Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

I got tagged by AWaterColoursky, also known as Arashi from ABB :)

so here are my top 5 guilty pleasure that I eat:

1) Girl Scout Cookies--particularly Caramel Delites

Last year in 2007, I ate 7 boxes to myself. yes 7 XD This year I reduced it to only one a half boxes because my mom didn't allow me to eat anymore :( she said it will give me acne and an oilier face...which is true in some cases, but some cases not, just depending on your skin. I remember Alienman saying that lots of fried chicken doesn't do her much good, and I think I can say the same for me, except for me, it's sweets, not fried chicken (actually...fried chicken could be on the list...)

2) Pocky

That's pretty much self-explanatory! I LOVE pocky!!!!

3) Target's Archer Farms Chips

They are SO CRUNCHY it's crazy. I love to much on crunchy stuff, so these are the perfect chips for me. I LOVE them. I can eat the entire LARGE bag all to myself in one sitting....which ends up getting me either canker sores in my mouth or some pimples on my face....geez...i gotta cut back on the junk food..maybe that's why i'm getting so many zits XD

4) Che

If you are vietnamese, you know what it is. But basically, it's tapioca, but in different forms. I particularly like Che Ba Mau, which means 3 (ba) color (mau) dessert (che). Now "Che" does not directly translate into "dessert" in english, but that's the closest I can think of right now to refer it as. The first color is "white/clear" as shown by strips of clear jello (not flubbery, it has this "firm munch" to it). The next color is green, and that is the chewy tapioca. Depending on the seller, it can be a cube-shape, "strips", spherical shaped, etc. The last color is "red", and is waterchesnuts cut into TINY little chunks and surrounded by a small layer of chewy tapioca. And then it's served cold with coconut milk and syrup (not maple syrup, just, like, melted/liquid sugar). Okay, I probably lost all of you on trying to explain what this is XD!!! sorry! I really wanted to explain what it, i fail. Hey, maybe a picture will be a better explanation! lol

It tastes SO GOOD even though it may not look like it based on this picture. I tried finding a good pic but I couldn't =/

5) Nestle Turtles

OMG my bf gave me these chocolates that have 12 in a box. I cannot resist ever. All that caramel with pecan and cashew chunks covered in milk chocolate. it's SO GOOD. I want some now.... >.>...

Now although I do not eat these too often, I do love my Chocolate Chip Cookies and super moist chewy brownies fresh out of the oven. I LOVE it. Especially my cousin's sugar cookies. She is the queen at making cookies and I can eat bags upon bags during christmas when she makes them.


Fabu-less Beauty said...

So that's what's in Che...I've seen in Vietnamnese restaurants, but never knew what was in it. Is that coconut milk?

(g)ezebel said...

che looks like halo-halo! and it looks just as delicious.

i loooove girl scout cookies..! thin mints fresh outta the fridge are the best. or crushed up in vanilla ice cream. yummmm!


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