Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mini Mario Badescu Update

Hey everybody :)

So far out of the MB products, I only used the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion for like a week now every day, mainly just once a day in the mornings. I did use the Moisturizer for Oily face or something like that, but only used it once.

Unfortunately, I've been breaking out a little bit. Not any cystic acne, but tiny small bumps, and it's making me really sad.

I was really hoping that I could start using something else rather than be dependent on my prescription meds forever. But I guess that isn't gonna happen any time soon =/

In the process, I started to not use my NeoBenz because it has sulfates in it, despite that the dermatologists KNOW that and know im allergic to it. All they said was that it has such a minimal amount of sulfates so my face wouldn't be affected. True, and not true. I feel that despite that it does get some of my pimples away...its like at the same time it creates new ones. Having that said, I stopped using it for that week and just using that cucumber cleansing lotion (a toner) hoping that it can just take away some residue off my face and hoping that that would be enough. Im still using my Retin-A micro at night and taking my Doxycycline pills (cept I'm forming a horrible habit of not using it regularly cuz i keep forgetting), and I thought doing those would be enough.

I don't face has just gotten worse. Little red bumps here and there and they are all tiny-pus filled ones. eh.

I remember from reading Anne's post about to "don't fix something that's not broken". and you know what, I should have really listened to that. My face wasn't broken. It was actually very clear, aside from my nasty blackheads. It was just the scars on my face, which I could easily just brush over with powder foundation. I should really print out all of Anne's mini-common sense rules that I should know and follow by now as a reminder.

And i don't think it was specifically MB that broke me out. I used the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and that started to make my face upset too. Maybe Im just sensitive to toners in general...? O.o *sigh* I was truly hoping for my face to be really fully clear--no scars no acne etc. I really asked for too much. I should have stuck with my acne-free, but scar-filled face.

The only thing I feel works right now, is my MB Silver Powder + Pore strips. I only used it once, but man, i love it :3. I"ll make a post about that later. I've got all the pics. I just need to watermark them and figure out whether yall want to be grossed out and disgusted by seeing a close zoom into my nastyyyyyyyyyy blackhead pores and nose.

Well, I guess that's it. I'll just discontinue MB for now and get my face back to where it was before, and make myself start taking my pills more regularly. I don't know whether it was the fact that I took my pills irregularly or whether it's the MB. Maybe it's both.

anyway, I'll see yall later :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jewelry Haul

So I went to Charming Charlies, your ultimate fashion jewelry store, and picked up jewelry. I had store credit because I returned a gift that I received for my birthday. I felt awful returning the hat, but it was too large for me. I couldn't see out of the hat--it was that big, so I had to return it....I felt really bad because I know my friend got it for me and I didn't wanna hurt her feelings, but it really did not fit me, and I think everybody knew it when I opened presents and tried on the hat.

Nevertheless, I returned it and got store credit, and with that store credit I got these jewelry:

what it looks like worn on the wrist and up close

a zoom in of the necklace above this picture

I'm happy! I don't have much jewelry, as I'm not much of a jewelry person, so this is a great start to make myself wear something for a change.

What I was disapointed about was that I only found one pair of earrings. Earrings are what I wear the most and yet I could barely find a pair that didn't look "old lady" or too "bling bling" for me, if you know what I mean. I get pretty picky on almost everything and I was really hoping for super fashion pretty girly cutesy earrings..but couldn't find ANY in the store, strangely. Now let me tell you, this store, if you don't know what it is, it is a store that has a HUGEEEEEEE selection of jewelry. My eyes were blasted and hurt after I walked out of that store after looking through every section of every color possible.

hopefully when I go out somewhere, I'll find better earrings that are still affordable because I'm looking forward to getting earrings to change up my look. Accessories make such a huge difference in an outfit, and it's such an easy way to change up an outfit too, so I'd definitely wanna get my hands on more earrings. but for now, these will do: 1 pair of earrings, 2 bracelets, and two necklaces.


