Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mini ULTA Haul

Thank you to FabuLESS for giving the heads up on the ULTA sale!

I was driving back with my mom from my summerschool, and asked to go to ulta since they are having a sale

I was originally just buying 2 items: (neutrogena has buy one get one 1/2 off) Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye makeup remover that Lurve recommends, but to my surprise, I found the Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator!! whoot! I've never seen the Ardell accelerator anywhere and I got lucky to snag the LAST one there--hopefully they'll restock on it!!!! I'll buy the entire freakin stock of this if they restock it.

I took a look at NYX because it was buy one get one free, but sadly......the choices at my ULTA location had very very very VERY poor color choice for the eyeshadows. They were all the more matte shades that I didn't prefer, or shades I already have in other brands, and I looked at the lipglosses and I already have 3 of them that I wanted and the other colors didn't appeal to me. They didn't have that much choices either. I wanted the Diamond Lipgloss in Rose ...Glimmer Rose..something like that, but when I swatched it out onto my hand....the pink was "too pink" for me. If I wear something too pink, it looks uber artificial like Im trying to hard, so I didn't get it. Their section for NYX is very small and very poor. They did have trios, but the colors were so boring! they didn't even have the Aquamarine Trio nor the Green trio that has Green Tea and Spring Leaf and all of that. I was planning on getting those both but they had neither!

I also had coupons for Loreal true match (entire line) and was wanting to get some...but the two colors closest to my color were just a tad too dark and a tad too light...so I'm like DANGIT how annoying! I guess I should resort to department store products? Or maybe wait until I can get Everyday Minerals...but at the same time..I would prefer pressed powder cuz of the convenience of those just-in-case moments. Arg, finding foundation is so difficult -.-......very difficult when i don't have a credit card nor a job

Then, I went over to Prestige area since there was a BOGOF, sadly I couldn't find any that I wanted from what they provided. The foundation I was wanting....well, the color was, of course, way off from what I saw online and from what MUA reviewers have described. I saw a number of MUA reviewers said the color "wheat" had good yellow-undertone in it but I saw mostly neutral and new it wouldn't match my skin, so that was disappointing. I also looked at their eyeshadow palette, and was disappointed they only had 2 colors rather than having like the expected 6 different colors or so, that they were supposed to carry.

so....ULTA was slightly disappointing for me, but that's okay, because I'm very happy enough that they had that Ardell. I can always buy the other makeup somewhere else, but the Ardell was so hard to find and that saves me a trip from having to purchase it online and pay shipping and then waiting for it to come.

What's funny is that my mom (i gave her coupons) ended up getting 2 Prestige Waterproof eyeliners (my BOGOF coupon), Loreal Voluminous Mascara and Loreal Eyeshadow (coupon buy mascara get any e/s free), and 2 foundations of Neutrogena Pressed Powder (in-store sale BOGO 50% off neutrogena any product) , and nail polish remover. I find it very funny how I requested to go into ULTA and I end up buying a fraction of what my mom got XD haha--but that's alright, I'll save the money to buy something else, like clothes. I dont need anything else to clutter my room. Right now Im more focusing on finding the right foundation because honestly, having a nice smooth clean canvas to work on automatically makes all the other makeup on your face look overall SO much better, or at least that's the case for me. If I dont' have foundation/powder on my face when I wear eye makeup and lipgloss, my face automatically looks "worse" and not up to par.

okay, yall are probably tired of me blabbing and just wanna see the pictures already. Either that or yall already scrolled down past my words straight to these pics XD despite that they aren't that exciting. None of them are makeup, but are skincare ish stuff.

Here we go:

I just wiped my face with it, and like other toners, it helped remove the residue on my face--ewww.

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner $7.50 for 8.5 FL OZ (250 ml)

Though I obviously just got it today and do not know the results in the long run at this moment, so far what I can say is that despite it has alcohol in the ingredients, my face and eyes do not feel any burning sensation whatsoever. However, do keep in mind that all our skin is different and may react differently, but for me, this one didn't make me teary eyed or have burning sensations like other toners i've tried before that had alcohol in them. Also, this is a personal preference, but I LOVEEEEEEE the way this smells!! It smells so, FRESH, clean, slightly citrus-ish. Some may like it, others won't, but for me, I'm loving the smell. Maybe I'm weird or something haha. When you open the "flip cap", there's a small hole, maybe half a centimeter in diameter, to pour out the toner. I haven't had any accidents with this but as always, be careful since I can see that this could potentially be random-squirt-material lol. I hope my skin improves with this and I hope my pores look better XD. Even if my pores don't look better, I hope at least since this removes any traces of dirt after washing your face, the dirt removed would mean less acne. *crosses fingers*

