Saturday, April 26, 2008


I got tagged by Itsizzy and I didn't even know XD

I really didn't do too much with Taaz right now. I was most curious of the contact lenses ^_^

If you click on the image of these smaller images, you'll be able to see the color on the eyes better

Okay that looks really freaky seeing so many of the same picture go one after another after another XD it's like there's too many of me lol

I really like the green (2nd to last picture). I wish I could naturally be born with green eyes ;.;....My friend has the eyes where the outer rim is dark blue, then it fades into green, then it fades into a yellow--sooooo sexy and exotic color eye combo, and yet she says she hates it! I don't understand! I told her I would trade for her eyecolor ANY day. conversely she wants asian eyes (she's half white and half Guatemalan) and she is freakin GORGEOUS.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hair Myths

My boyfriend found a site that ontained information about hair myths. He found it off of AOL.

And please exuse my lak of the "letter see" beause for some reason it isn't working!! Just one seond it did not work, so please bare with me!

If you don't want to read the info from my page, here's the diret link to the webbie:

Here's a ut/paste of the information hair myths:

Do you really need to trim hair every 6-8 weeks to keep it healthy?

NO. NYC salon owner John Barrett says, "If you take good care of your hair, you can go three months (12 weeks) between cuts. If you're growing your hair out, avoid the salon even longer. You'll never grow it out if you're in the stylist's chair that often!" Exception: if you have a short cut, you may need frequent trims to keep the shape.

I've heard that rinsing hair before swimming reduces chlorine damage. True?

YES. "You don't want chlorinated water to be the first thing that your hair soaks up," says Jennifer J., Owner of Beverly Hills' Juan Juan Salons. Rinsing your hair with water first prevents chlorine absorption. The ultimate protection is combing conditioner through your hair and topping with a swim cap, advises J.

Is oil the best treatment for damaged hair?

NO. In fact, you may be doing big damage if your hair is colored. Rona O'Connor, Colorist at LuKaRo Salon of Beverly Hills warns, "Never put oil on your hair -- it will strip your color! When we fade colors in the salon purposely, we use hot oil." Oil mixtures can contain acidic ingredients, which strip color. Protein treatments are the most effective for damaged tresses.

Is $25 shampoo really worth it?

YES. "Expensive shampoos contain fewer sulfates, the detergents that strip the hair of its natural oils and color," says expert Jennifer J. "Also, high-end shampoos use finer ingredients at higher concentrations, so a little goes a long way," adds Jeffrey Lyle, Senior Stylist at Boston's Emerge Spa & Salon.

Do volumizing shampoos work?

NO. Volumizing shampoos are lighter, which can provide a good start to your style. But "95% of volume is achieved from a product and blowout," says Lyle. A hair dryer, big round brush and root lifter spray are a must for high-volume styles; no cutting corners on this one.
Do I need a full 15 minutes for a deep conditioner to work?

Do I need a full 15 minutes for a deep conditioner to work?

NO. "Any amount of time you can dedicate to deep conditioning is good. It's better than nothing -- just like exercise," says Amy Abramite, Creative Director of Chicago's Maxine Salon. Wrapping hair in a warm damp towel "will open the cuticle so your hair accepts the conditioner quicker," says Abramite.

My stylist says to wash my hair only once a week. Is this a good idea?

YES. The natural oils in your scalp provide the best conditioning treatment for your hair. But is this practical? Only for those with very dry hair, says celeb stylist Lea Journo. Journo advises clients to go four days max without washing in order to naturally condition their hair without over-doing it.

Do sunscreen sprays for hair work?

NO. Sunscreen sprays can't hurt, but aren't proven to help. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is measurable on skin, not hair. NYC salon owner Lisa Chiccine says it's more important to coat hair with a spray-on or leave-in conditioner so there's a physical barrier between the sun rays and your strands.

So many hair products claim to repair split ends. Can they?

NO. No product on the market can actually repair split ends, although some can temporarily fuse ends together for a smoother look. "Harsh reality: the best way to treat split ends is to cut them off," says Abramite.