I forgot to blab some more XD haha! I just wanted to talk about the price..cuz well....i wanted to...for no apparent reason lol

I got that last necklace on sale for $5, got the leaf necklace on sale for $2, the bronze charm bracelet on sale-mark down price for $2.97 (they printed the price instead of put the red sticky), and the earrings were regular price at $5.97 and the other bracelet with the bow is regular price at an expensive $15. I knew it was expensive...but it looked too pretty to pass up and I coudln't find anything else to fill up the money-slot for the store credit

thanks for looking & reading my blog :) see you later! ^_^

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Attempt at Recreating Mz Joey's EOTD

So Mz Joey did a BEAUTIFUL job at doing an EOTD and I was so inspired that I tried to replicate the look as best as I could with the products I have. Joey's turned out 100000X better than mine did, but oh well, I tried. She had really great products to work with, including a glitter liner for the blue part, and plus she has a beyond gorgeous face to work with, so everything just ended up looking so good on her! Maybe since after seeing her post, I should go out and get like a glitter liner....they look like fun (and hopefully isn't as gritty-feeling as NYX glitter mania powder. NYX glitter mania=OUCH btw)

anyhoo, here's my attempt to recreate the look. I don't have high end brands so this is all free-bee GWP stuff or drugstore. Basically every time yall look at my website, I don't think yall are gonna bump into anything high end brand cuz I'm too cheap/poor for that XD

Products used:

-Jane Oil-Free Concealer over lid
- Loreal De-Crease eyeshadow base
-Loreal HIP Paint in Secretive as another base over the De Crease
-Covergirl Eyeslicks in Aqua Flash (used as a substitue for the blue glitter liner used in Joey's eotd)
-Clinique GWP Colour Surge Eye Shadow in Rum Spice (brown) at the crease
-Clinique GWP Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in Almost Peach used at the mobil lid (under the crease on over the lid)
-Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner (felt tip) used on the top lid
-Styli-Style 24/7 Line and Seal Eyeliner in Carbon Black used at the waterline
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara (Volume)

Thank yall for looking and hope yall like it!

Also, I'm sorry for adding extra watermarks on my pictures. After reading Vanessa's blogpost about how a selfish and immature girl stole her picture work and claimed it was hers, I got worried so I decided to slightly up the watermark by a bit, so I apologize if it creates any distraction or makes the pictures hard to view of any sort. I just don't want all my hard work (despite it doesn't look as good as other makeup gurus' work) to be stolen. I'm not the best makeup person out there and I dont think anybody would steal from me, but I'm just doing it as a precaution. And girls, be aware for yourselves too! I dont' want all you girls' hard work being stolen either.

anyhoo, I shall see yall later ^_^ thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday Surprise :)

So my boyfriend was being a total sweetie, and ordered me Mario Badescu Silver Powder. He knows I don't have a credit card and I really wanted to try it out, so he told me that he went all over ABB to find out what this Silver Powder is. He didn't even know the brand name and he had to search for it and he finally found it, and ordered it :) That really makes me really happy that he put a lot of effort to try his best to search through ABB and find me this product name and order it. I really had no idea he was gonna do this for me since I thought he didn't know how to spell Mario Badescu or where to get the product/info on it, but I'm glad he put such effort. Now I know it doesn't sound like much to surf through and find info, because us girls are used to doing that already. But for a guy who usually typically does not surf through beauty products online and in store, this is a big deal and an accomplishment for a guy to do :3

Thank you honey! I love you!!!!

-Hyaluronic Eye Cream (which I already got from my first sample package)
-Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17 (which I'll probably give to my mom since it looks like it's for dry sensitive skin, which I don't have)
-Cucumber Cleansing Lotion (I got already but doesn't hurt to have another one. so far I'm liking this product)
-Enzyme Cleansing Gel
-Flower and Tonic Mask

and here's the Silver Powder:

When given, it is sealed off with a thick aluminum seal thingy lol. I took it off and pressed it into the cap as you might see at the far right of this picture. I did that because i felt that it may help reduce moving-around in the lid or something. I don't know. It just made me feel better to do that whether it actually helps or not XD haha

I'll try this product out tonight! I'm excited! ^_^ But right now I'm having high hopes, which I know I shouldn't. Nic Nic mentioned that this Silver Powder-Pore strip combo works for her, but isn't some miracle fix. She also mentioned that to use this combination, I should apply the powder as directed and use the toner to remove the powder off the nose (as it says on the directions) and to use the pore strip go ahead and just splash some water after removing the powder and stick on the strip.

