Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Layout ^_^

As you can probably tell, I changed my template/layout

i was getting so tired of that boring look i had before!! aaaaa

thank you to christiana for answering my question about layouts :)

now i'm wanting to create my own heading. you know where it just says "ichigobunnie" at the top? i keep thinking that looks so boring and i wanna cutesy it up. I'm sure there's some option where i can upload an image to replace that area.

I was drawing on my white board trying to figure out what I can do, and here's what I came up with:

as it says, please dont' steal that design! It's my full original artwork!!! *copyright galore* I just wanted to share with yall my contemplation of what im thinking to do at the top. If yall don't know yet, "ichigo" is the word strawberry in japanese, so that's why I have the strawberry with the bunnie :)

edit: the entire page layout is made by somebody else. You can scroll to the bottom and see the link/name who made the chicken/spring layout, but the bunnie and the strawberry logo is my original work

the only problem is that i need a sketch pad to hook up to my computer. my dad has one, but im not sure if he returned it or gave it to somebody...hopefully he'll still have it! if not....then i'll be uber sad ;.;....

and i finally finished my graduation ceremony yesterday! I'm officially out of HS!!!!

except...i dont' feel different at all, really. tomorrow i have to start my summerschool already. I'm doing accounting and intro to psych, i think. hopefully i'll do well and learn and actually remember everything.

here's a pic of me from yesterday's graduation:

i was glad my cap covered my gigantic cystic pimple in the middle of my forehead. aside from looking uber dorky in that hat, it at least did some good to hide the pimple haha (hopefully)

my parents were so excited to see this Smart Car since we don't have many in our city, or at least from what I've seen so far. This is the 2nd one i've seen from around my area lol

me in my parent's car riding home after graduation. you can probably see my face looking really tired and my makeup all screwed up haha. oh well. this is the only decent picture of me after graduation..the other ones look pretty bad XD haha excited all the photos came out all clear cuz of my new camera. this is exciting!!!! ^________^

thanks for reading :)


Violet Honeybee said...

Love your new layout! Very cute!! ^-^

Congrats on graduation!! *woot woot!!! *huggs

I hope the MB stuff works out for you too =) And if not then oh well.. you didnt pay for them so no money lost lol

L said...

congratssss yoooo! and yes indeed, your layout is very cute. i hope you get that logo up! i'd help ya but i'm pretty retarded with that sh*t. lol

we can work somethin' out with the HK stuff if you want, just let me know!

xoxo ~L

Nic Nic said...

aww your layout is super cute ^^ even better that's original! I wish i had the skills n software to do that lol.

Oh and Congrats on your graduation!

IchigoBunnie said...

violet, L, and Nic: thank you! :)

Vanessa said...


ilurvemakeup said...

The layout is cute like you! Congrats on graduating :D

IchigoBunnie said...

vanessa and lurve: thank you thank you ^_^

ChyiX2 said...

Hey, congrats on graduating!!

I love your new layout, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Oh you guys have a SMART car!? that's freakin' awesome!!! I want one!!! haha they are so cute! how much did it cost?

IchigoBunnie said...


oh actually that isn't my car lol. We just found it in the parking lot and took a picture of it because we thought it was cute :3 I dont' see many of those running around here


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