Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nessa's Parrot Look

If yall have visited Nessa's blogspot, you may have noticed that she created a Parrot Look, so since it looked really easy to do, I thought to do it myself, except mine doesn't look nearly as vibrant, but I prefer it that way. I look like I'm trying too hard if I wear too vibrant of makeup. Some people can pull off very bright looks without looking like a clown or a prostitute, and some people can't pull off that look, and I'm one of those who can't go outside and pull it makeup stuff is toned down looks.

And yes, I actually included both of my eyes this time XD haha. Sorry for any bad messyness cuz I just was playing around not caring too much and ended up taking pics of it. If I knew I was gonna post it up on my blog, I probably would have taken a bit more than 10 minutes to do this to make it more wearable out in public. Particularly the lashes. I slopped it on rather than using my usual "correct" technique so things are a bit messy--sorry! And my liner isn't as good as I usually carefully do it.

anyhoo, enough of me being pessimistic and apologizing like crazy. Here's some quick pics:

My camera is acting really weird lately.

Well, for one, I remember dropping it on the floor accidentally and messed up the zoom, so now I have to push/pull harder to zoom/zoom out. Also, you know the "toggle" button that lets you go to the camera-pic-taking view and the "lets view pics already taken" view? Lately when I turn on my camera onto the "red-camera-icon-to-take pics" toggling thing, it won't do it. It STAYS at the "green-lets look at pics taken" view...I don't get it. I have to push and toggle the button back and forth before it goes to the correct view...sometimes it lags excessively when I turn it off. It's around 4 years old, so although it's a bit outdated, it isn't THAT old, you know? I have a Canon Powershot A520 4MP. So sorry for the lack of pics because my camera is really acting crazy. It's so annoying. It didn't let me take pictures at my cousin's wedding at the most crucial moments. My camera was lagging SO BAD that I couldn't take a pic of my cousin giving the ring and I couldn't take a picture of the kiss :( This camera is really bugging me!! argggg

Well, thanks for looking and reading. Have a great day!


ilurvemakeup said...

Quote: "...without looking like a clown or a prostitute" lol xD

Anonymous said...

This looks really pretty on you. So very Spring-like and fresh! :)

Oh and I used the epi stick for the first time and yes it does hurt! Ouch! But really, it's not too bad, like you said, just like the first time you started plucking. My boyfriend tried it on his facial hair and it got stuck LOL. It definitely beats plucking, but yea nothing beats waxing I guess =/

Emilee @ GMM said...

Haha I definitely agree. Bright colors are very hard to pull off! Cute look, though!


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