Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Loreal HIP Paint in "Lofty" Is Leaking!!!

I have 3 Loreal HIP Paints that my bf bought me a while ago and I opened 2 of them.

My "secretive" one works just fine.

But my "Lofty" color has been leaking lately. It's so weird! It's like this clear sticky-gel that dries up into a white crusty thing...

Did anybody else have this happen to them???

I store my "Secretive" color the same place same position just like the "Lofty", yet it's the "Lofty" one that is leaking this thing...

I have a feeling that I got a faulty one and one of the ingredients that is in the HIP Paint somehow wasn't properly mixed into the other ingredients and is leaking out. I don't know. I hope somebody can tell me ;.;

What do yall think?

help ...please? ;.;


ilurvemakeup said...

If it's leaking like that and being exposed to air, is it all hard inside? If not, try to debottle it into a jar or something. If it was leaking before you even fiddle with it, hopefully it wasn't tampered by another before you purchased it.

IchigoBunnie said...


oh it's not hard inside at all. In fact, the paint feels as if nothing ever happend to it, except the very outside is covered with a film of that gel-goop.

When I got it, it was brand new--the seal was in tact and and was not tampered at all. It started to leak after a week of it--I even have the cap on at all times.

mayaari said...

that happened to me - brand new package, no evidence of tampering or anything, and I got the same weird clear film. I ended up transferring the paint into some empty mineral shadow containers. They've been in the containers for about 2 months, and haven't dried out, so I think transferring would be a good option to avoid that film every time you go for the paint.

IchigoBunnie said...


thank you for the feedback! That's so strange that this happend. It's really bad that it happend to both of us.....manufacturer faulty item,how bad =/

I wanna transfer into a container but I don't have an extra empty one :(

Aradani said...

weeiiirrdd. hopefully you find something to depot it into soon. I have yet to try the paints, I'm waiting for a bogof.

As for your inquiries:
The dove spray just says Dove Extra Hold. I only have it as a sample spray, but I rarely use hairspray and have now had the same bottle for 2 yrs or so.
The Sunsilk stuff I use are the ones from the asian supermarkets. I bought them to give them business and because i wanted "asian hair stuff." lol. I dunno if they are the same as the ones I see in Walmart. But these, I think are just Aussie or maybe Dove shampoos. Nothing spectacular I think, but isn't crap either. I'm trying to finish up some stuff to get to the john frieda stuff. but it may take forever with all my shit lol.
and no I haven't seen Hana Yori Dango, but I have read the manga. Is the drama itself good? I need a new one to watch. lol sorry for the long comment.

Emilee @ GMM said...

I have no clue. :\ I've never had any of my tube eyeshadows get that film. It could possibly be oil from the cream eyeshadow? Either way, I would take Mayaari's advice and stick it in a little sample jar.

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Maybe you can return it or exchange it if you have the receipt? If you transer it to a container, won't it dry out? I have been wanting to try this after I finish up my MAC Paint.

Anonymous said...

squeeze it out into an empty makeup pot, and then it'll be like a mac paint! :)


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