Does anybody else have their way of using this Silver Powder + Pore Strip combination? Do you use toner to get off the powder or do you use water to get off the powder and then stick that strip on? Thank you :)

see yall later ^_^

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mario Badescu Samples


My Mario Badescu Samples came in the mail! yayyyyy!!!

Just to warn yall, me testing out these products will take a long time because I am very very scared to use products due to my very picky overly sensitive skin that seems to react bad to everything. I am allergic to sulfates, so all the following samples that I have do not have sulfate/sulfa/sulfur.

Mario Badescu originally recommended me to have the Drying Cream, Drying Lotion, and the Healing cream thing, but they were all sulfa based, and the Buffering lotion was also sulfur based, so I had to email them to request to substitute for those items. So instead of getting those items, I requested to have a sample of Strawberry Tonic Mask, Whitening Mask, Special mask for Oily Skin, and Olive Eye Cream. I never get to try out masks that often and ditto for eye creams, so that's why I chose what I chose. I can always go to the grocery store and get a face product that works fine for my skin, but masks and eye creams are hard to look for so I took advantage of the moment to find out if these items work for me.

I'll try to review them ASAP, but please do not expect it within the next week or so. This may even take me like a month or two so my face doesn't get overwhelmed by too many products. One of the worst things you can do to your face is overwhelm it with so many foreign products to the point where your skin gets frustrated and confused from having to adjust to each and every product, so I will have to take it slowly for my skin to get used to each one of them, and wait for my face to recover if there is any reason that my skin reacts badly to some product, and hopefully I won't have any bad reactions to all these products!! @_@ wish me luck :)

I recieved 11 samples:

-Cucumber Tonic Mask
-Strawberry Tonic Mask
-Olive Eye Cream
-Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin
-Almond & Honey Face Scrub
-Special Mask for Oily Skin
-Cucumber Cleansing Lotion
-Botanical Facial Gel
-Hyaluronic Eye Cream
-Whitening Mask
-Seaweed Night Cream

I am really happy though that I got a lot of samples. I thought I was gonna only be offered like 5, but the more the merrier :3

And thank you all for the warm birthday wishes :) I appreciate you all who stopped by to tell me Happy Birthday ^_^

I shall see you all later. Thank you for stopping by and reading :)

Reader Kat commented and asked if I got a confirmation email regarding the samples.


Yes I did, but they took a while!! I remember reading off of Petitebelle's wordpress that somebody said they got theirs the next day. I personally did not get mine the next day. Mine took like a week! XD haha. I thought they forgot about me or something but no, they just took a really long time apparently. I got so paranoid that I took that questionnaire like 4 times. But it was weird...It wasn't until like the 4th time I did it that all my answers were actually saved. I don't know if there was something wrong with their server the first few times I did it, but apparently my answers weren't saved and maybe they didn't get my answers to the questionnaire despite that I did get one of those messages at the end that they received it. If you feel that they didn't receive it, it wouldn't hurt to try another time to fill out the questionnaire. Wait for about a week or a week and a half because mine took that long.

btw, the samples were ordered June 13, and I got my sample package June 23, so it took 10 days to deliver. The samples came through my mailbox, NOT UPS.

hope that helps! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm 18!

whoo hoo! Today's my birthday, June 21 :)

I'm finally legal!! haha. Honestly, I don't feel any older. Every year it takes a while for me to get adjusted to my new number in age.

So far I haven't done anything yet since my party will be tomorrow. It's gonna be FUN since there will be TONS of food :3 A baking party + video games + ping pong table . Hope it'll all turn out fun and not boring like my previous parties XD I usually throw pretty boring parties, so I'm crossing my fingers this year that it'll be more fun and eventful!!!

I'm pretty sure it'll be better though cuz I've got great friends this year. I'm so glad I got to meet them since they actually care about my existence and appreciate me as a person and they love to have fun.

see yall later!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Few Deals Online

I'm not sure if anybody is interested, but I went ahead to post them anyway. I know there are some readers out there who don't have a screen name who may read this and may find this helpful, and what not.

There are all at & click on the words to lead you directly to that page cuz i linked the words to their designated page.

