Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Neutrogena Hair Mask and Life Update

So I've pretty much been MIA. Why?

1) today was my AP Statistics Exam which they stupidly had to delay it from when its supposed to start at 11:30am, but instead they pushed it to 1pm and I got out of school around 4:30 -_-....

2) 2nd to last week of April I had a HUGE english research project due

3) last week of april was my english final

4) Psychology Disorder Research Project

5) this weekend was prom

6) Economics final is this friday

In a nutshell: I've been uber busy @_@

I haven't been active on ABB either. I would log in and look around and comment here and there, but then i rush off. So yea... i've disappeared for a good while due to my hectic schedule.

But now....I've just got my Economics final this friday and then one more test in ap stats on the 15th, and then i am totallyyyyyy DONE with school--bahahhahhah :)

......but 2 days after graduation my mom is making me go to community college summer school -_-......so back to work for me...i'm not allowed ANY break whatsoever. I can't even get a job. And I don't even have a car for me to get anywhere so I honestly do not know how I will be commuting to even get to college to get my degree if I don't have a car nor insurance! So in other words, my mom will be driving me 1st year in college....yea...not good. I feel like such a child -_-....

Anyway, so after reading Petitebelle's wordpress on how she loves Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, I decided to get one myself :) It seemed really enticing so I thought to go buy one to see what's this product got to offer for my hair.

Cost: $6.04, but it was $6.54 with tax

Where did you buy it?
Target, but you can probably find it at your local drugstore or grocery too

How soft does it make your hair feel?
On a scale 1 through 10, with 10 being super smooth, I'd say , after your hair dries (with your hair already brushed when it's drying), the smoothness/silkiness level is 8 to 8.5, but 7.5 at the lowest, but I'm giving the product the benefit of the doubt. I seriously loved my hair and I could instantly feel the difference (my bf did too)

Does the softness last until the next time you condition your hair with this? aka does it last a week since this is a weekly mask?
I've only used it once so far on Friday May 2, 2008, and today's May 6, 2008, so thus far, with regular shampooing and conditioning every day (with suave products), my hair still maintains its softness, BUT I did lose a bit of the softness that you feel on the very day you condition your hair, unfortunately. So basically the softness level started from around an 8, and then 4 day after, it's down to maybe a 6.5, up to 7, so it really didn't diminish THAT bad, but to be on the safe side, I want to say that I do feel a difference of decrease of softness over the past 4 days. However, my hair is still softer than before I conditioned it, so that's a plus :)

How did you use your hair mask and how long did you leave it on for?
Like how Petitebell did hers, which is basically following the directions on the tub/jar. Instead of conditioning with my normal conditioner from the bottle, I "replaced" that conditioner with my Neutrogena for that one use. I smeared it all over my hair and "finger combed" my hair to try to evenly distribute the product. To be honest, I think I put a bit too much because I underestimated the thickness of the conditioner. When I put it on, I kept thinking that it wouldn't spread out enough, but I was wrong. All I had to do what keep on finger combing gently through and it'll spread around. I left it on for WAYYYY longer than the recommended time because I was shaving in the shower haha. I left it on for 10 minutes instead of the "3 to 5 minutes" that was written on the tub. Oh well, it made my hair soft so I'll leave it on for up to 10 minutes trying to get the most out of the product.

Smell good? Bad? No oder?
To me, it smells REALLY good. In my opinion it has this "sweet citrus" smell. It isn't fully citrus, but isn't fully sweet, so that's why i said "sweet citrus". It's mixed in with this "fresh clean laundry" scent too, but that's just me..someone else may have a different opinion than me. So in other words, it depends on your taste and what scent you prefer or don't prefer.


Cost: On a scale 1-5, with 1 being cheap, I'd say this is at at most a 2. $6.54 is a bargain for the product you get and how well it performs
Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
Does its job: 4 out of 5 stars
Ease of using it: 4 out of 5 stars
Would I buy it again? YES!

Thank you Petitebelle and also, I think it was ViAnne...or Fabuless (I'm sorry I can't remember!) for talking about this product--motivated me to go get it and i LOVE it!

yes i HAD to take a picture of this product in front of my beloved Cheezits box XD haha

Hope I helped :)


Nic Nic said...

Thank you for leaving such a nice , supportive comment :) it's weird now, it's been sunny since yday! no sign of rain.. i'll think twice before moaning about it now :)

Ahh this mask looks really cool, i'd love to try it out, but they dont stock it over here, no surprise at all! Great review though!

Goodluck with your finals and hope you have a blast in your prom!!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Thanks for the shoutout...hehe. I love this hair mask! It's cheap and really does leave my hair soft. I only use it about once a week and leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it out. It definitely makes my hair a lot smoother.

Anonymous said...

I love that stuff! I used to use it all the time but switched after I finished it...cause I hate buying the same stuff twice ^^

lol I couldn't help but noticing the box of cheesits in the background. whee

Anonymous said...

yay I am glad that you like the hair mask! Lol I made the same mistake the first time by using too much and it took me forever to wash it all out.


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