Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy :) & Operation New Me

OMGAHHH tomorrow's my AP Stats LAST TEST OF THE YEAR!!! yay!

That means, I officially do NOT have any more hard work after tomorrow...

actually wait, yes i do, but not for my HS, but for college. I gotta take my Math Placement exam for both my summerschool and university...poo...oh well.

Besides that, I'm happy that I don't really have anything else for school, so I decided to start taking care of myself more.

First thing I'm gonna do is---wear makeup! lol. Despite how much I love makeup, I NEVER wear it to school because my mom doesn't allow me to "show off" at school, but now since I don't have any more work to do, I have an excuse to wear makeup :) But I'm just gonna do the makeup light though.

After playing around with makeup at home, I came to the conclusion that I don't look my best with heavily dark eyeshadows that are "bright" colors. The only safe "dark" colors I look good with on is brown and dark purple. Have yall ever felt that after you applied makeup, you still feel like NONE of the colors show up on your eyelid? That's why I always pack on the eyeshadow and end up looking more done up than I need to be. I always see others apply their eyeshadows so lightly yet I can see them and they flatter the person's eyes, yet when I see myself, I can never see the eyeshadow. Hmm...I guess we are our own worst critics afterall ^^().

Also, I'm hoping to get a new camera since my Canon A520 is inconsistent. One minute it works and starts up, and then a few days later it starts to freeze on me, like I have mentioned in an earlier entry post. Plus it weighs a little more than 8 ounces, which means it weighs like half a pound, which is TOO much to carry in my purse. Having that said, maybe when I get my camera (I've got no clue when that will be), I can actually start taking pictures again and be able to capture the colors correctly and all. And overall, I'm pretty much tired of my camera that I have. Not only is it malfunctioning, but it's SO SLOW. I remember telling yall about how I couldn't capture the "kiss" and "ring exchange" moments during my cousin's wedding due to my camera slowness and malfunctioning--awful! So now I'll actually be able to take pictures with friends and my boyfriend and my family, and during vacations too, without having to worry about slowness and inaccurate colored blurry pictures. What I'm hoping to get is a Canon Powershot SD870 IS :) I played around with it in the store and I pretty much fell in love with it ^_^

Okay back to the makeup stuff and whatever. Now since I'm gonna go to college and will be 18 in almost a month, I thought to not only wear more makeup, but to look nicer in my overall appearance. Since I don't have to deal with HS dress code anymore, I'll have a better variety to wear my clothes. I thought to accessorize more too. I've been wearing the SAME ONE pair of earrings since MIDDLE SCHOOL. I don't think I've really exchanged it out and worn something different on a daily basis or even a monthly basis, so it's about time for a change! Maybe more necklaces, maybe paint my nails a bit more often and actually look clean and NOT frumpy! XD I always look SO tired and messy at school and I just want to polish up my look for a "new me" for college. Time for a change!


ilurvemakeup said...

No way! I think you just need more practice and can totally pull off colors! Look at me for example, I used to hate green and blue, now I buy them and have been slowly finding the right hues that will compliment my eyes/skin tone. As for the staying power, have you tried UDPP/Paint Pots/Too Face Insurance? It's all in the base really, no good base, no good staying/packing colors. I actually went the opposite your going. I went from over accesorizing my clothes/jewelry/shoes/bags etc to now focusing more on makeup LOL Now I don't even matchy match as much clothing wise, I just wear whatever and feel well put together if my eye makeup is fine LOL Fuck I felt shallow writing that, but you get my drift right?

Yeay for school being almost over for ya, congrats! :)

Ethereal Prey said...

good luck on your AP tests! I remember those they suck!
Yes wear makeup! Lipgloss is a must! I've partially given up on eyeshadow till I can figure it out.
Take pics of your new look!

Nic Nic said...

Goodluck with your test :)
You go girl, with all those little changes.. every little helps to boost the confidence, just enjoy it ;)

IchigoBunnie said...

thank yall! :)

Aradani said...

yucky tests! i only have a quiz tomorrow and i am scot-free.
lol you sound so excited for college. I found that my wardrobe has become more experimental in college. that lack of dress code really got me into some outfits i regret now and some I still wear because they really worked.
I finally got into make up in college and yes, do get UDPP. it really does help. as for colors, i think jewel toned colors work best (for me at least, pastel colors and i don't get along). Have fun experimenting though = ]

Anonymous said...

college is a great way to start on a brand new slate :) funny how we're in the same situation, I'm going to college in the fall too

Anonymous said...

So exciting!!! My college is 2000+ miles away from home and I remember going in really wanting to start a new life with a new ME and it was definitely very exciting. I wish you the best of luck at college and that you find yourself! I know it sounds cheesy but I think you really become more in tune with who you are when you are in college, at least I hope so lol. In High school I always resented my parents and the decisions they made for me because I felt like they were unfair or they aren't seeing things from my perspective, but I think in college one of the best things that happened to me is building a better relationship with my parents, and I really hope you experience that as you get older, you start resenting them less and really start loving them more.

Sorry this is getting so long and sappy lol but good luck on your exams and going into college, you're totally gonna rock'em!


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