Up to 30% off Ardell Lashes

Up to 30% off OPI Nail Polish

Up to 40% off Loreal Eye Products (the HIP eyeshadows are 40% off!)

okay so basically here's the whole page of "sales" on

hope that helped some of you online shoppers :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Question about Free-bees

Hey people!

I've got a question....

You know those websites that say that they will send you a free sample of lipgloss, or send you a free sample of "whatever it is", by just filling out the information to send to your house?

Have any of yall used that before and received a free item? I remember my family friend's sister got a free IPOD shuffle by filling out one of those surveys, so that's why I was wondering, you know? Since a legitimate person, a family friend who I have known since I was 4, got a free IPOD cuz of filling out a survey--you know they aren't lying about it when they are that close--plus i saw her use it too.

How can you tell the difference between a scam and a legit one? The one that I saw had a FAQ section and one question asked " Where you do get the money to send us these samples?" and the company replied with all their advertisement clickie stuff, they get money through the sponsors and us clicking around so they get enough money generated from there to give out free samples.

That makes sense, since when you think about it, here on blogspot we have that adsense through google where you earn money through people clicking on it, so it's reasonable that the company gets money through that....

I'd love to get free samples and try things out, but I'm just scared if they do something bad with my address and info and stuff...

having said all that, does anybody have anything to say? Have any of you actually tried it? I mean, I know all of us are gonna say "oh i feel that it's a scam", but what I really would love to hear is a person who experienced this first hand, or have a friend/family who experienced this first hand to see that these "offers" are for real or not.

Thanks everybody! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

NARS Orgasm vs. Silk Naturals Climax Blush

There are many dupes of Nars Orgasm out there, and one of them is SN Climax.

I'm not sure if people have actually seen SN Climax, or just heard of it. Either way, I made this post so yall can compare and see for yourself which you like better, whether you can tell the difference, etc.

Since everybody loves pictures, and pictures show a lot more than words, here are pictures below, and you can make the judgement for yourself. Then I will add on my babblings under it and tell you my opinion and what I feel of each product.

This one is in natural light, as you can probably already tell due to the slight blue hue on the edge from the window

I did a -2 or a -1. 1/3 flash on this one. Indoor Artificial light

Natural light, no flash, slightly near window

more near the window, natural light, no flash

-2 or -1 1/3 flash, indoor artificial light

same flash as above

with low flash

no flash. artificial light

no flash. artificial light

no flash, but adjusted lighting to + 2/3 , somewhere around there

no flash, lighting is balanced at 0 (zero) artificial light

low flash. artificial light

My Take on NARS Orgasm

- pinkier
- peachier
- $24--expensive
- more shimmer
- strictly pinky-peach, no plum like Climax
- pressed powder
- packaging comes with mirror, but no applicator
- more ingredients = not as natural for skin

My Take on SN Climax

- a more "plum" touch added to it, so not as pinky or peachy as Orgasm. Mix b/w pink, peach, and plum.
- less shimmer
- costs $6.25 + shipping/handeling
- loose powder
- packaging is just a jar with sifter, no mirror nor applicator
- less ingredients = more natural for skin
** Note, the packaging I ordered was a sample, that's why it's a small size. I'm sure the regular full size should be bigger than what I showed.

haha, enough pictures for yall to compare?? lol I think i might have added TOO many pictures..? XD Well in either way, hope it helped some of yall :)

For me personally, I don't like Climax as a dupe. Not only would I have to order online and wait for it to come, but I feel that it'll be a bit of a hassle to carry around to touch up, you know? No mirror and no applicator. While I know Orgasm doesn't have an applicator either, at least it has a mirror and you can probably dab your fingers around to apply it--I did that once and it ended up fine. I like Nars Orgasm better because it's more pink and peachy. I don't like that extra plum undertone that Climax has, but that's my preference. Some people may not be able to tell between the two, or may actually like the plum undertone. Plus, I know some of yall favor the non-shimmery look, and Climax would definitely help out. For now, I'll use up my Nars Orgasm, and use Milani Luminous blush next as my dupe since after seeing so many swatches of it, it appears to be the closest dupe to Nars, plus I can find it in stores, the packaging has a mirror and applicator, is cheaper, and just might be better than the original Nars Orgasm.

