Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bored so Here's a Survey!


What Shampoo brand do you use?
Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo

What Conditioner do you use? White Rain atm. $1 store brand and works just fine. and I use Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Conditioner weekly

Do you use a flat-iron daily? not daily. I use it when I wake up and have a random freaky curly doink at the side of my head. If I dont' have it and my hair looks fine, I won't use the flat iron

What styling products do you use? Tresemme Heat Protector

Do you prefer your hair to be up or down? usually i have my hair down but when I'm at home I almost always have my hair up. It's weird, outside=hair down and inside home=hair up

Is your hair long or short? long

Do you dye your hair? never

Do you use the same color, or do you experiment with other colors all the time? i dun dye my hair


Do you wear make-up?
Rarely at school but since school's about to end, i have no work to do so I have more time in the morning to do makeup. I'll start wearing a bit more when I get into college

What brand of foundation do you wear? I dun really wear foundation too much, but when I do, I'm currently depending on my Neutrogena Minearal Pressed Powder. Not the greatest, so I'm still on the hunt for my HG powder foundation

What brand of Mascara? NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume

Do you wear eyeshadow? sometimes. I got to get me the Loreal De-Crease first because my eyeshadows always oil up and disappear quickly >_< What brand? NYX, Clinique GWP freebees, Milani

What color blush do you wear? NARS Orgasm--a peachy pink shimmer--I LOVE IT

Lip stick or lip gloss? I like the "inbetween" because super lipgloss is too shiny for my already full lips. I don't wanna look like I have blubbery duck lips. but i don't like the too matte lipstick look either....

If the answer is gloss, what flavor? either a light mint or something sweet, or no flavor at all

What kind of cleanser do you use? morning: Neutrogena BlackHead scrub// night: aveeno ultra-calming foaming cleanser

Do you use the Biore pore strips? i used them before but i had no luck in getting out my blackheads. i'll have to get that silver powder to try to get the blackheads out!!


Are your nails natural or fake?

Long or short? long because I can't find my nailclipper -_-

What color do you normally paint your nails? i rarely paint my nails--they take too long and are a hassle and I'm generally not allowed to, but when I do paint my nails, I stick with neutrals and pinks. I'll go more bold and daring dark colors during christmas this year, just for fun

Do you get manicures often? i've gotten it once in my life

What about pedicures? same thing as above

Do you paint your toenails? rarely. i keep forgetting about my toenails =/

What color? french tips, but i'll try to do some designs the next time I paint them


What is your normal style?
depends on my mood. If i'm feeling lazy and tired, I'll wear jeans a regular shirt and a jacket. If I feel stylish I will wear a super girly dress

What is your favorite brand of clothes? i like any brand as long as the clothes look good on me. no point in getting a specific brand if it doesn't look good on you

Where do you normally shop for clothes? mall, typically F21

Do you like to dress up, or are you more casual? i love to dress up but i'm not typically allowed to, but since now i'm about to be 18 and gonna go to college, I wanna enjoy myself more and dress up and live life happier!

Do you wear a belt with all of your pants? rarely--almost never

Do you like flared leg pants? as long as they are super flared like in the 70s. I like my jeans MILDLY flared

Do you wear shorts in the summer? i course! it's soooo humid and hot over here. if i don't wear shorts i'll faint--seriously. it's too hot to wear jeans!

How about tank tops? yes!

How many pairs of jeans do you own? ALOT, but half of them I don't fit anymore and the fitting isnt' good--so I think I will cut those up into shorts


How many pairs of shoes do you have?
i don't know. me, my mom, and my sis share shoes, so the shoes migrate and rotate

Would you wear a pair of shoes that hurt your feet because they are too cute not to wear? NO. my feet comfort come first! feet aren't cute if they have a million bandages and they're all bloody!!

Are you a flip-flop lover? for now since i can't find any heels that are cute and comfy at the same time

What about stilletos? i want to but typically dont'

What size shoe do you wear? depends on the brand and type of shoe. I can go from a size 6 to a size 7.5

Do you own a lot of dressy shoes? no--mainly flipflops and flats

Do you own any Mary-Janes? no. I want a black patent maryjane pumps that are comfortable. know any that u can suggest that is affordable too?


What is your favorite accessory?
i rarely wear jewelry. ive been wearing the same earrings since forever--time for a change!

Do you have a lot of jewelry? not really

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own? one

Don’t you just love the big sunglasses? i have medium sized ones

Do you wear earrings daily? yes

What about necklaces? rarely

Rings? rarely--i wear my senior grad-ring sometimes

Bracelets? rarely. they get in the way when i'm writing

How many watches do you own? one

Do you wear a watch daily? yes. my left wrist feels naked if i don't have a watch on

How many purses do you have? a few

Do you switch purses often? no im lazy to switch

Does your wallet have to match your purse? no

Are your purses the huge ones, or are they smaller?i wanna use small ones but i can never fit everything in so i have a big one--a tote sized bag

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