Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mini Mario Badescu Update

Hey everybody :)

So far out of the MB products, I only used the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion for like a week now every day, mainly just once a day in the mornings. I did use the Moisturizer for Oily face or something like that, but only used it once.

Unfortunately, I've been breaking out a little bit. Not any cystic acne, but tiny small bumps, and it's making me really sad.

I was really hoping that I could start using something else rather than be dependent on my prescription meds forever. But I guess that isn't gonna happen any time soon =/

In the process, I started to not use my NeoBenz because it has sulfates in it, despite that the dermatologists KNOW that and know im allergic to it. All they said was that it has such a minimal amount of sulfates so my face wouldn't be affected. True, and not true. I feel that despite that it does get some of my pimples away...its like at the same time it creates new ones. Having that said, I stopped using it for that week and just using that cucumber cleansing lotion (a toner) hoping that it can just take away some residue off my face and hoping that that would be enough. Im still using my Retin-A micro at night and taking my Doxycycline pills (cept I'm forming a horrible habit of not using it regularly cuz i keep forgetting), and I thought doing those would be enough.

I don't face has just gotten worse. Little red bumps here and there and they are all tiny-pus filled ones. eh.

I remember from reading Anne's post about to "don't fix something that's not broken". and you know what, I should have really listened to that. My face wasn't broken. It was actually very clear, aside from my nasty blackheads. It was just the scars on my face, which I could easily just brush over with powder foundation. I should really print out all of Anne's mini-common sense rules that I should know and follow by now as a reminder.

And i don't think it was specifically MB that broke me out. I used the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and that started to make my face upset too. Maybe Im just sensitive to toners in general...? O.o *sigh* I was truly hoping for my face to be really fully clear--no scars no acne etc. I really asked for too much. I should have stuck with my acne-free, but scar-filled face.

The only thing I feel works right now, is my MB Silver Powder + Pore strips. I only used it once, but man, i love it :3. I"ll make a post about that later. I've got all the pics. I just need to watermark them and figure out whether yall want to be grossed out and disgusted by seeing a close zoom into my nastyyyyyyyyyy blackhead pores and nose.

Well, I guess that's it. I'll just discontinue MB for now and get my face back to where it was before, and make myself start taking my pills more regularly. I don't know whether it was the fact that I took my pills irregularly or whether it's the MB. Maybe it's both.

anyway, I'll see yall later :)


fuzkittie said...

Hmm I would recommend Dior's Forever compact, but that needless to say is kind of expensive.
It is very hydrating, has great coverage, and doesn't get dark or cakey throughout the day...

Anne said...

you know what... I actually broke out with MB cucuber lotion. For some reason it really stung when I put it on my face. So that's why I just steered clear of MB in general ever since then.

I hope your skin goes back to normal though.

IchigoBunnie said...


really?? huh...Then I guess maybe that cucumber lotion might be the culprit x.x...

so sad though cuz i've got so many samples from MB hoping I can get out of my prescriptions and onto normal stuff. I was hoping to use MB as a stepping stone to regular skincare where I don't have to worry about paying a lot for prescription and having to refill etc.

thank you for telling me about your experience with MB--I think maybe I'll steer clear of my samples for now. The only thing that seems to work is my silver powder--I sure hope that isn't contributing to anything bad either x.x....


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