Friday, June 27, 2008

Jewelry Haul

So I went to Charming Charlies, your ultimate fashion jewelry store, and picked up jewelry. I had store credit because I returned a gift that I received for my birthday. I felt awful returning the hat, but it was too large for me. I couldn't see out of the hat--it was that big, so I had to return it....I felt really bad because I know my friend got it for me and I didn't wanna hurt her feelings, but it really did not fit me, and I think everybody knew it when I opened presents and tried on the hat.

Nevertheless, I returned it and got store credit, and with that store credit I got these jewelry:

what it looks like worn on the wrist and up close

a zoom in of the necklace above this picture

I'm happy! I don't have much jewelry, as I'm not much of a jewelry person, so this is a great start to make myself wear something for a change.

What I was disapointed about was that I only found one pair of earrings. Earrings are what I wear the most and yet I could barely find a pair that didn't look "old lady" or too "bling bling" for me, if you know what I mean. I get pretty picky on almost everything and I was really hoping for super fashion pretty girly cutesy earrings..but couldn't find ANY in the store, strangely. Now let me tell you, this store, if you don't know what it is, it is a store that has a HUGEEEEEEE selection of jewelry. My eyes were blasted and hurt after I walked out of that store after looking through every section of every color possible.

hopefully when I go out somewhere, I'll find better earrings that are still affordable because I'm looking forward to getting earrings to change up my look. Accessories make such a huge difference in an outfit, and it's such an easy way to change up an outfit too, so I'd definitely wanna get my hands on more earrings. but for now, these will do: 1 pair of earrings, 2 bracelets, and two necklaces.


I forgot to blab some more XD haha! I just wanted to talk about the price..cuz well....i wanted to...for no apparent reason lol

I got that last necklace on sale for $5, got the leaf necklace on sale for $2, the bronze charm bracelet on sale-mark down price for $2.97 (they printed the price instead of put the red sticky), and the earrings were regular price at $5.97 and the other bracelet with the bow is regular price at an expensive $15. I knew it was expensive...but it looked too pretty to pass up and I coudln't find anything else to fill up the money-slot for the store credit

thanks for looking & reading my blog :) see you later! ^_^


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i'm not much of a jewelry person either... i always get distracted by makeup. =X LOL. but i LOVE all of the little accessories that you got! :) w00t! undeniably cute! :D

jie jie said...

What a cute haul! Even though you didn't find more earings, I think you got some great finds. That bracelet with a bow is especially adorable.

Oh sweetie, you've been very helpful with all this dermatologist issue we're having. It has been a week already and they still haven't called us back about the blood results. Honestly, I'm not confident enough to look after him while he's on accutane. I still see him as my baby brother, not a grown boy, but it's hard when i know my own life will distract me from his situation. Even if I want to be more involved in his life... not only does he shuts me out.. I think I've been neglecting him several times already.. that's why he messed up a few years ago and that's why he's so cold. He's of legal age already, but this accutane situation reminded me how much I'm still needed even though it would seem like he doesn't need me.I'm considering another visit with the dermatologist asap, this time including me in the discussion.

(g)ezebel said...

ooo, i loooove your jewelry haul. i rarely wear necklaces other than the ones i make, but my amber pendant from a friend is my favorite.

i, do, however, loooooove bracelets... i really like that bracelet your wearing. toooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you that accessories DO make a difference, good luck on finding those earrings you want, i can never find things i like too, or if i do it takes FOREVERRR, because im so picky :(

foundation, at the bottom of your page..haha that's a lot of specifications! i'm pretty tan (i think) and im not sure if you'd find a match but i use physicians formula which i love very much :)

Anonymous said...

wow nice bargains! I like the last necklace, it's totally something I would wear, although I don't wear a lot of necklaces, I prefer earrings!

Agnes said...

<3 nice nice jewellery!! i love it. love the charm bracelet!! <333

fuzkittie said...

Awesome! I love accessorizing! I especially love the bracelet with the bow =D

Aradani said...

I always try to buy fashion jewelry to try and add something to my outfits, but i'm such a lazy bum. I usually only bother to wear earrings and my watch. I would have had to have had too much time on my hands if I actually have a necklace, bracelet, and ring on.
i like the necklaces though. I want a long necklaces like that but again, I am a lazy ass.


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