Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lame Title & Some Product Review Updates

Thank yall for the encouragement from my last post! I appreciate it a lot :)

It helped me look forward to college a bit more, even though I'm still scared despite I'm still gonna be living in the same house in the same city.

Things just feel so weird right's like, I just can't wait to get started on life where I can get a good paying job and be able to buy my own stuff, have my own car, and have my husband and be independent. But at the same time...I feel sad and very much so nostalgic because for the last decade of my life, walking the same school halls seeing the same people at the same time every day has become such a routine that i'm so used to doing, and now i'm going to a university where there's gonna be a HUGE population practically 10X the amount of people I'm used to seeing and I'll see a wider variety of people and meet lots of them as well.

I'm scared of what will happen...but at the same time not. iono...i'm just confused of where i feel and stand at this moment.

But aside from that, i took my summerschool community college COMPASS test so I can exempt and skip college algebra, and whoot whoot I PASSED IT and I can go straight into Finite Math! *phew* I was scared I wasn't gonna pass it cuz it's been a while since I last did my algebra 2 and geometry, but whooooot i did! now I save myself time and money and can go straight to the math class that is required. I'm gonna take Accounting 1 and Finite Math first month of summer--I sure hope I ace it and most importantly, UNDERSTAND and actually LEARN, not just make a good grade. I LOVE learning and understanding what I am studying--it's such a great feeling to me so I am hoping I can gain a wealth of knowledge and be able to apply it to my career.

And sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I'm waiting to get my Canon SD870. I think I'm officially gonna get that camera model and my camera has been failing me lately so I don't really have a mood to post things until I have a camera that can perform the task correctly.

Okay onward to products and my opinions and what has been happening lately with them

Everyday Minerals in Fairly Light--Semi Matte

I wore this today for school. I wore Milk of Magnesia as my primer and to control oil, and I applied the EM. Now when I first applied it, it looked freakin PERFECTT..................BUT that face didn't last for the first hour I was at school unfortunately. It melted into my skin in less than an hour, WITH the Milk of Magnesia (I know MoM works because I use it with another product that i will mention later) Having that said, I was very disappointed when I looked in the mirror and I had to blot my face already. I'm wondering whether Matte or Intensive might do the trick, like how it has worked for Lurve, rather than use semi-matte. I can only sample this stuff later when I actually have my own credit card =/

Silk Naturals

.........this was very dissapointing. I first tried this on WITHOUT my Milk of Magnesia (MoM) and practically in half an hour my face was not only an oily mess, but my face looked WORSE than had I went with my face bare without any products at all. This was all in a 6-hr school day. THEN during April, I wore SN when I went out shopping at Khols, but this time WITH MoM, and it held out for...1-2 hours and then it got dewy, but more on the oily side. Not only that, but it OXIDIZED on me! I didn't see this oxidization when I first wore it school, perhaps cuz i was indoors and i rarely look at myself in the mirror at school, but that time outdoors, oh boy--oxidization action =( in a nutshell, I won't be repurchasing SN in the future. Too bad though, it was seriously silky on my face.

Neutrogena Mineral Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory

With MoM on, this lasted me approximately 4 hours before it only got dewy, NOT oily, so that's a plus. The problem with this is the color, which is a given because it's hard to get makeup to match our asian skintone. This isn't yellow enough for my skin--it's slightly too neutral for me and slightly too light, but i'm liking the lasting power so far since nothing else has lasted 4 hours for me until I need to touch up or something. The other problem associated with this is that you have to have clear skin to use it.....which sort of beats the purpose of the powder in a way. At first I found it capable of layering, but it starts to get cakey on me on a few layers, so you have to keep this light on your face, allowing you to only have a sheer application and a sheer coverage layer. So when I wear this, it "mutes" out my flaws, but definitely doesn't cover them like I would want it to. I don't need extremely full-out coverage, but I just need like the medium/medium full like how you would get with Everyday Minerals. So I'll just use the rest of this for now and I'll have to either find the correct shade of this powder or move on to find my next makeup product victim for me to try out.

NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume

freakin AWESOME. I've been wearing this pretty often, and NO smudges, NO flakes, NO raccoon eyes, NO PROBLEM. I love that. i don't have to worry about my mascara running or irritating me at all! seriously! It still holds the curl on my lashes during the day and my lashes don't feel brittle. HOWEVER, the only thing I can think of is the removability of it. In my first review of this, I mentioned that it was easy to remove....but for some reason, I think I might have gotten "lucky" that time, and coincidently during my review-the-product-time. Ever since then it has been a bit difficult to remove. I'm using Pond's Cold Cream to remove it at this moment. When I have the time & money to go out on my own, I'll definitely try out that Neutrogena eye makeup remover that Lurve recommended to see if that would help out with the removal.

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray

Did it last throughout my prom? absolutely....NOT. It might have been because it was REALLY windy that day, and also I live in a uber humid hot climate anyway so anything I use probably won't work too well. It died down before I left my house -_-......

However, I did use this hairspray lightly on another day when i went out to eat Pho with my mom. I curled my hair like how Hayden Panettiere usually wears her hair--casual loose curls, and i lightly spray on this hairspray and it actually held my hair flexibly. Now I didn't have enough "testing-time" to see whether it lasts hours, but at least it lasted an hour from what I know XD...I know an hour doesn't seem too much, and it isn't, so I'll have to try this out another time where I curl my hair and wear this hairspray to test it out more.

