Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Question about Free-bees

Hey people!

I've got a question....

You know those websites that say that they will send you a free sample of lipgloss, or send you a free sample of "whatever it is", by just filling out the information to send to your house?

Have any of yall used that before and received a free item? I remember my family friend's sister got a free IPOD shuffle by filling out one of those surveys, so that's why I was wondering, you know? Since a legitimate person, a family friend who I have known since I was 4, got a free IPOD cuz of filling out a survey--you know they aren't lying about it when they are that close--plus i saw her use it too.

How can you tell the difference between a scam and a legit one? The one that I saw had a FAQ section and one question asked " Where you do get the money to send us these samples?" and the company replied with all their advertisement clickie stuff, they get money through the sponsors and us clicking around so they get enough money generated from there to give out free samples.

That makes sense, since when you think about it, here on blogspot we have that adsense through google where you earn money through people clicking on it, so it's reasonable that the company gets money through that....

I'd love to get free samples and try things out, but I'm just scared if they do something bad with my address and info and stuff...

having said all that, does anybody have anything to say? Have any of you actually tried it? I mean, I know all of us are gonna say "oh i feel that it's a scam", but what I really would love to hear is a person who experienced this first hand, or have a friend/family who experienced this first hand to see that these "offers" are for real or not.

Thanks everybody! :)

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Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hello! I believe you asked this on my blog as well =). Anyways, you have to be careful about free stuff, because a lot of time they are spammers and once they get your contact information, that's when they start spamming.

As for free stuff, if it's from the company directly, it's legit. If it's from another party, make sure it's a reputable company, such as a magazine or large company.

Hope this helps!


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