**I can't tell which one is "sheerer" than the other since both of them aren't pressed powders. Since SN Climax is loose, I could have accidentally used more of it than Nars, or vice versa.

Any questions? ask! :)

Thanks for reading and stopping by! Come back again :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My New Hat and Some Cake

So today after eating Pho, I asked my mom if we could go to the store she got Tweezermans from. Cuz she bought those tweezers and they have been a favorite since then and we gotta stock up on them :3

Finally found the store and went in and they were all out :( hopefully they'll order another shipment so I can get more ;.;

But, what was cool was that I found this hat there for $9

It looked interesting to me. It's 100% cotton and really soft, and I think it would look great with some jeans.

What I also found was L.A. Colors Loose e/s for only $1!! (but it looked like it has been laying there for a while since I've seen this store existing since i was literally like 8, aka 10 years ago). They had around...maybe 10 different colors? I was tempted to buy some, but it looked like I already had a lot of those colors already and shouldn't get more ^^() I should use up the stuff I already have now.

Then after waking up from a nap, I went out to get a snack. My mom told me she went to this store called "Sweet and Salty" and there's some leftover cake from that store in the fridge. So I got like 1/5 of a slice and omg it was SOOOO sickenly sweet XD. At first I liked it but then it was getting too too sweet for me, so I saved the rest for an afterdinner dessert.

So this dessert consisted of "dry-feeling" type of spongey chocolate cake layers, with light chocolate mousse inbetween, and the outside is covered with a hard layer of chocolate, and the top also had a hard layer of chocolate with chocolate mousse all over it, and a mound of caramel

and yayy, my birthday's coming up in exactly a week! I'm excited! I'll be turning 18 :3

I'll probably have a family birthday party, but I'm not quite sure yet whether I'll have a friends-birthday party because I always throw the most boring parties ever! Seriously, I cannot be creative about parties for my dear life--I just can't. I dunno what activities to do in order to stay within the cheapest budget possible (cuz I dont have that much money to spend on a party!) Any ideas?

Well, I guess that's all for right now. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Glossy Rose Review & Swatches

So I didn't find the newest two colors of Revlon's SL l/g. The two I was looking for was Pink Pursuit and Life's a Peach.

But instead, I got Glossy Rose. I really wanted to buy one since there was a $3 off coupon and i was really tempted to get one since these have been having lotsa raves and good words about them.

I did TONS of swatches for yall. Like, a TON. well, mostly I took lotsa pics of the same thing but they all turned out slightly different colored, and I didn't want any other pics to create a misleading color for any readers so I decided to collaborate them all so yall can see what this lipgloss looks like under many different lightings etc.

So here are the pictures. I hope they help somebody out there! :) If yall can't see the pic clearly, you can always click it to do ultra zoomage

this one was swatched on plain white paper

whew. that was a lotta work trying to crop out the right sizing and all in photoshop @_@

Usually when I see swatches, i like to see it in different settings cuz that helps me SO much in making a decision, so I swatched it out how I would like to see swatches. Now since this was very tiring, I may not do this many pictures again XD but probably cut back on a few since swatching this much for one product is more tiring than i thought

Does it feel sticky?

well ALL lipglosses are sticky to an extent, but being the picky person that I am, I didn't even find this severely sticky. Feels really just like any other lipgloss, but it isn't as non-sticky as NYX lipglosses since those are creamier, but still, this isn't that sticky, i promise :)

Any grainy texture?

the glitter in this is very fine so I don't feel any gritty-ness from this at all

How much did it cost?

originally it costs like $5.50 or so at Walmart/HEB grocery/CVS/Walgreens, but I went to my HEB Grocery store and they had a $3 coupon, so I got this for $3.09 (including tax)

How's the packaging?

I LOVE the packaging! Iono, for me I like the super clear plastic that looks like glass, but really isn't lol. Also, Revlon completely seals off their lipgloss tubes with plastic so that no one can open it to tamper with it, so that way when you buy your lipgloss, you KNOW nobody messed with it. The downside is that you yourself obviously can't tamper with it in order to see a color swatch in stores =/

Does it smell?

