Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Survey Stolen from Christiana :)

My Foundation: I want and need to use mineral foundation, but have yet to find my HG since semi-matte for EM isn't working out for me :(

My Mascara: NYX doll eyes mascara volume

My Blush: NARS Orgasm/Milani Luminous(haven't tried this out yet but i kno its the equivalent as Orgasm)

My Day Cream: I use Olay Complete (in the jar) for combination/oily skin. I rub a small amount between my fingers and then pat it all over my face. Then I apply Neutrogena Dry-touch sunscreen spf55. I want to try out the Aveeno sunscreen for face SPF30 since it seems to feel thinner for the face. The aveeno got good recs from Allure magazine. Its spf30/45 spray sunscreen also got good props from Allure--ima have to check those out

My Lipstick: I don't really like lipstick--I prefer a lipgloss that's medium-pigmented, so it's not quite a lipgloss, but not full liquid lipstick either. So far I'm liking my NYX

My Beauty Product Brand: I'm really loving NYX right now, even though I barely barely have any from their group, but from what I do have, I love them all and use them the most out of all my other products. I am also open to other brands such as maybelline, covergirl, milani, etc

My Essential Beauty Product: my face wash! I love my Aveeno Ultra-Calming foaming cleanser and my Neutrogena blackhead scrub. I saw some good props from Allure's also about Neutrogena stress control line, so Ima have to check that out too!

My Favorite Makeup Product: powder, so my face looks clean, and not red, but I still am trying to find the perfect powder that won't break me out, that is my color, affordable, and gives at the least medium coverage

My Perfume: i dun wear perfume, but I do like Clinique Happy and some others...

My Nails: I don't do anything to my nails--they're good as is.

My Feet: I don't do anything to my feet other than soap them in the shower. Sometimes I'll give a scrub, if I remember. And Ima haveta get started on painting my toes soon for summer!

My Hands: at this moment I'm using this small squeeze tube of Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. VERY moisturizing, but not sticky. I like it :)

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: uh...beauty-wise, I would bring sunscreen, mineral foundation (when i find my HG), and face wash

Woman I Admire for their Beauty: I love how glowy Hayden Panettiere's makeup looks and i love how Kristin Kreuk looks too--always minimal makeup but looks so fresh. I'm also loving Miranda Kerr's looks since they always look so fresh and dewy

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: jessica alba, hayden, aly & aj ( i like the medium-girly look)

My Ultimate Dream: have a job that i'm, at the least, ok with, not dreading to go to work. I'd like to have the job well-paid, or at least above $40K. Get married to my bf :), travel the world, buy lotsa stufff ^_^ , have kids, and be the best momma I can be

My Favorite Fashion Publication: I like Vogue mags & allure


ilurvemakeup said...

I use the watermark in my CS2.

Aradani said...

hell yess for jessica alba! I like hayden as well since she doesn't too swept up in the hollywood scene and she just seems like a cool girl with a healthy body. She looked hot in her Drink Milk add and just about all of her Dooney and Bourke adds.

Anonymous said...

Jessica alba and hayden are like the two girls who guys at my school like the most. One of my guy friends refuses to believe that she is pregnant, and thinks he has a shot at her one day rofl

mayaari said...

EM matte or intensive might work better for summer weather, since the formulas are a little heavier. I use the intensive formula to help control oil, and it seems to work well, especially with Meow's primer underneath :) The intensive formulas run a shade darker than the rest of the foundations, so I've been told.

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I use Olay complete in a bottle. HOw is it in the jar, isn't it a cream form? I've been debating between the lotion and cream form. My skin needs something a little heavier.

Anonymous said...

ooh I'm going to have to steal this survey from you!

Anonymous said...

oh yea, I love Hayden! Not a fan of Jessica Alba though, she's a bit overrated IMO.

missFEISTY* said...

I like your survey ;)

Anonymous said...

I use to use all sorts of lip sticks and glosses and stuff, well mostly glosses and a few weeks ago I picked up a tube of liquid lipstick from some company called Cosmoholic. Never heard of them but the stuff is amazing, it's like a lipstick and a gloss all in one and it doesn't feel icky on my lips.


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