Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiny Makeup Rant

warning: slight immaturity ahead of you in this post my aunt called me to ask for my mom, and then i told her that she's out at a party. She was like, oh okay i'll call her later then.

Then after, she told me that I was wearing too much makeup at my cousin's wedding and my green eyeshadow didn't match with my dress. She said that the first thing she noticed in the pictures printed was my green eyeshadow. My mom also told me I wore too much makeup for a wedding, but the problem is, is that this is biased.

My mom's side of the family is extremely conservative with their looks. They NEVER wear an ounce of makeup. They dont' do their hair. They wear very plain clothes even though some of them are young, and every girl on my mom's side of the family is tomboy. I am the only "girly girl" so to speak, and so when they saw me, they thought it was too much makeup for a 17 year old. Problem is, is that I put on the Milani green eyeshadow wet, so the color was more intense. I put it on purposely because i was scared that the eyeshadow wouldn't stay on as long if it wasn't applied wet.

My last wedding I went to, which was...i think it was just about a year ago during spring 2007, and I wore dark purple eyeshadow with eyeliner, and nobody complained. Green is just a bright happy color so I guess they aren't used to color. My mom's side of family usually wears basic black, white, beige, browns etc. No patterns whatsoever. So to see my green is a shock. No one in my family wears green so it's just unusual to them. Next time of course, I'll tone it down a notch cuz I probably did wear too much eyeshadow, but that wasn't my intention. I honestly thought it was the lighting in my hotel bathroom cuz whenever I apply makeup at home for example, it always looks like I never wear enough. Then I go outside looking like I wore too much, but it wasn't my original intention.

I feel like I'm in a slightly biased situation. My school is a place where girls curl their hair every day, wear heels every day, wear dresses and skirts everyday name brand and everything, and wear full face makeup everyday. Whereas me, I wear a shirt and jeans and a coat--no makeup at all. So i thought it wasn't so bad to take advantage of an occasion like a wedding to wear makeup since I never wear makeup. So it's like...I wish they could have given me a break, you know? It's an occasion and I didn't even apply my makeup bad either.

Here's a recopy of the makeup I wore to the wedding. The green is a bit bright so I'll tone it down next time, but I dont' think its THAT horrible:'s just I don't think they understand my point of view...I NEVER wear makeup at all, and since they didn't care about my really dark eyeshadow last time, I thought this time isn't so bad.

Here's a picture of me during the wedding last year:

sorry for the dark lighting. But you get the gist. I wore more during this wedding and they found it acceptable yet they thought I wore too much this time.....I dont' really get it....For that spring 2007 wedding, there were girls whose makeup was exactly like an import model's--and they looked good in it too. I remember seeing an asian girl pull of the blonde hair lookin freakin sexy and she had the falsies on and her skin was flawless and the makeup was art. Everybody wore extreme dresses that was fancier than the bride's and so now...I wore an even more conservative dress this time WITH that extra short-sleeved cardigan covering my upper half.

Maybe green doesn't suit me or something? Maybe it looks too much on me and I should stick with basic colors or something...I like makeup and playing with it. I love all the different colors. I would like for my relatives to take a step inside my school and see that what I wore to the wedding is NOWHERE near as heavy as what the girls wear in my school as a daily basis--not a special occasion.

Somehow..I feel misinterpreted...


jie-jie said...

Hello, just stumbled on your blog. Your username is ABB familiar. Maybe the camerica washed some colors out, and it seems more vibrant in real life? But I agree with you. It's not over the top, really pretty and simple that just accentuates your eyes. That's too bad they can't appreciate it, but rest assured you turned out pretty for the event, and most likely in the pictures as well.

ilurvemakeup said...

Hmm doesn't seem too much to me *shrugs* But for weddings it is best to go neutral. I'm doing my friend's graduation look and I'm freelancing a girl's wedding I met up at Michaels. I look horrible in green too, but I took ABBers advice and went ahead and tried different shades of it. Next is blue, which I dread wearing lol

Nothing wrong with wearing colorful makeup, sometimes there is the right look for the right times. People might prefer toned down looks for wedding cuz you don't want to outshine the bride yada yada. I think you looked fine tho :)

IchigoBunnie said...


yea I see what you mean. The weddings I usually go to are Kim Son (dunno if you know the restaurant or not), but over here, that's the stereotypical place to have a wedding for asians, and every time I go, I see girls dress up as import models. Either that, or they look like they are going to a cocktail party, club/rave, or a ballroom party. This time, it was a church wedding, and I've NEVER been to a church wedding before since my family is mainly buddhist. I guess maybe I misinterpreted the attire for a church wedding...? Or just like what you said: not to outshine the bride etc

Vi Anne said...

It looks fine for a wedding to me and like I said before, I like how it looks on you. You can't please everybody. Some will like it some won't. Just make a mental note of what they say and try to remember it when you have family events next time. If I was in your shoes though, I wouldn't really care (because of my rebellious and anti-social nature). It already happened and if they really didn't like it, they could have told me about it during that day.

IchigoBunnie said...

vi anne:

thank you :) When you said "you can't please everybody", that definitely helped in reminding me that i really cannot please everybody around me. Thank you for saying that because it gave me sort of a mini reality check ish. I'll just do what you said and remember that my mom's side of family doesn't like makeup and I won't wear it around them next time any event comes by.

Emilee @ GMM said...

It's a pretty look, but I can see how 'adults' would see that it's too colorful. I usually keep my colorful looks for either night out with friends, or when I don't have to run into any older people, haha. I've always found it easier to just stick with the neutrals rather than trying to show how colorful I can get with a brush and eyeshadow.

Vi Anne said...

Glad I could help. :)

Nanzy said...

Whaaaaa? I may have to disagree..before I saw your pic I thought you were talking about a green-ga ga color, but your picture seem to be very natural. I mean, you can always switch to earth-green color but it seems fine to me.

I agree, everyone has different view on makeup. I think you should have fun with colors while you're still young, and apply makeup as you desire (from what I've seen, you look gorgeous in ALL your makeup pictures, so nothing wrong with that)



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