Do vitamin supplements have any effect on hair?

YES. Chiccine recommends Biotin, which is a vitamin that encourages cell growth in both your hair and nails. "Biotin can be found at the vitamin store, and you can look for shampoos with it if hair thinning or slow growth is a concern of yours," says Chiccine.

Do all-in-one shampoos and conditioners work?

NO. Lyle says, "It's impossible to receive the maximum benefit of cleansing or conditioning when it is combined. One cancels the other out." The only exceptions are super short styles, like a crew cut, that don't require much conditioning.

Should I use a dry shampoo?

YES. While dry shampoos don't give you a complete cleansing, the powders absorb excess oil on your scalp for a quick refresher between washes, saving you time and damage by eliminating washing. Barrett adds, "It's is a fantastic styling aid to add body, texture and volume to clean wispy hair.

One of the new incarnations of dry shampoo from Bumble and Bumble is so popular, it's often sold out for months. Grab it, if you find it!

Are clarifying shampoos too strong for my hair?

MAYBE. "Clarifying shampoos will strip all hair but I warn color-treated hair to stay far away," says Chiccine. "Instead, combine five aspirin with a quart of water. Shampoo with your regular cleanser and rinse, and then apply this mix, and rinse it out. It removes product build-up without stripping hair and even gets the yellow out of silver shades."

I've heard that hair products with silicones to control frizz are bad for your hair. True?

NO. Silicone smoothes the hair surface, making heat-styling results appear both shiny and silky. The new silicones are super light-weight, and can even be used on fine hair without the threat of weigh-down.

Can I wash my hair with conditioner, and skip shampoo?

YES -- BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE CURLY OR COARSE HAIR. Abramite says, "Just conditioning curly or coarse hair will add moisture and prevent frizz. An occasional wash will prevent product-build up and reinvigorate the scalp.

Hope this helps some people :) It sure helped me

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Loreal HIP Paint in "Lofty" Is Leaking!!!

I have 3 Loreal HIP Paints that my bf bought me a while ago and I opened 2 of them.

My "secretive" one works just fine.

But my "Lofty" color has been leaking lately. It's so weird! It's like this clear sticky-gel that dries up into a white crusty thing...

Did anybody else have this happen to them???

I store my "Secretive" color the same place same position just like the "Lofty", yet it's the "Lofty" one that is leaking this thing...

I have a feeling that I got a faulty one and one of the ingredients that is in the HIP Paint somehow wasn't properly mixed into the other ingredients and is leaking out. I don't know. I hope somebody can tell me ;.;

What do yall think?

help ...please? ;.;

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thus Far In My Life

So I have Bronchitis. There's wayyyy too many people coughing in school and I just HAD to catch it =/

I've been coughing for like 2 weeks straight until the end where I ended up coughing a little bit of blood so I went STRAIGHT to the doctor. At the moment, my doc told me to stop Doxycycline (my acne med) so I wouldn't be taking too much meds since I'm supposed to take 2 pills of Penecilline a day.

The good part is that after only taking Penecilline for around 2-3 days, I feel SO much better. My throat is happy, but is at 95% recovered. My sniffles is better since I was given samples of Nasonex nose spray to help with my allergies.

The downside? Like I said, I had to stop Doxycycline. So what did my skin do? Create 6 cystic pimples on my face after only being off of the acne pill for 2-3 days. So sad -_-....I'm on Penecilline up until around Saturday next week, so hopefully the one week left given before Promm will allow my skin to recover with the Doxy pill. I sure hope the acne meds will work quick in a week!! I know I can cover up the stuff with makeup, but having 6 huge lumps on your face literally does not FEEL good. It's one thing about the apperance, which I can handle since I've been through much worse, but I hate the feeling of the cystic pimples. It's HUGE, it hurts, and you can't pop it even though you shouldn't pop pimples in the first place. I look like I have a few small mosquito bites on my, oh well.

