Sunday, June 15, 2008

NARS Orgasm vs. Silk Naturals Climax Blush

There are many dupes of Nars Orgasm out there, and one of them is SN Climax.

I'm not sure if people have actually seen SN Climax, or just heard of it. Either way, I made this post so yall can compare and see for yourself which you like better, whether you can tell the difference, etc.

Since everybody loves pictures, and pictures show a lot more than words, here are pictures below, and you can make the judgement for yourself. Then I will add on my babblings under it and tell you my opinion and what I feel of each product.

This one is in natural light, as you can probably already tell due to the slight blue hue on the edge from the window

I did a -2 or a -1. 1/3 flash on this one. Indoor Artificial light

Natural light, no flash, slightly near window

more near the window, natural light, no flash

-2 or -1 1/3 flash, indoor artificial light

same flash as above

with low flash

no flash. artificial light

no flash. artificial light

no flash, but adjusted lighting to + 2/3 , somewhere around there

no flash, lighting is balanced at 0 (zero) artificial light

low flash. artificial light

My Take on NARS Orgasm

- pinkier
- peachier
- $24--expensive
- more shimmer
- strictly pinky-peach, no plum like Climax
- pressed powder
- packaging comes with mirror, but no applicator
- more ingredients = not as natural for skin

My Take on SN Climax

- a more "plum" touch added to it, so not as pinky or peachy as Orgasm. Mix b/w pink, peach, and plum.
- less shimmer
- costs $6.25 + shipping/handeling
- loose powder
- packaging is just a jar with sifter, no mirror nor applicator
- less ingredients = more natural for skin
** Note, the packaging I ordered was a sample, that's why it's a small size. I'm sure the regular full size should be bigger than what I showed.

haha, enough pictures for yall to compare?? lol I think i might have added TOO many pictures..? XD Well in either way, hope it helped some of yall :)

For me personally, I don't like Climax as a dupe. Not only would I have to order online and wait for it to come, but I feel that it'll be a bit of a hassle to carry around to touch up, you know? No mirror and no applicator. While I know Orgasm doesn't have an applicator either, at least it has a mirror and you can probably dab your fingers around to apply it--I did that once and it ended up fine. I like Nars Orgasm better because it's more pink and peachy. I don't like that extra plum undertone that Climax has, but that's my preference. Some people may not be able to tell between the two, or may actually like the plum undertone. Plus, I know some of yall favor the non-shimmery look, and Climax would definitely help out. For now, I'll use up my Nars Orgasm, and use Milani Luminous blush next as my dupe since after seeing so many swatches of it, it appears to be the closest dupe to Nars, plus I can find it in stores, the packaging has a mirror and applicator, is cheaper, and just might be better than the original Nars Orgasm.

**I can't tell which one is "sheerer" than the other since both of them aren't pressed powders. Since SN Climax is loose, I could have accidentally used more of it than Nars, or vice versa.

Any questions? ask! :)

Thanks for reading and stopping by! Come back again :)


Nic Nic said...

ohh thanks for the review and comparison of both Orgasm and Climax..NARS single blush is really expensive here, im quite content with some of the similarities that Climax has - although i agree it's def. not 100% but i still like the color in its own right.

mayaari said...

nice comparison - and the photos are helpful to show the similarities/differences in each. I think Milani's Luminous blush is a better dupe, but SN Climax is a decent alternative for more natural makeup. I prefer NARS Deep Throat, since Orgasm didn't really show up on me when I initially tried it out.

Violet Honeybee said...

I like Orgasm better than Climax lol.. Though I do wish it would have less shimmer in it sometimes =D

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review! I have to say, I think I like Climax better than Orgasm. I like the touch of plum added to it, it makes it more neutral I think.

jie jie said...

The more pictures the better. I only tried doing a few swatches so far, and I find it very difficult and time consuming. Yet you went out of your to post multiple pictures in various lighting, which actually makes sense. I'm using the ancient pc right now, and both blushes varies in color, in one picture with good light they're the same, but in darker lighting it's different. Orgasm don't show up on me, maybe I'm too light handed or I just need to pack on more. I like deep throat better. Thanks for the wonderful review!

jie jie said...

forgot to add, LAP appears sheer on me, but you can see how pigmented my lips are. But if I put lipstick underneath it, it would work.

Grayburn said...

They look completely different! Thanks for looking into this :)



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