It does have a faint sweet smell to it, but thats if you literally stuck your nose right near the lipgloss tube and take a HUGE smell out of it, like what I did to see if there is any scents. When I put it on my lips I can't smell anything. I'm glad this doesn't smell stinky like Clinique lipglosses do.

Does the applicator wand have like a huge goop at the end where it dispenses too much lipgloss at once?

No, not at all. I usually find NYX dispensing a bit too much for my own want, but for revlon, it has a little bit at the tip so that way the lipgloss doesn't totally glob on too much product.

What do you think about the color?

I feel that it's "conservative". Honestly, in my opinion, I feel that this is a color that you can wear to work because it's conservative enough to be around in a professional environment, but it has a really pretty tint so it's like a "office lady, but a very pretty office lady" . This is a very "safe" color so if you don't really know what to put on, this is a good color to put on to make you look good.

Is it TOO shiny? Not shiny enough?

Well this is probably a personal preference type of thing. For me, I already have full lips so I don't wanna wear lipglosses that would make me look like I have fat duck lips. This Revlon lipgloss has a medium amount of shine. It obviously doesn't look matte, but it doesn't look like you put oil on your lips or something. You can probably tell the shine factor from the picture swatches

I forgot to add: This lipgloss has SPF 15!

Also, Fabuless asked if this lipgloss is drying to the lips.

Answer: not at all :) It's not drying for me ^_^

Any other questions? Ask away! :)


Cost (1=cheap, 5=expensive) :
Regular Price= 3 cuz im a cheapo and i still find $6 too much to chuck over
On Sale Price= 2

Sticky-ness (1=not sticky, 5=really sticky): 2.5

Packaging (1=bad, 5= excellent): 4/5

Product: 4/5 stars

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mini ULTA Haul

Thank you to FabuLESS for giving the heads up on the ULTA sale!

I was driving back with my mom from my summerschool, and asked to go to ulta since they are having a sale

I was originally just buying 2 items: (neutrogena has buy one get one 1/2 off) Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye makeup remover that Lurve recommends, but to my surprise, I found the Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator!! whoot! I've never seen the Ardell accelerator anywhere and I got lucky to snag the LAST one there--hopefully they'll restock on it!!!! I'll buy the entire freakin stock of this if they restock it.

I took a look at NYX because it was buy one get one free, but sadly......the choices at my ULTA location had very very very VERY poor color choice for the eyeshadows. They were all the more matte shades that I didn't prefer, or shades I already have in other brands, and I looked at the lipglosses and I already have 3 of them that I wanted and the other colors didn't appeal to me. They didn't have that much choices either. I wanted the Diamond Lipgloss in Rose ...Glimmer Rose..something like that, but when I swatched it out onto my hand....the pink was "too pink" for me. If I wear something too pink, it looks uber artificial like Im trying to hard, so I didn't get it. Their section for NYX is very small and very poor. They did have trios, but the colors were so boring! they didn't even have the Aquamarine Trio nor the Green trio that has Green Tea and Spring Leaf and all of that. I was planning on getting those both but they had neither!

I also had coupons for Loreal true match (entire line) and was wanting to get some...but the two colors closest to my color were just a tad too dark and a tad too I'm like DANGIT how annoying! I guess I should resort to department store products? Or maybe wait until I can get Everyday Minerals...but at the same time..I would prefer pressed powder cuz of the convenience of those just-in-case moments. Arg, finding foundation is so difficult -.-......very difficult when i don't have a credit card nor a job

Then, I went over to Prestige area since there was a BOGOF, sadly I couldn't find any that I wanted from what they provided. The foundation I was wanting....well, the color was, of course, way off from what I saw online and from what MUA reviewers have described. I saw a number of MUA reviewers said the color "wheat" had good yellow-undertone in it but I saw mostly neutral and new it wouldn't match my skin, so that was disappointing. I also looked at their eyeshadow palette, and was disappointed they only had 2 colors rather than having like the expected 6 different colors or so, that they were supposed to carry.

so....ULTA was slightly disappointing for me, but that's okay, because I'm very happy enough that they had that Ardell. I can always buy the other makeup somewhere else, but the Ardell was so hard to find and that saves me a trip from having to purchase it online and pay shipping and then waiting for it to come.