I'm just glad I at least am almost recovered from bronchitis--that's the important part. Prom will be no fun if I'm sick. I'd rather have my face right now with pimples than be sick since I can always use makeup to cover up stuff--thank god for makeup!!! O__O

And this week will be hectic. I am finishing up my dual credit college classes--Particularly English. I'm gonna write my Finals Essay and do a multiple choice test on Dante's Inferno and The Cantebury Tales. The good part is that I'm allowed to use my study guide notes (that I have to fill out -_-) on the hopefully I'll actually make an A in that class this time.

Then I have my Economics dual credit where I'll probably..maybe..might..have a test this week--not sure. And then probably the week after I'll have my finals and be done--hopefully before Prom. English Dual Credit ends before Prom--thank god. but iono if my gay Econ teacher will conjure up something stupid.

AP Stats is freaking me out. I got a 75 on my quiz that was formulated with actual questions from previous exams. Out of 5 possible points, the 75 I got on my quiz is the equivalent of a 3. That's like the bare minimum I need, but I WANT a 4--to be safe. I'm not sure if my university allows a 3 anymore. Some colleges do, but I'm scared if my university raised their standards over the I gotta review over chapters 1 through 14 and know everything!! aaaa!! and my AP exam is just THREE days after prom--no time to prepare! aa!!

But on the bright side..that means after May 6, I will OFFICIALLY be done with school work and NOT CARE and be able to relax and everything. Just 2 and a half more weeks and I'm FREEE and exempting my classes! I can't wait!!!

So this summer...I will be taking Intro to Accounting. Hopefully I'll understand the stuff because I have got NO CLUE what major I can do with the strength--or lack thereof, or my academicness. I know I'm not stupid, but I am a slow learner. I don't have dyslexia, but I really am slow at learning so I wouldn't want to position myself into a major that I would fail at and waste my parents money and scholarship and end up killing somebody if I did medical majors. x.x... If anybody is in Accounting, please do let me know your opinion of it and how you feel the material is. I understand the teachers make the ultimate difference in learning and classes will vary, but having the gist of it will help.

And crazy.....and I'm still not sure yet if I will post up pics due to privacy reasons. Maybe I'll just put opaque smiley faces over the people's faces except mine so I can still have pics up or something..iono. I just wouldn't like it if someone from my group stopped by my blog and got upset that they really didn't prefer their face to be put up on my blog.

Anyhoo...I guess that's it. Sorry for a boring post. I just needed to talk somewhere without bumping into people from at school since this blog is mainly read by people everywhere else but my school.

Hope yall's weekend went well! And I HAVE been reading people's blogs! I just haven't done a great job at keeping up since I'm wrapping up the year to graduate so I gotta finish lots of things up. Like I said, after May 6, HOPEFULLY I will be free. The only class that will hold me down is AP Statistics...and hopefully my teacher won't make us do anymore things after the exam!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiny Makeup Rant

warning: slight immaturity ahead of you in this post my aunt called me to ask for my mom, and then i told her that she's out at a party. She was like, oh okay i'll call her later then.

Then after, she told me that I was wearing too much makeup at my cousin's wedding and my green eyeshadow didn't match with my dress. She said that the first thing she noticed in the pictures printed was my green eyeshadow. My mom also told me I wore too much makeup for a wedding, but the problem is, is that this is biased.

My mom's side of the family is extremely conservative with their looks. They NEVER wear an ounce of makeup. They dont' do their hair. They wear very plain clothes even though some of them are young, and every girl on my mom's side of the family is tomboy. I am the only "girly girl" so to speak, and so when they saw me, they thought it was too much makeup for a 17 year old. Problem is, is that I put on the Milani green eyeshadow wet, so the color was more intense. I put it on purposely because i was scared that the eyeshadow wouldn't stay on as long if it wasn't applied wet.