Ardell Brow and Lash Accelerator $3.79 for .25 FL OZ (7.3 ml)

I already bought this on drugstore.com when Lurve mentioned long long time ago about their free shipping promotion, and I LOVE this product. The only problem is that you have to continuously use it to see results, but I don't care, I love it. It helps strengthen my lashes to make them stay longer, and ultimately since my lashes stay longer, they would grow longer. When I use this, I have more lashes. If you think I already have lashes, this baby makes me have more XD haha--i love it. If you can get your hands on this, go do it. I was ridiculously lucky to find the last one

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover $6.50 or so for 5.5 FL OZ (162 ml)

I have yet to try this, but Lurve likes it, and I've seen good reviews of this on MUA, so I thought to give it a try since there was that BOGO 50% sale. When I start using this on a regular basis, I'll do a review of this :)

What I would like to say now about this product, is that for those who haven't seen it in person, basically you have to shake the product since the chemicals are "separated in half" (if yall remember how things work from science class) in order to mix the products together. I don't like how when you screw off the top that there's no "hole" to squirt from, therefore this is very prone to spillage, so make sure to screw back on the cap ASAP when you use this so none of the precious products would be wasted.

Hopefully I'll be able to get other stuff later since my birthday's coming up soon :3

So far I'm happy with the products. To be honest, I actually like getting face products more than I do makeup since first of all I know I'll actually use it on a daily basis so I don't feel that it would go to waste, and second, I feel that if my face doesn't look good, then the products on my face won't look good either. I've noticed how in all those japanese magazines, they have SO many products to make their face the best of the best and I'm trying to concentrate on good skin so that way I wouldn't have to use as much products to hide stuff on my face such as scars and pimples. What I'm most annoyed about right now is my NASTAYY blackheads. I took a picture of my nose so I can zoom in with my camera to see what's on my face, and oh my god--it looked SO gross!! I need to get that Mario Badescu Silver Powder and Biore Pore Strips PRONTO O__O.....

on another note, I just noticed that it's been my "1-year anniversary" since I've joined ABB. I feel that 1 year feels long, but sounds short.

alrightee...I suppose that is it thus far :) Thanks for reading! ^_^


okay, so i have a coupon for Revlon cosmetics, and I'm thinking about getting the SuperLustrous Lipglosses since it seems to have a lotta raves.

I remember Petitebelle having Glossy Rose, so I'm highly considering getting that, but I also saw two new colors come out, which are "Life's a Peach" and "Pink Pursuit" .

for reference, here are swatches from an MUA member of Pink Pursuit and Life's a Peach


I don't see the Glossy Rose swatch on Petitebelle's bloggie anymore because I think it was because her pics accidentally got deleted, but from what I see from the below link (mua user's revlon SL l/g stash), I don't know which pink to get!


so it's either I get one pink, and I gotta figure out what pink I should get, or whether I should just go for the Life's a Peach.

I'm probably gonna go tomorrow around with my bf so I am hoping for a reponse soon since this coupon ends the june 17 2008 and I probably won't get a ride from my bf the week after since he's at college orientation :(

anyhoo, any help/suggestions/swatches is much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

hi! i just started my beauty blog and i added a link to your blog :) i hope you dont mind! :)

(g)ezebel said...

the neutrogena makeup remover is THE BEST. have you tried their makeup remover wipes yet? when i'm too lazy at night, i use one of the wipes and then follow up with a regular unscented baby wipe to get my makeup off.

Anonymous said...

its me again! i LOVE LOVE LOVE drugstore hauls! :) i live in manila and we dont have the good drugstores and brands :((

thanks for linking me btw!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

No problem Ichigobunnie! Did you use the $3.50 off $10 as well?

Yeah, my ULTA had poor eyeshadow selection as well.

Makeupfairytale said...

ahhh i want to get the ardell lash growth accelerator but we don't have an ulta, i guess i have to resort to online buying. =P great haul! i love neutrogena

IchigoBunnie said...

irene: thank you!

(g): i haven't tried out their remover wipes--ive heard mixed reviews on it, its a love or hate thing. I sure hope it wouldn't have sulfates in it ;.;

fabuless: 3.50 off? oh no i didn't get to do that. I looked online for their catalog and they didn't have it. They said something about how it's like an online-only thing =/..i didn't get the ad in the newspaper so i would have missed out on something =/...i sure could have used that extra $3.50 off ;.;

makeup fairytale: awwww. yea thats how i felt at first with the ardell on its difficulty to be found in stores. I think I really just got lucky. drugstore.com stocks them, and watch out for any free-shipping promos cuz that's when I first ordered the ardell. goodluck and I hope you get your hands on the ardell since it's so awesome ^_^


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