What's funny is that my mom (i gave her coupons) ended up getting 2 Prestige Waterproof eyeliners (my BOGOF coupon), Loreal Voluminous Mascara and Loreal Eyeshadow (coupon buy mascara get any e/s free), and 2 foundations of Neutrogena Pressed Powder (in-store sale BOGO 50% off neutrogena any product) , and nail polish remover. I find it very funny how I requested to go into ULTA and I end up buying a fraction of what my mom got XD haha--but that's alright, I'll save the money to buy something else, like clothes. I dont need anything else to clutter my room. Right now Im more focusing on finding the right foundation because honestly, having a nice smooth clean canvas to work on automatically makes all the other makeup on your face look overall SO much better, or at least that's the case for me. If I dont' have foundation/powder on my face when I wear eye makeup and lipgloss, my face automatically looks "worse" and not up to par.

okay, yall are probably tired of me blabbing and just wanna see the pictures already. Either that or yall already scrolled down past my words straight to these pics XD despite that they aren't that exciting. None of them are makeup, but are skincare ish stuff.

Here we go:

I just wiped my face with it, and like other toners, it helped remove the residue on my face--ewww.

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner $7.50 for 8.5 FL OZ (250 ml)

Though I obviously just got it today and do not know the results in the long run at this moment, so far what I can say is that despite it has alcohol in the ingredients, my face and eyes do not feel any burning sensation whatsoever. However, do keep in mind that all our skin is different and may react differently, but for me, this one didn't make me teary eyed or have burning sensations like other toners i've tried before that had alcohol in them. Also, this is a personal preference, but I LOVEEEEEEE the way this smells!! It smells so, FRESH, clean, slightly citrus-ish. Some may like it, others won't, but for me, I'm loving the smell. Maybe I'm weird or something haha. When you open the "flip cap", there's a small hole, maybe half a centimeter in diameter, to pour out the toner. I haven't had any accidents with this but as always, be careful since I can see that this could potentially be random-squirt-material lol. I hope my skin improves with this and I hope my pores look better XD. Even if my pores don't look better, I hope at least since this removes any traces of dirt after washing your face, the dirt removed would mean less acne. *crosses fingers*

Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator $3.79 for .25 FL OZ (7.3 ml)

I already bought this on when Lurve mentioned long long time ago about their free shipping promotion, and I LOVE this product. The only problem is that you have to continuously use it to see results, but I don't care, I love it. It helps strengthen my lashes to make them stay longer, and ultimately since my lashes stay longer, they would grow longer. When I use this, I have more lashes. If you think I already have lashes, this baby makes me have more XD haha--i love it. If you can get your hands on this, go do it. I was ridiculously lucky to find the last one

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover $6.50 or so for 5.5 FL OZ (162 ml)

I have yet to try this, but Lurve likes it, and I've seen good reviews of this on MUA, so I thought to give it a try since there was that BOGO 50% sale. When I start using this on a regular basis, I'll do a review of this :)

What I would like to say now about this product, is that for those who haven't seen it in person, basically you have to shake the product since the chemicals are "separated in half" (if yall remember how things work from science class) in order to mix the products together. I don't like how when you screw off the top that there's no "hole" to squirt from, therefore this is very prone to spillage, so make sure to screw back on the cap ASAP when you use this so none of the precious products would be wasted.

Hopefully I'll be able to get other stuff later since my birthday's coming up soon :3

So far I'm happy with the products. To be honest, I actually like getting face products more than I do makeup since first of all I know I'll actually use it on a daily basis so I don't feel that it would go to waste, and second, I feel that if my face doesn't look good, then the products on my face won't look good either. I've noticed how in all those japanese magazines, they have SO many products to make their face the best of the best and I'm trying to concentrate on good skin so that way I wouldn't have to use as much products to hide stuff on my face such as scars and pimples. What I'm most annoyed about right now is my NASTAYY blackheads. I took a picture of my nose so I can zoom in with my camera to see what's on my face, and oh my god--it looked SO gross!! I need to get that Mario Badescu Silver Powder and Biore Pore Strips PRONTO O__O.....

on another note, I just noticed that it's been my "1-year anniversary" since I've joined ABB. I feel that 1 year feels long, but sounds short.

alrightee...I suppose that is it thus far :) Thanks for reading! ^_^


okay, so i have a coupon for Revlon cosmetics, and I'm thinking about getting the SuperLustrous Lipglosses since it seems to have a lotta raves.