My last wedding I went to, which was...i think it was just about a year ago during spring 2007, and I wore dark purple eyeshadow with eyeliner, and nobody complained. Green is just a bright happy color so I guess they aren't used to color. My mom's side of family usually wears basic black, white, beige, browns etc. No patterns whatsoever. So to see my green is a shock. No one in my family wears green so it's just unusual to them. Next time of course, I'll tone it down a notch cuz I probably did wear too much eyeshadow, but that wasn't my intention. I honestly thought it was the lighting in my hotel bathroom cuz whenever I apply makeup at home for example, it always looks like I never wear enough. Then I go outside looking like I wore too much, but it wasn't my original intention.

I feel like I'm in a slightly biased situation. My school is a place where girls curl their hair every day, wear heels every day, wear dresses and skirts everyday name brand and everything, and wear full face makeup everyday. Whereas me, I wear a shirt and jeans and a coat--no makeup at all. So i thought it wasn't so bad to take advantage of an occasion like a wedding to wear makeup since I never wear makeup. So it's like...I wish they could have given me a break, you know? It's an occasion and I didn't even apply my makeup bad either.

Here's a recopy of the makeup I wore to the wedding. The green is a bit bright so I'll tone it down next time, but I dont' think its THAT horrible:'s just I don't think they understand my point of view...I NEVER wear makeup at all, and since they didn't care about my really dark eyeshadow last time, I thought this time isn't so bad.

Here's a picture of me during the wedding last year:

sorry for the dark lighting. But you get the gist. I wore more during this wedding and they found it acceptable yet they thought I wore too much this time.....I dont' really get it....For that spring 2007 wedding, there were girls whose makeup was exactly like an import model's--and they looked good in it too. I remember seeing an asian girl pull of the blonde hair lookin freakin sexy and she had the falsies on and her skin was flawless and the makeup was art. Everybody wore extreme dresses that was fancier than the bride's and so now...I wore an even more conservative dress this time WITH that extra short-sleeved cardigan covering my upper half.

Maybe green doesn't suit me or something? Maybe it looks too much on me and I should stick with basic colors or something...I like makeup and playing with it. I love all the different colors. I would like for my relatives to take a step inside my school and see that what I wore to the wedding is NOWHERE near as heavy as what the girls wear in my school as a daily basis--not a special occasion.

Somehow..I feel misinterpreted...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nessa's Parrot Look

If yall have visited Nessa's blogspot, you may have noticed that she created a Parrot Look, so since it looked really easy to do, I thought to do it myself, except mine doesn't look nearly as vibrant, but I prefer it that way. I look like I'm trying too hard if I wear too vibrant of makeup. Some people can pull off very bright looks without looking like a clown or a prostitute, and some people can't pull off that look, and I'm one of those who can't go outside and pull it makeup stuff is toned down looks.

And yes, I actually included both of my eyes this time XD haha. Sorry for any bad messyness cuz I just was playing around not caring too much and ended up taking pics of it. If I knew I was gonna post it up on my blog, I probably would have taken a bit more than 10 minutes to do this to make it more wearable out in public. Particularly the lashes. I slopped it on rather than using my usual "correct" technique so things are a bit messy--sorry! And my liner isn't as good as I usually carefully do it.

anyhoo, enough of me being pessimistic and apologizing like crazy. Here's some quick pics:

My camera is acting really weird lately.

Well, for one, I remember dropping it on the floor accidentally and messed up the zoom, so now I have to push/pull harder to zoom/zoom out. Also, you know the "toggle" button that lets you go to the camera-pic-taking view and the "lets view pics already taken" view? Lately when I turn on my camera onto the "red-camera-icon-to-take pics" toggling thing, it won't do it. It STAYS at the "green-lets look at pics taken" view...I don't get it. I have to push and toggle the button back and forth before it goes to the correct view...sometimes it lags excessively when I turn it off. It's around 4 years old, so although it's a bit outdated, it isn't THAT old, you know? I have a Canon Powershot A520 4MP. So sorry for the lack of pics because my camera is really acting crazy. It's so annoying. It didn't let me take pictures at my cousin's wedding at the most crucial moments. My camera was lagging SO BAD that I couldn't take a pic of my cousin giving the ring and I couldn't take a picture of the kiss :( This camera is really bugging me!! argggg

Well, thanks for looking and reading. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Target Chickens Part 2

During spring break, I bought more easter chickens from target.

