for homework that takes like 10 minutes to do, that even has half of the answers in the back of the book, maybe she would get some of this stuff!! She even has a personal tutor (who is in Top 10 highest GPA graduates) and she doesn't even ask her questions! Why put all the responsibility on me when she has her own tutor and she isn't taking the responsibility to learn things herself?

I work my butt off in that class. Before I ask my friends for help, I make sure I read through my own notes and homework and copy down all that my teacher writes to make sure what I do and dont' know, and try to solve things I dont' know. After trying hard, THEN I'll go to my friend. This girl does didally squat and expects me to explain her everything..and what pisses me off even more is that she gets a higher grade than me in that class after she has done absolutely nothing and used me left and right. I'm sick of it!

So what did I do today when she kept whining and trying to manipulate me to help her? I told her NO. I was like, no, you and I very well know that you need to be paying attention in class and take notes. And she whined back "but i DOOOOO".

whatever--just bs stuff. she does nothing and she's filled with lies. So after rejecting her the first time, she had the nerve to come back and interrupt my studying and whined again "seriously Grace, PLEASSSSSSSSSSEEE teach me this stuff. I have no idea what I'm doing"

I stood up for myself this time and refused to help her any longer. I am not a mean person. I am more than willing to help out a person, but if a person is a fuckin lazy dumbass who uses people to get an undeserving B or A, fuck that! I'm not helping you! Wastes my own studying time while all they do is annoy the living crap outta me!

Not only that, but she gets wayyyyyyyyy too much into my personal business. She's SO NOSY. Like for the Anime Convention that I just went to, my guyfriend who invited me specifically requested me not to talk about it in class because he didn't invite some specific people. So then that girl asked me:

*insert incessant annoying fast-speaking voice of that girl here*
"omg omg omg tell me tell me tell me!!! what you are you doing? where is it? when is it? what time will it be at? who are you going will? why won't you tell me? It's not like i'm gonna tell anybody. PLEASE just tell me! omg seriously Grace just tell me. You know you can trust me. I swear I'm not gonna tell anybody. come on come on!! WHYYYYYY wont' you tell me. you're like, my bestest friend EVER. and you know what? best friends tell each other EVERYTHING so why aren't you telling me this!?!? huh!?!? graccccceeee tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

I SWEAR she did not take a breath inbetween all those words she said to me. She stalked me DURING stats class, AFTER stats class & down the math hallway, DOWN the stairs, then DOWN the 1st floor hallway all the way to the entrance of the school, JUST to find out about the anime convention that is none of her business! Plus, I want to respect my friend's request in not blabbing about when, where, and who this convention involved. She was so persistent until I gave in with minimal information. Then she was extremely UNsatisfied with my minimal info I told her and she dragged me into telling her more. Can you say, NOSY!?!?

that's just ONE incident with her trying to get into my business. She later asks about me and my bf, and I like to keep our personal lives to ourselves, not announced to the world because that is my preference. So she asks "so when do you see your bf. what do you do with him. where do you go with him. did you do it with him? who is he? OMGG, here's a secret. I slept with my bf's best friend...i feel horrible....yea...oh life to the fullest!" and then she goes to her next friend literally a few feet away and tell her the EXACT same "i slept with my bf's best friend" story..and i'm what type of secret is that to announce, and to find it hilarious that you slept with your bf's best friend....seriously!

I am SO SICK OF HER. Everybody tells her to shut up cuz she's SO ANNOYING. She bothers EVERYONE. She can definitely be nice, and she IS nice, but she's ANNOYING.

Okay, so back to me telling her "no" to re-teaching her every last bit of our lesson. She gave me a silent treatment and isolation for not helping her. She didn't talk to me, nor did she wait for me when the bell rings to dismiss us like she usually does. Then in stats class, she usually talks to me, but then she talked to EVERYONE BUT me. so i'm thinking...are you effin serious? how can you possibly act that immature over my "no" response when it is your responsibility in the first place to ask questions in class and take notes!

alrightee, that part is over. sorry guys for my complaining. I am SOO crazy right now, and it doesn't help that I'm sorta PMS, so please diregard any current, or past few days of any rude words because I'm just pmsing and words are flying outta my mouth.

mmmk, now, back to studying for my stats test tomorrow and the rest of my Ch.10 for my Eco test that's Wed & Thurs. Damn bastard of an Eco teacher. That's another story. @_@

sorry to bore you and annoy you of my post. Thank you to anyone who actually read it all or even skimmed through it :)

have a great day.


ilurvemakeup said...

When someone makes a rude gesture at me while driving, I make one back, my fault or not lol xD

Your friend sounds as annoying ... as someone I know ... hehe

Vi Anne said...

Not bored deary. Rude, (very) uptight, and annoying people are thorns in the butt. Can relate to your situation. Hope it gets better and good luck on that test. :)

Nic Nic said...

dont let ppl's road rage bother you, driving is a learning curve :)

your frd does sound really annoying and whining, but she'll eventually get the msg!

Vanessa said...

Awww sorry you are having a bad week sweetheart, things will be ok, I too have a "friend" like that, yet I wonder why I am still there trying to help her, I guess I feel bad for the most part...but man is it frustrating!


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