Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Hair

Whoa so much tagging!! lol

I got tagged by Chi to fill out this mini survey about my hair.

To start things out, I currently have super super layered hair that ranges from just above my nose, to down a few inches below my shoulder. I've had this haircut since 9th grade, so that's 4 years of having the same hair.

from 3rd grade through 8th grade, I had the straight haircut where I had my bangs all grown out and I just have a one-straight cut. no layers, none of that.

and 2nd grade and below, I had the traditional asian haircut where I had those straight cut blocky bangs and short straight cut hair, of course, cut by my mom :)

I've always had hair below my shoulder, with the exception of me at birth and me until 2nd grade.

This summer I will be cutting my hair short (around my shoulder or just a bit shorter) because I always wanted to know how it's like to have short hair. I've never seen myself in a stylish short haircut, so I shall do that this summer! :D

okay, onward to the actual survey lol

Length: varies. I have TONS of layers ranging from the tip of my nose down to a few inches past my shoulder at the moment.

Style: Layered

Color: black brown. But I do have a bit of natural hilights that sometimes you can see and sometimes you can't. Depends on the lighting. UNDER all my hair is where all the bright brown hair is. and at the top is more of the blacker hair.

As you can see, mainly the top of my hair is black, but the very bottom "under" hair is brown.

with this picture, the lighting outside with flash on my camera shows my hilights that you normally cannot see:

this pic was taken while i was with my cousins so please don't mind my "pose" that normally don't do! lol

Favorite shampoo: Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Favorite conditioner: Pantene

Favorite hair mask: I don't have any at the moment, though I want one. Any affordable/cheap, but very effective masks yall can recommend?

Favorite leave-in conditioner: I don't have any favorite, but I am currently sometimes using my Biolage Leave-in-Toner. I wanna get some John Frieda or some other leave-in conditioner...any recs please?

Favorite serum: I sometimes use the BioSilk. It's nice, but I would like a thinner formula and that costs cheaper. suggestions please?

Favorite styling product: Tresseme Heat Protector. Has some slight "styling" formula into it so it's like a super super super light hairspray and heat protects your hair at the same time.

Favorite hair spray: I currently have Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray. It works fine in my point of view--in fact, MUCH better than all the other hairsprays I've tried. BUT I am still in search for a good hairspray that is affordable. I heard from a Youtube video poster that she uses Charles Worthington...or something like that, in the orange can. She likes it, but i'm not too sure since I can't find reviews on it. Any input?

whoops I ended up turning out my survey into a questionnaire of my own in asking for suggestions XD haha. Well, I just never paid too much attention to my hair so I don't know my "favorite" hair products as I would about makeup, so I'm still in search of my HG hair styling products, so to speak. And of course, any recs or suggestions for affordable products is very much appreciated :)

I don't wanna tag anybody because the survey is everywhere and I can't keep track of those who have and haven't done these surveys. So whoever hasn't done these surveys I filled out, you can post it in your bloggie if you want to :) your choice

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(g)ezebel said...

you have very beautiful, healthy looking hair...!


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