Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged by Lurve

So I got tagged by Lurve on her blog, and I shall now list the products. I actually had a hard time coming up with these 5 products since I usually don't buy many things (makeup-wise) and when I do buy makeup, I do so much research to the point where I don't experience many dissapointments. The only extreme disappointments I had with makeup is NYX loose Glitters and NYC Sungold Pink Lipgloss. So I noticed that most of my products refer to hair related products. I wouldn't say this is too much of beauty products, but eh, I tried!

Top 5 Products IchigoBunnie says NO-NO to:

1) Pantene Shampoos
I keep getting TONS of dandruff every time I use them! grrr! I love Pantene's hair conditioner, but the shampoo just isn't working. My Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo works better and costs less!

2) Cheap Tweezers
I noticed getting really bad ingrown hairs and split hairs when I used to tweeze with those super cheap store-brand tweezers. Even the Revlon tweezers suck. They snap your hair and don't pluck a damn hair. Irritating! Not only that, but they just don't have a good grip on the hair and the hair always seems to slip, and tweezing hair is just about nonexistent. Get yourself a good Tweezerman tweezers. The one I bought was only $4.50! It was the mini tweezers. I didn't bother to get the $20 ones and that cheap smaller $4.50 Tweezerman does the trick and gets the hair out great.

3) Old-school Shaving Razors
You're more prone to razor burn, nicks & cuts, and overall your legs just don't end up as smooth. I used to use a 2-blade pink disposable razor and I ended up carving out a huge layer of my skin--which hurt SO BAD. Now I'm stuck with this pretty bad scar. These razors just don't have that flexible moving head and they don't have a proper handle....just everything isn't right in my point of view. You can definitely get away with using these disposable razors, but I believe that since us ladies shave pretty often, usually during the summer, we should treat our legs with utmost care since they allow us to move to get to places. I actually use a guy's razor--my bf actually got it for me hahah. It's the Gillette Fusion Razor. You press the button and it vibrates and it honestly creates a smoother leg and I rarely have cuts in shower--even when I'm not wearing my glasses and I can't see where I'm shaving.

4) ELF Earth/Water....whatever Mascara
This is the WORST mascara is history!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM IT! It may be $1 but it made some of my lashes fall out, made them severely brittle while the mascara was on, clumped sooooo bad, STIFF crunchy lashes, all spiky-tarantula-like, flake-galore, smudge-galore. oh my god. It is just an awful product. I can't stand it! On top of that, this mascara gave me stys on both eyes! Ladies, never buy this product! It's soooo a must-NOT have.

5) Cheap Makeup Sets
I agree with Lurve on this one, but it doesn't only pertain to ULTA. It's a whole range of cheap makeup sets. They may seem enticing with their affordable price and infinite colors, but they are only good to play with little kids, not to use as your real makeup. I feel it's more damaging to your eyes and face overall to use products that are cheaply made that have zero pigment and drag across your skin. Save your money to get a better makeup that you'll actually use and not stuff in the closet to collect dust like those cheap MU sets.

I Tag...

YOU! You, whoever you are, you read this post and I tag you to write your Top 5 Beauty Product No-No's :)


Vi Anne said...

I'm noting the guy razor. :)
ELF... blech. It's Sunsilk that gives me dandruff on the shampoo department.

ilurvemakeup said...

Heheeh you tag whoever reads it, I lurve you <3

I HATE PANTENE! AHHHH!!! My razor is a 3 blade and pink as well ^_^ ELF,,,, *flips bird at ELF* lol

The holiday sets are always so hyped, but when you buy the cheapie deals you end up never even using them! It's the damn packaging they use to lure ppl into buying them I swear! >_<

Anonymous said...

Yea I vote for the razor as well! I especially hate the disposable ones, they knick you like crazy!


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