I forgot to post them up!!

so here are my additional chickens:

And I also got hairspray:

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hair Spray (recommended by Lurve)

I have yet to test out its staying power on Prom night. I guess I'll spray my hair like a mad woman >.>


other than that, I am very bored. and worried. I pretty much failed my double-quiz today. It's a 2-day quiz to prepare us for the AP exam so to me, a lotta questions were hard. Definitely shows I need to study >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

I'm not gonna put up other pics from the wedding because I want to respect their privacy since not all people want to be put on the internet, especially on a blog.

so...yea..I guess that's it. Sorry for a boring post...I just haven't been having much excitement lately now that I'm trying to hang on for the last month and a half of my high school life before graduation.

But on the bright side, Prom's coming up in 2 weeks so I'll be able to have some pics later :)

see yall later!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Lurveable Challenge

Okay so I tried Lurve's Challenge just for fun. I've never done any tutorials before so get ready to have a craptacular tutorial ahead! XD

I was rushing to do this so I'm sorry for the sloppiness or any unblendedness. I'm really not good with the camera so I still can't capture the lighting correctly =/, which sucks.

When I put this "look" I created on me, it looked so much better on the paper than on me XD. I think it's cuz I don't have that great of blending skills, but for those who do have blending skills, I'm sure yall's will end up much better looking than how it looked on my eyes!

The pictures just doesn't do this look any justice. It really looks better in person. The camera makes the look appear all muddy when it really doesn't look that muddy!! >=( So please cut me some slack due to camera issues ;.; and please use your imagination of how it's really supposed to look if the camera and lighting works!

oh it goes -_- ....don't laugh at my amateurness >.>

The basic layout

I wrote down all the stuff I used and where I used it

Curl lashes, or, you can do that at the end if you want.

Put on Jane Oil-Free Concealer in Fair all over lid

Put on Loreal HIP Paint in Secretive as a base

Apply the Amuse Dark Pink eyeshadow on inner corner of eyes

Apply the Amuse Light Pink on outer corner

Apply dark Amuse Purplse on the very outer outer corner

Apply the Amuse Light Purple above the crease on the inner corner. Blend around. Blend better than I did to get a better look XD

Apply Lancome GWP Eyeshadow on the middle to bottom outer half of eye and blend

Apply Lancome GWP Eyeshadow in Aubergine to extra darken the Lancome "Snap" purple shadow.

Lined my eyes with Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner (i usually line my eyes better than this but I'm in a rush, but you get the gist)

Line bottom inner rim with Style-Styli 24/7 Line and Seal Eyeliner in Black and apply mascara to your lashes (NYX Doll Eyes)

bad lighting..but oh well.

Products used:

1) Jane Oil-Free Concealer (squeeze tube) in Fair
2) Loreal HIP Paint in Secretive as a base
3) Amuse Dark Pink Eyeshadow on inner corner
4) Amuse Light Pink Eyeshadow on half to outer corner
5) Amuse Dark Purple Eyeshadow on very outer corner
6) Lancome "Snap" Eyeshadow to darken Amuse Purple shadow
7) Lancome "Aubergine" Eyeshadow on bottom of outer corner of eyes to darken the look
8) Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner on Top lid
9) Style-Styli 24/7 Line and Seal Eyeliner in Black on bottom inner rim
10) NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume in Extreme Black
11) Of course, throughout the process: BLEND, because I didn't do a good job of blending! XD

I hope that this challenge ends up okay. Sorry for the crappy pictures :( . I hope the white piece of paper with the whole layout helps give a better picture of how it's supposed to look.