Loreal HIP Paint

It's mediocre. It's great to neutralize the eye area so that way the eyeshadow colors show up correctly, but it doesn't make my eyeshadow last as long as I want, but that's okay. I did ended up creasing a bit at the end of prom when I used this Loreal HIP Paint. Today even, when i wore a light coat of gold eyeshadow, my oily lids came through the HIP paint and my eyeshadow didn't stay on =/ boyfriend bought me 3 of these, and I will use them all up before I buy anything else. He went through all the trouble to get them for me and I want to put them to use, even if they don't perform as well as they should.

Jane No-Show Oil-Free Concealer (squeeze tube, not the one with the application wand)

I like it, and it's really cheap, AND it's OIL-FREE, but the color doesn't match too well. I can get away with it when I apply it lightly for my mild acne scars, but if i apply it a bit heavier for my darker acne scars or to cover a pimple, it doesn't do too good of a job. And if you apply this to a place where it's dry, this accentuated my dry spots. To cover my dark circles, it wasn't up to par since the coloring was too neutral and didn't combat my dark circles and didn't cover them enough. I'll still use this product since I bought it for $1.79 (discounted bc I used a $2 coupon) and it works for those minor dots on the face, but I have yet to find something that can help me with my dark circles and my heavier scars.

Jane Finishing Powder in Colorless

It's not so colorless, honestly. I made the mistake of trying to use this as an actual powder to cover my face. Now it has enough pigment to cover your face, but this is specifically designed to be a FINISHING powder, so it doesn't work out too well since the coloring is soo off. So as long as you use this VERY LIGHTLY, it helps, but other than that, don't use this as an actual powder to cover your face and to depend on because the coloring makes your face look very DULL. Thought coverage is great, it's DULL. I don't think I will be repurchasing this, but again, I bought it for only $1.79 including that $2 coupon, so I don't feel as bad. This product got great reviews on MUA the last time I remembered, but its a hit or miss product so it's worth a try since it's so cheap, and it actually keeps my face relatively dry and oil-free, which is a great attribute of this product.

Hope that helps some people!


ilurvemakeup said...

Congrats on passing your test girly! Yeay! :) Don't be nervous, I'm sure you'll have fun times in college :D Although I must say you definitely don't see the same faces every day lol Not in my school anyways xP

As for EM I use matte and intensive the most. I'm allergic to original glow for some reason and semi-matte is not bad either. Not sure if this will help, but this is what I do before I apply my mmu. Toner > Moisturizer > Monistat (VAGI FACE LOL @ Aya!) > MAC Fix+ > MMU concealer > MMU foundie. The only times I actually need to blot my face is my problem areas, oily t-zone :( I'm used to that, but the mmu actually reduces the shininess than when I used to use liquid foundie.

I hated SN! Not only was it a task to blend to find the shade, but it didn't look like it gave my face life. It made me look dull. EM at least gave me a nice semi-glow. SN's sample kit also sucks! EM you get so much (PLUS concealer AND blush samples) and only pay s&h! I'm not getting anything from SN I don't think either.

ilurvemakeup said...

Oh btw I forgot to add, sorry about BSH didn't work out for you. I've never tested it on windy days lol Those types of weather my hair is either pulled back or underneath a hoodie lol xD

Aradani said...

you get used to college fast. well.. i think so anyways. but then again I've never attended the same school for more than 2 years so I'm used to changing scenes (my family moved a lot, lol i swear i wasn't a delinquent). things will go more smoothly than you expect. I'm about to switch schools again so I took into account all of my surrounding in the school one last time. If you keep focused on what's ahead, you don't feel so bad about losing things.
I stopped using my Jane powder. It was colorless on me but it had very little staying power. I'm trying NYC's pressed powder. it seems to do a better job. and it's super cheap too.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Hi. :) About the L'Oreal Paints, have you tried using them on top of UDPP? My fave eyeshadow base is L'Oreal's Paints on top of UDPP. :) That combo helps keep my eyeshadow on and I have SUPER oily lids! UDPP or the Paints by themselves really suck on me and my eyeshadows start creasing within 2-3 hours using only one or the other, but using them together really does the trick! :)

Here's the link to my eyeshadow bases experiments, if you're interested. :)

IchigoBunnie said...


Thank you! and thank you for the suggestions :)

If i can ever get my hands on a credit card to sample EM again, I definitely will, except this time in Matte and Intensive.

as for sn, yea! i got that "dull" look too! the first time I tried it, it looked perfect, but for some odd reason the two color powders started separating on me after I mixed it a billion times shaking and stirring, and some parts of my face ended up dark while other place light--ick.


I saw NYC powder but it was a hit or miss on that product too for reviews. And I think it might have Bismuth Oxychloride the last time I checked, and i'm allergic to that. >_<...this sucks to have allergies ;.;


I wish I can use UDPP but it's too expensive for me. I remember seeing on Nessa's bloggie about that Loreal De-Crease, so I might have to check that out and use that combo that you suggested.

Thank you for the suggestion! :)

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Great product reviews! Unfortunately, Silk Naturals didn't work for me also...broke out! Thanks for the L'oreal Paint Review! I was actually debating in the near future to get the L'oreal decrease base or the paints.


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