Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Attempt at Recreating Mz Joey's EOTD

So Mz Joey did a BEAUTIFUL job at doing an EOTD and I was so inspired that I tried to replicate the look as best as I could with the products I have. Joey's turned out 100000X better than mine did, but oh well, I tried. She had really great products to work with, including a glitter liner for the blue part, and plus she has a beyond gorgeous face to work with, so everything just ended up looking so good on her! Maybe since after seeing her post, I should go out and get like a glitter liner....they look like fun (and hopefully isn't as gritty-feeling as NYX glitter mania powder. NYX glitter mania=OUCH btw)

anyhoo, here's my attempt to recreate the look. I don't have high end brands so this is all free-bee GWP stuff or drugstore. Basically every time yall look at my website, I don't think yall are gonna bump into anything high end brand cuz I'm too cheap/poor for that XD

Products used:

-Jane Oil-Free Concealer over lid
- Loreal De-Crease eyeshadow base
-Loreal HIP Paint in Secretive as another base over the De Crease
-Covergirl Eyeslicks in Aqua Flash (used as a substitue for the blue glitter liner used in Joey's eotd)
-Clinique GWP Colour Surge Eye Shadow in Rum Spice (brown) at the crease
-Clinique GWP Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in Almost Peach used at the mobil lid (under the crease on over the lid)
-Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner (felt tip) used on the top lid
-Styli-Style 24/7 Line and Seal Eyeliner in Carbon Black used at the waterline
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara (Volume)

Thank yall for looking and hope yall like it!

Also, I'm sorry for adding extra watermarks on my pictures. After reading Vanessa's blogpost about how a selfish and immature girl stole her picture work and claimed it was hers, I got worried so I decided to slightly up the watermark by a bit, so I apologize if it creates any distraction or makes the pictures hard to view of any sort. I just don't want all my hard work (despite it doesn't look as good as other makeup gurus' work) to be stolen. I'm not the best makeup person out there and I dont think anybody would steal from me, but I'm just doing it as a precaution. And girls, be aware for yourselves too! I dont' want all you girls' hard work being stolen either.

anyhoo, I shall see yall later ^_^ thanks for stopping by


(g)ezebel said...

very beautiful!!

dawn. said...

WOW! ^^ VERY nice lashes!!!~
Wish I had those like yours...

Anonymous said...

very pretty look, but its not the colors that really stand out because you have really gorgeous eyes lol does that sound weird? with loooong lashes too

jie jie said...

such a pretty and cute eotd. Love the lashes.. so long!

fuzkittie said...

Your lashes look amazing, just like Mz Joey's. =) You made it rock on your eyes!

Btw, I added you to my blog roll, hope that's alright!

Gee said...


You got some seriously long lashes!! You should try a mascara that give you a little more separation though, so it looks more full. But really, why are you lashes so long and mine so short?? :(

Joey said...

I never saw this entry! I'm so flattered (: Your interpretation is preeetty too. hehe.

Ooh, your lashes are totally gorgeous too!


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