I wanted to do a gradient of dark to light pink on my mobile lid, and then on the crease and outer corner do a gradient from light to dark purple, creating a contrast, if you know what I mean so that the colors "pop" on both ends because on the inner corner, the light purple and dark pink "contrast" in brightness, and then the other corner creates contrast in the "light pink" and "dark purple". That's basically the gist of it.

Thanks for looking at my craptacular challenge entry! XD (sorry for pessimism but I didn't think I did that great of a job at my application, although I was rushing)

Friday, April 11, 2008

My NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume Experience

So I FINALLY got my hands on the NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume, and I'm gonna share with yall what I experienced and what I think about it.

First of all, this mascara somehow to me, requires a tiny bit of technique. My first attempt got me unbelievably CLUMPY lashes. BUT, after I tried applying it a slightly different way, I got really nice lashes! So this mascara depends on if you can find it's "sweet spot application style" so to speak. You gotta play around with it to get the hang of it.

Cost: $7.99


I really like the box it comes in. It looks elegant and fancy with the design. As for the tube itself, it reminds me of one of Bourjois' mascara tubes. It's your basic black tube. The wand is in this slight "hour glass" shape.


I read on MUA that the formula was a bit dry, and I must agree with that. Now it isn't unbearably dry at all. I actually LIKE it that it's sorta dry ish because when I get "wet" mascaras, they completely de-curl my lashes. The formula, aside from hanging on the slight dry side, is relatively smooth--but not as smooth as like Blinc Kiss Me mascara, for example. I can compare the "smoothness" level to Maybelline Full N Soft, the one that has been my temporary HG mascara.

Brittleness/Moistness of your Lashes

This mascara does NOT make your lashes feel brittle at all. When you feel your lashes, they don't feel as dry as the formula at all. BUT I do have to say my lases feels "smoother" than my Maybelline Full N Soft.


For a volume mascara, this really gives good length! I was really scared of buying Volume because I thought that it might give me "thick, but stubby" lashes, if you know what I mean. I wanted length too--and thank god this mascara actually gives length! whoo hoo! It gives quite a considerable amount of length. You will see in the photos.


As for the volume, yes it does give volume. I will compare this to Maybelline Full N Soft a lot because it is quite similar to it in my own experience. Other people may say something different since everybody has their own opinion, but for me, this is what I feel and think.

Curl Factor

This is where this NYX mascara BEATS Maybelline Full N Soft. My maybelline does a beautiful job at separation, length, and volume, BUT it droops my lashes and uncurls them so I constantly have to recurl my lashes. Now for this NYX mascara, I do NOT have to recurl my lashes. At the most, I "finger" curl my lashes only a little bit, not repetitively like I would need to for the Maybelline. This is what makes this NYX better than the Maybelline.

Clump Issues

Like I said at the beginning if you don't put this on the right way, you WILL end up with clumpy lashes. I will provide pictures below of what happens when you apply it the wrong way--which will give clumpy lashes--and what happens when you apply it right (or at least IMO)--which gives minimal clump issues. Now you will get slight clumps, but they are pretty minor in my point of view, and everybody is entitled to their own opinions. The pictures below I felt that my "correct way" of applying the mascara gave me pretty clump-free lashes in comparison to what I normally experience, but it's your call. If you don't like how it looks, then don't get this mascara. Overall it separates pretty nicely, but of course, not perfectly, but it seems "perfect" enough for me because of the price and the fact that it doesn't have Sulfa in the ingredients!

The Smudgies

I am only wearing this inside my house right now, and from what I experienced after purposely wiping my eyes as if they were "itchy", so to speak, it didn't make me have raccoon smudgies, BUT, it did make my lashes "smash" together and "clump". So, although it may not make the formula "run", it will make your lashes clump if you wipe your eyes, so be careful!

The Flakies

I haven't experienced any flaking even after testing out "the smudgies". I didn't really have any mascara "fall", so this is good news for contact lens wearers like me, and it's good for everybody in general not to have the flakies.

