Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random Survey

Things I'm passionate about:
-trying my best to do even the little things to protect my mom and bring her up on a pedastal because no one else seems to be trying to do that. I have my bad moments with her, but I am very passionate on trying to give to her

-my bf :) self explanatory (don't put your mind in the gutter people!!! lol). He is my best friend and my boyfriend.

-trying in school. Lots of people already have Senioritus, but I'm still trying because of my personal achievement wants. Not sure if that is considered passionate..but I really don't know what to put for passionate

Things I'd like to do before I die:
- TRAVEL everywhere I want to go
- Feel utterly truly completely happy with myself and love myself--aka quit hating myself!
- Get happily married to the love of my life and have wonderful children
- Verbally tell my mom "i love you". It seems that those three words are...taboo in my house? no hugging, no "i love you". Never grew up with that...so i guess that translates to me having trouble loving in general, so saying "i love you" is on my list of to-dos
- Find all my HG Makeup!!! XD i know that sounds bad but it bugs me not knowing my HG stuff! hahha
- be happy in my career/job and be very financially stable!
-buy Christina Louboutin black pumps
- eat a tomato. I HATEEE tomatoes, but I have GOT to eat a tomatoe at SOME point!! seriously!
- read a really good book voluntarily because I want to. I cannot make/force myself to nor have someone else force me to read the book. I have got to pick up the book, start reading, and never stop reading until I'm done. I hate reading, and I want to accomplish reading because it's something that I feel self-conscious about because I literally am a failure at reading.
- Be the best momma EVER!!!
- Learn how to bake good food WITHOUT burning or making the food end up hard as rock!!! I SUCK at baking--I wanna learn to master it!
- do something stupid just once in my life. I am such a goodie goodie, to the point where it's really ridiculous. I am SOOO goodie too-shoes that I wanna do just once, something stupid, but I wouldn't wanna do something that would severely jeopardize my health/safety. I think the closest to "stupid" i'll do is get drunk when I'm married XD, which will be wayyyy past the legal age of 21 and I'll have my hubbie to watch over me in case of anything....god...I'm even making my "stupid future action" goodie goodie XD--i'm too prude or something!!
-one day dress extremely glamorous celebrity type of look to see people's reactions. Then another day, dress as if I'm some homeless who looks REALLLYYYY fugly to see people's reactions. It's sorta like those experiments you see on the Tyra show. I have already done a little bit of this experiment in reality--me in my glasses with acne and horrible taste of clothing (but that was me doing it unconsciously and i thought i looked cool) and i had my year of looking " hot". so now, I wanna try doing both sides of the spectrum purposely out of curiosity.
-I may edit this section with more things

Things I say often:
- crap
- I love you
- no
- freakin
- omg
- this SUCKS!!
- you have got to be kidding me

Books I've read recently:
- this is something i need/want to do, but for now, I'm reading tons of fashion/beauty magazines :D

Songs I could listen to over and over:
- Xin Wo by Fahrenheit
- Precious by Yuna Ito
- Lonely in Gorgeous by TommyFebruary6 (opening theme song for Paradise Kiss anime)
- Forever by The Veronicas
- I'm Here by Yuna Ito
-On the Ride by Aly & AJ
- Only Hope by Mandy Moore
-Possession by Jyongri

Traits I'm attracted to in my friends:
- Honesty
- Loyalty
- Understanding and "gets me"
- weirdness--no "normal" please! :)
- fun/not overly pessimistic
- caring/someone I feel i can lean my head on their shoulder
- patience
- respect

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there must be some way that i can use this information for monetary gain... :0P


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