Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thus Far In My Life

So I have Bronchitis. There's wayyyy too many people coughing in school and I just HAD to catch it =/

I've been coughing for like 2 weeks straight until the end where I ended up coughing a little bit of blood so I went STRAIGHT to the doctor. At the moment, my doc told me to stop Doxycycline (my acne med) so I wouldn't be taking too much meds since I'm supposed to take 2 pills of Penecilline a day.

The good part is that after only taking Penecilline for around 2-3 days, I feel SO much better. My throat is happy, but is at 95% recovered. My sniffles is better since I was given samples of Nasonex nose spray to help with my allergies.

The downside? Like I said, I had to stop Doxycycline. So what did my skin do? Create 6 cystic pimples on my face after only being off of the acne pill for 2-3 days. So sad -_-....I'm on Penecilline up until around Saturday next week, so hopefully the one week left given before Promm will allow my skin to recover with the Doxy pill. I sure hope the acne meds will work quick in a week!! I know I can cover up the stuff with makeup, but having 6 huge lumps on your face literally does not FEEL good. It's one thing about the apperance, which I can handle since I've been through much worse, but I hate the feeling of the cystic pimples. It's HUGE, it hurts, and you can't pop it even though you shouldn't pop pimples in the first place. I look like I have a few small mosquito bites on my, oh well.

I'm just glad I at least am almost recovered from bronchitis--that's the important part. Prom will be no fun if I'm sick. I'd rather have my face right now with pimples than be sick since I can always use makeup to cover up stuff--thank god for makeup!!! O__O

And this week will be hectic. I am finishing up my dual credit college classes--Particularly English. I'm gonna write my Finals Essay and do a multiple choice test on Dante's Inferno and The Cantebury Tales. The good part is that I'm allowed to use my study guide notes (that I have to fill out -_-) on the hopefully I'll actually make an A in that class this time.

Then I have my Economics dual credit where I'll probably..maybe..might..have a test this week--not sure. And then probably the week after I'll have my finals and be done--hopefully before Prom. English Dual Credit ends before Prom--thank god. but iono if my gay Econ teacher will conjure up something stupid.

AP Stats is freaking me out. I got a 75 on my quiz that was formulated with actual questions from previous exams. Out of 5 possible points, the 75 I got on my quiz is the equivalent of a 3. That's like the bare minimum I need, but I WANT a 4--to be safe. I'm not sure if my university allows a 3 anymore. Some colleges do, but I'm scared if my university raised their standards over the I gotta review over chapters 1 through 14 and know everything!! aaaa!! and my AP exam is just THREE days after prom--no time to prepare! aa!!

But on the bright side..that means after May 6, I will OFFICIALLY be done with school work and NOT CARE and be able to relax and everything. Just 2 and a half more weeks and I'm FREEE and exempting my classes! I can't wait!!!

So this summer...I will be taking Intro to Accounting. Hopefully I'll understand the stuff because I have got NO CLUE what major I can do with the strength--or lack thereof, or my academicness. I know I'm not stupid, but I am a slow learner. I don't have dyslexia, but I really am slow at learning so I wouldn't want to position myself into a major that I would fail at and waste my parents money and scholarship and end up killing somebody if I did medical majors. x.x... If anybody is in Accounting, please do let me know your opinion of it and how you feel the material is. I understand the teachers make the ultimate difference in learning and classes will vary, but having the gist of it will help.

And crazy.....and I'm still not sure yet if I will post up pics due to privacy reasons. Maybe I'll just put opaque smiley faces over the people's faces except mine so I can still have pics up or something..iono. I just wouldn't like it if someone from my group stopped by my blog and got upset that they really didn't prefer their face to be put up on my blog.

Anyhoo...I guess that's it. Sorry for a boring post. I just needed to talk somewhere without bumping into people from at school since this blog is mainly read by people everywhere else but my school.

Hope yall's weekend went well! And I HAVE been reading people's blogs! I just haven't done a great job at keeping up since I'm wrapping up the year to graduate so I gotta finish lots of things up. Like I said, after May 6, HOPEFULLY I will be free. The only class that will hold me down is AP Statistics...and hopefully my teacher won't make us do anymore things after the exam!


mayaari said...

hope you start feeling better soon =T if you're near a place that sells mario badescu products, i'd recommend their buffering lotion to help with the cystic acne - i bought it a few weeks ago and it really helped to clear up some cystic pimples before they really surfaced. as long as they're not out & red, i think you'd still be able to use the buffering lotion; it doesn't help much with pimples that have already surfaced/erupted.

Vi Anne said...

Feel better HunnieBunnie. I'm recovering from sickness too. Luck on your college prep.

Vanessa said...

Feel better! And as for the post below, you look gorgeous! That wasn't too much makeup at all!

(g)ezebel said...

sorry i'm late, but i hope you got over your bronchitis very quickly.

(g)ezebel said...

hope you got great grades from all your exams. man, i am so glad i'm done with school.


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