Removal of the Mascara

Now here is another aspect that makes the NYX win over my Maybelline--removal time. I just removed my NYX mascara with my usual Pond's Cold Cream. You know how Blinc Kiss Me mascara comes out in little tubes? well...this doesn't particularly come out in the "tubes", BUT it comes out having a "dry gel" ish sorta feeling and it comes out really clean in comparison to my maybelline! This was quicker to remove than my Maybelline. When removing my Maybelline, it's a pain because the cold cream smears the mascara everywhere and gives me the raccoon eyes going on, but this NYX doesn't do that. It removes rather cleanly for me--which is very surprising, so this is such a HUGE plus because I wear contact lenses and I HATE removing mascara because they always get into my eyes. Well now I don't have to deal with that anymore! lol

Picture time:

Before Mascara Lashes:

My lashes uncurled

Lashes curled

Here is what happens when I DID NOT apply the NYX correctly. What I did to achieve this clumpier look is that

1) I didn't wipe the "goop" at BOTH ENDS of the "hour glass".
2) I brushed it straight onto my lashes as is and so the "hour glass" wand deposited too much mascara.

Again, here is what happens when you apply it the "NO-NO" way:

From a far distance it doesn't look that bad, but since this is a "close up"picture, it definitely shows clumping issues, or at least IMO. And BTW, In this "no-no application" picture, I actually combed my lashes, yet they still ended up sorta clumpy.

So lets move on to what happens when I applied it "correctly"

1) Took out the "goop" on "both ends"
2) Used a combination of using the "tip" of the wand AND the regular "stroke-sweep" through the lashes. I can't really explain where I exactly "tip-wand" swept my lashes and where I exactly "stroke-sweeped" my lashes because everybody's lashes are different and this is the way I achieve my look--so you gotta play around with the mascara

Here's the "correctly applied" lashes:

See how application makes the difference? and you can really see the curl-staying-power of this mascara--it's GREAT! And I did NOT use any base-mascara to achieve these looks. This is just the mascara straight onto my Tweezerman Metal Lash Curled lashes. For these lashes, I BARELY combed my lashes. I only separated the lashes at the verryyyyy inner corner and the verrryyy outer corner of my lashes. The middle 60-70% I did not comb.

I know some of you will not/may not like how this looks, and that's alright. I'm just here to give yall what this mascara looks like on my lashes and trying to help yall out with showing experience. I haven't really seen in-depth NYX mascara reviews out there, so I really wanted to help out a girl, or guy ;) , who is curious about this mascara. And remember, this is the VOLUME mascara, not the "LONG-LASH" mascara. If yall had bad luck with the "long lash" one, I suggest yall give the Volume a try since you don't have to deal with the fibers.

This mascara is definitely worth to try it out. It doesn't cost too too much. I'm a cheap girl and actually find $8 to be pricey, but after experiencing all this good stuff, I say $8 is the best bargain I've ever had for a mascara this good.

Ratings (again, using Nessa's technique of rating)

Product: 4.5 out of 5 (rated it just a tad lower to be on the safe side. I really feel it's 5 out of 5 though)
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Price: 5 out of 5. Costs $7.99 at Cherryculture (I better stock up next time!)

Length: 4.5 out of 5
Volume: 4 out of 5
Separation Goodness: 4 out of 5
Curl: 5 out of 5
No Smudgies: 5 out of 5
Removal: 5 out of 5

I can safely and officially call NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume my HG Mascara!

I hope I helped somebody out there solve the mystery of this product, whether you finally got to decide that you do not like what it gives, or whether you do like what it gives--I'm glad I could help out.

If any of you have any further questions, never ever hesitate to ask! :) Anonymous users, you are fully capable of posting comments on my blog to ask some questions or comment if you would like. What is NOT allowed, is inappropriate anonymous users. Please do not abuse the commenting system. I'm allowing anonymous users to post because I know people out there who don't want to open up a blogspot just to comment on one thing, so I'm giving yall the benefit, so please do not abuse it.

....dangit..i forgot to tag my pictures again -_-


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