Monday, June 2, 2008


I had an anonymous reader (diana) who posted in my "shoe coupon" post asking about doxycycline.

Diana, I emailed you, but haven't seen a response, so just in case, I'll just talk about the pill here on this post hoping it will answer your questions that you were planning to ask.

First of all, I use the generic brand of Doxycycline, not the real one. I use 75mg once each day about and hour or two after dinner. Mine is a green tablet, not the regular pill-shape.

I find that if I drank this before i eat, during eating, or less than an hour after eating, then I will throw up everything I have in my stomach, whether it be food, or all acid.

It's a pain, in my point of view, trying to keep up with the timing since if I go out with friends at night, I end up forgetting to take my pill and with this pill, I can't just "take it the next time you remember" like it usually says on most pill bottles. This one I have to skip and use the next day after dinner as usual to prevent puking.

When I do puke though, I don't feel feverish or whatever. After I wait around 15-20 minutes or so after the horrible puking, I end up feeling as if nothing ever happend, but it's usually because I take this towards night time and I end up going to sleep forgetting about it.

The first time I was put on Doxycycline, it was a high dosage....somewhere around 100mg or higher and I had no idea that I was supposed to take it like an hour or so after I eat, NOT less than an hour. A few beauty bloggers here suggested me to take it an hour after because it helped relieve them of nausea when they took their Doxy pills. Let me tell you this made a HUGE difference. The timing is so important--AND annoying. If I take it at the right time, I'll be okay and feel nothing at all.

The generic brand is not pricey at all, but the real brand of Doxy is, so if you can try to get the generic brand, that will help you save lotsa money.

This pill doesn't affect me elsewhere like Accutane did. This pill took.....maybe about 2 weeks to see a bit of difference in my face the first time I used it. I still get some pimples while regularly using this, but it's down to like 1 or 2 pimples, which isn't much. I don't experience any dryness with this. I don't experience increase in cholesterol or glucose like I did with accutane.

I haven't gotten to use Doxycycline really truly regularly since I had to get off of it twice because I was taking antibiotics (amoxycillin) for my bronchitis a few weeks back, and also last week cuz my bronchitis came back a bit. Now I'm back on it again and will update what happens to my health when I use it regularly.

.....iono what else to say but if you, or anyone else has questions bout Doxycycline, please do ask


missFEISTY* said...

Im glad to see that you found something that works! Is it something that you need the doctor to prescribe? Or can you just go and get it?

Fabu-less Beauty said...

I'm back on doxy again, because my skin is acting up. I take it about an 1/2 hour to hour after a meal. Once in awhile, I still get a queasy stomache.

Joey said...

(: I posted up the ingredients that are in Katie B's mascara (: They're all natural, and I hope that there isn't something that you're allergic to.

jie jie said...

If it helps, Doxycycline (capsules) is only @12 at target w/o insurance.I shopped around for acne meds, and everything is cheapest at target. What sucks is our insurance. Even with insurance, I still had to pay around $10. I didn't check walmart thugh. Your doctor should have informed you how to take the meds. My brother is on it at 100 mg, His derm did advice to take it at least one hour before bedtime to prevent damaging the esophagus.


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