Sunday, March 16, 2008

Testing out my Camera Functions

Hey! :)

I have been really determined how to get my camera done right! XD So I posted up these pictures to get some feedback to see if yall guys can see the color and see things nicely.

My camera is the Canon A520

I set my Camera up with the "face" function where you scroll the round-about away from the "auto" function and onto literally a face icon. Then I pushed the "function" button, which should be the 3rd button under the LCD screen, and I picked a -1 and 2/3 +/- thingy majigger at the top of the functions list. After I scrolled down the menu (which should be to your left btw) and adjusted the AWB to Tungsten. I scrolled down to the next feature and put the "effects" function on to "vivid". Last, I put the picture on the highest resolution and put the sharpness on "superfine" .

1st pic: just some Jane mascara on
2nd pic: added ULTA Singles Eyeshadows in Luna. IRL it's much bluer than that so the camera still didn't capture the true color :( it looks so much prettier in person...still working on capturing the color!
3rd pic: same thing cept with eyes closed

This whole second look I have on Lancome eyeshadow in Like Mink. The camera made it look more brown but it's more of a shimmery taupe brown/grey ish. I also had on Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara and Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner in Black on both top and bottom, cept I only lined my bottom 2/3 the way.

on the 2nd pic, you can't really see the its still bit washed out >_<

well.....I'm almost much work just to try to get a good picture....argggg @_@

BTW....I've got a simple question:

For prom I'm considering wearing some Ardell falsies for the very first time. I went to CVS today to get some of my contact lens solution and stopped by the falsies section and stared at the 110's cuz they looked natural and stuff, but I also looked at the individual fake lashes...and I saw some other ones that looked natural but had an extra "oomph" to them.

That's what I would like, natural, but "oomphed" cuz I don't wanna go outside literally looking as if I wore falsies, but I would'nt like it either if my lashes looked TOO natural to the point where it beats the point of having falsies on, you know what i mean? What do yall ladies recommend?

I'm gonna be wearing gold eyeshadow, with I think NYX Rust. I'm actually considering using Chi's Golden Plum look to my prom since my dress is golden champagne, but more leaning on the gold side with some really nice antique-gold colored beads and stuff. I'll post up pics of the dress later, but for the eyes..yea..that's what I'm planning to do. Since I haven't decided on a gold eyeshadow yet, which gold eyeshadow would yall recommend me? I'm eyeing more towards NYX shadows, but if there's a better one out there for the same price (like..$5 or less). I'm gonna go to ULTA in hopes that they have NYX since I called in and they did say they had I'm hoping they didn't lie to me or mistakened it for NYC or somethin...

anyhoo, thank you ladies for any suggestions :)


okay, so, so far after looking at MUA for Ardell Falsies (Snowkei's ardell falsies pics), the ones I like so far are:


I'm not sure if ULTA has all of those, but assuming if they did, which one do you think is most suitable? I've never worn falsies and I highly doubt I'll wear falsies on a daily basis other than special occasions, so I just want one pair of falsies that I can use for all occasions. Like I mentioned earlier, I just want one that doesn't scream falsies, but adds that extra flirty eyes oomph.

I just don't wanna mess with mascara on prom since it might run on me and smudge here and there, and might even irritate my contact I thought maybe having falsies might do the trick in lasting all night, no smudge to worry about, and no contact lens irritation...what's your opinion on this?

and since the Ardells dont' come with their own glue, I'm assuming that I should go buy DUO lash glue right?

also, I heard that some people's falsies only last around 3-4 times. Some others said up to 10 times. How long would these Ardells last me cuz I'm planning on practicing putting on the falsies many times before prom comes so I can get them on perfectly by the time Prom comes. I just wouldn't want to waste my lashes just from know? I read "how to take care of falsies" in the ABB forum...and I'm guessing from that and some other stuff I read... I use either alcohol or makeup remover just slightly enough to remove any residue glue/eyeliner from the falsies' backbone strip thing?

sorry for all these questions! i'm too new at falsies XDD


ilurvemakeup said...

Keep practicing with the cam settings and lightnings :)

I personally love Ardell #124 on me, they look natural on my eyes. I used them on my Sonia Kashuk Classic look. They should last a decent amount of uses, as long as you clean them thoroughly after each use and store them back properly. I order a bunch of falsies from thanks to (g)'s rec. They are so much cheaper there!

Vi Anne said...

I had the same camera... the tour guide broke. I took great pictures with that one. :) Really sorry I can't give any advice on the full falsies I'm such a noob at it. The individual one though I can rock. Here's the vid that taught me how.

Violet Honeybee said...

it's all about how well you take care of them! You might wanna buy two pairs, one for practice and one for the actual prom night so that you won't spend 30 min in front of the mirror on prom night messing around with them lol.

On my prom night which was ages ago (you make me feel old) I had the ones that were the same length all around, cut them in half, and pasted them on the outsides of my eyes. I thought it looked very nice lol.

Loreal HIP in flamboyant is a nice gold/yellow color.. I did a fotd with it somewhere~


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