I remember Petitebelle having Glossy Rose, so I'm highly considering getting that, but I also saw two new colors come out, which are "Life's a Peach" and "Pink Pursuit" .

for reference, here are swatches from an MUA member of Pink Pursuit and Life's a Peach

I don't see the Glossy Rose swatch on Petitebelle's bloggie anymore because I think it was because her pics accidentally got deleted, but from what I see from the below link (mua user's revlon SL l/g stash), I don't know which pink to get!

so it's either I get one pink, and I gotta figure out what pink I should get, or whether I should just go for the Life's a Peach.

I'm probably gonna go tomorrow around with my bf so I am hoping for a reponse soon since this coupon ends the june 17 2008 and I probably won't get a ride from my bf the week after since he's at college orientation :(

anyhoo, any help/suggestions/swatches is much appreciated!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Camera-Whoring Post

Hey everybody :)

I haven't blogged in a bit cuz I really didn't have anything to blog about, and I STILL dont' really have anything to blog about, but I'm just forcing one because I just felt like blogging and I felt like in a camera-whoring mood since I don't think I've ever really camera-whored much before. (whenever i post a lot of pics of myself, i end up feeling bad cuz i feel like im some attention-bitch, but today I don't feel so bad about it)

I tried on an outfit that I haven't gotten to wear outside yet. I still have to shorten the straps cuz I'm too short for them lol. Aside from that, I still played around with the look. These are pics I took from....yesterday I think...?

Sorry about my hair, I didn't feel like brushing it so it looks sorta messy ^^() I also apologize for my super super super shiny face. My face gets so oily @_@

I'm wearing a brown-faux crocodile(...or..snake?) skin headband and a Charlotte Russe heart-charm necklace and Charlotte Russe white dress that was on the clearance rack for $7! i LOVEEE good deals ^___^........or maybe it's just that im cheap hahhaha--nevertheless i love finding good deals--don't we all? :D hair is getting so long its like down to and slightly past my boobs

I'm just wearing mascara and NYX Lipgloss in Beige (i like how the flash made me look like i have a decent face here when in reality it isn't the case! XD)

...and for some odd reason, the dress makes me feel like I look slightly pregnant due to the Empire waist design of it hahaha--also my mirror is's slightly curved in the middle making objects look wider than it really is, and then if you look at yourself in the mirror on the very far left and/or the very far right, things look skinnier. I shouldn't believe anything a mirror shows me unless it's pin flat straight with no curvature XD

hmmm...what else to talk about....I feel like talking. I had a bad morning/early afternoon, so I feel like talking since it seems to make me feel better--so thats why this is some random post cuz it made me feel better XD. Kept my mind busy and allowed me to have something to do.

umm..... My neutrogena mineral pressed powder is running out...I still have a lot, but Im starting to see the "imprint" of the bottom of the pan.....this is exciting XD I've never used a product like this and have never seen the bottom before. But this leads to having to find another temporary pressed powder and I can't figure what to buy that would match my face. This Neutrogena one is a bit too light (thought it still works out ish) and I'd like to find one more oil-absorbing too. I went to CVS yesterday and took out my neutrogena compact and compared it next to the Maybelline Dream Matte powder in Sand, and sadly, Sand is looking a tad too tanned for my skin. *sigh* I was looking forward to it too. Perhaps I'll buy it anyway later to try it out and return it if it doesn't work or something. I think the problem is that I can't find something without "mineral oil" or "bismuth oxychloride" or "sulfates" in it....I know there are lots of products out there in the drugstore that are good but alas, they have ingredients Im allergic to.

Maybe I should switch over to department store brands? Though more expensive, I'll probably be guaranteed to find my shade...? Iono....AAAAA

suggestions please? ;.; the more affordable the better.

.......Im about to get a debit card when I turn 18....which is coming up soon...but I know I probably won't be able to use it unless it's for emergencies since stuff I would buy would be recorded into the account...

oh please somebody give me a visa gift card again *pokes relatives* >.>....

thanks for whoever read my random camera whoring post XD


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