Friday, May 16, 2008

Products Contemplation

Man there's so many products i want to try right now, but don't really have the car or money to get it....pooooo -_-....if I did...would it seem crazy to my Walgreens if I return too many things after trying them all? XD

Have yall been to your convenient store to return a whole buncha cosmetics and gotten weird stares or have been rejected/denied to return the items? I don't know, I feel bad when I return something....but it's great to return when the product doesn't work out...hmm..iono..sorry, just thinking out loud.

So here are some products that I have been wanting to try out or to actually get:

Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder in Sand $8-9

I heard so many great reviews that this product has done for us ladies with oily skin. I even see this girl use it in my class, and although the color doesn't match her, it makes her face look really smooth, but not cakey, so that girl in my class has been an enticement for me to get one. i messaged a few people on MUA about the colorings, and have concluded that Sand is the only color that I can hope that would match me. A girl said that if you use their powder puff, the powder goes on LIGHTER than in the pan, but if you use a brush, it goes on your face exactly how you see it in the pan, so that's weird >.>..... My main concern with this product is finding the correct color and whether my skin will react to it or not. After reading EVERY SINGLE REVIEW on EVERY page, it has proven that this really soaks up the oil and does a great job at keeping the oilies at bay, so i'm not too worried about that. I just wanted to try this product out..and if it doesn't work, i wanna return it. Iono...

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse $2-4

i've posted this in the ABB forum but i don't think anybody has seen it and I haven't gotten a response yet. But anyway, I saw in a youtube video clip of "extra" or one of those tv shows that talk about celebrities and then fashion/beauty, and that hairstylist used it, and the model's hair looks freakin amazing, and this stuff is really cheap, so I wanted to try it out. I dont' think it has alcohol either, if I remember correctly. I am so freakin desperate to find a hair product that can hold the curls in my hair that is cheap and affordable and readily available in the stores since I don't shop online.

Here's the link to that video of the man using the product on the model, in case yall were curious about the results:

Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eye Pencil

My friend recommended me this because she said she bought it on a whim, but yet when she fell asleep on her bed and woke up, the liner didn't smudge at all for her, and the pigment is really good, but of course not perfect black. I have been thinking about this product since my Styli-Style is iffy for me. My Styli-Style is good in the fact that it lasts...but it TUGS on my skin and the black is too light ish. The pencil isn't smooth and it doesn't glide and it's hurting my I don't wanna really use it. What i'm worried about for this Almay product is if it's also tugging or not. My friend is caucasian doesn't care too much about tugging, so I don't think I can get an unbiased point of view about the eyeliner..but I'll go ask her again. anyhoo..yea...this seems enticing to try due to the staying power and the apparently decent-good pigment

I've read all the reviews I possibly could about these products and they're all a hit or miss, so im a bit hesitant.

Have any of yall tried these products yet or know of a friend who's tried it? What do you think of it? What are your opinions? TIA :)


ilurvemakeup said...

The only place I never had a problem returning cosmetics is Rite Aid, they are nice about it all the time :) Every where else they give me a hard time so they get the finger every time too. Win-win.

Fiona said...

I have the Almay eyeliner you mentioned and it only lasts for a few hours when I use it, and that's if I don't touch my eyes at all. But I just have oily eyelids and pencil eyeliners in general don't work for me, so it might be a different story for you? I've also tried Revlon ColorStay eyeliner (the pencil kind - very similar to Almay) and that one was no good either, so I only use MAC Fluidline now (and even that smudges a bit if I take a nap - shows you how oily my eyelids are). There is also a little bit of tugging with these pencils when I use them, they're crayon-like so for me they do not go on as easily as a pencil would.

Hope this helps & good luck!


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