Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Glossy Rose Review & Swatches

So I didn't find the newest two colors of Revlon's SL l/g. The two I was looking for was Pink Pursuit and Life's a Peach.

But instead, I got Glossy Rose. I really wanted to buy one since there was a $3 off coupon and i was really tempted to get one since these have been having lotsa raves and good words about them.

I did TONS of swatches for yall. Like, a TON. well, mostly I took lotsa pics of the same thing but they all turned out slightly different colored, and I didn't want any other pics to create a misleading color for any readers so I decided to collaborate them all so yall can see what this lipgloss looks like under many different lightings etc.

So here are the pictures. I hope they help somebody out there! :) If yall can't see the pic clearly, you can always click it to do ultra zoomage

this one was swatched on plain white paper

whew. that was a lotta work trying to crop out the right sizing and all in photoshop @_@

Usually when I see swatches, i like to see it in different settings cuz that helps me SO much in making a decision, so I swatched it out how I would like to see swatches. Now since this was very tiring, I may not do this many pictures again XD but probably cut back on a few since swatching this much for one product is more tiring than i thought

Does it feel sticky?

well ALL lipglosses are sticky to an extent, but being the picky person that I am, I didn't even find this severely sticky. Feels really just like any other lipgloss, but it isn't as non-sticky as NYX lipglosses since those are creamier, but still, this isn't that sticky, i promise :)

Any grainy texture?

the glitter in this is very fine so I don't feel any gritty-ness from this at all

How much did it cost?

originally it costs like $5.50 or so at Walmart/HEB grocery/CVS/Walgreens, but I went to my HEB Grocery store and they had a $3 coupon, so I got this for $3.09 (including tax)

How's the packaging?

I LOVE the packaging! Iono, for me I like the super clear plastic that looks like glass, but really isn't lol. Also, Revlon completely seals off their lipgloss tubes with plastic so that no one can open it to tamper with it, so that way when you buy your lipgloss, you KNOW nobody messed with it. The downside is that you yourself obviously can't tamper with it in order to see a color swatch in stores =/

Does it smell?

It does have a faint sweet smell to it, but thats if you literally stuck your nose right near the lipgloss tube and take a HUGE smell out of it, like what I did to see if there is any scents. When I put it on my lips I can't smell anything. I'm glad this doesn't smell stinky like Clinique lipglosses do.

Does the applicator wand have like a huge goop at the end where it dispenses too much lipgloss at once?

No, not at all. I usually find NYX dispensing a bit too much for my own want, but for revlon, it has a little bit at the tip so that way the lipgloss doesn't totally glob on too much product.

What do you think about the color?

I feel that it's "conservative". Honestly, in my opinion, I feel that this is a color that you can wear to work because it's conservative enough to be around in a professional environment, but it has a really pretty tint so it's like a "office lady, but a very pretty office lady" . This is a very "safe" color so if you don't really know what to put on, this is a good color to put on to make you look good.

Is it TOO shiny? Not shiny enough?

Well this is probably a personal preference type of thing. For me, I already have full lips so I don't wanna wear lipglosses that would make me look like I have fat duck lips. This Revlon lipgloss has a medium amount of shine. It obviously doesn't look matte, but it doesn't look like you put oil on your lips or something. You can probably tell the shine factor from the picture swatches

I forgot to add: This lipgloss has SPF 15!

Also, Fabuless asked if this lipgloss is drying to the lips.

Answer: not at all :) It's not drying for me ^_^

Any other questions? Ask away! :)


Cost (1=cheap, 5=expensive) :
Regular Price= 3 cuz im a cheapo and i still find $6 too much to chuck over
On Sale Price= 2

Sticky-ness (1=not sticky, 5=really sticky): 2.5

Packaging (1=bad, 5= excellent): 4/5

Product: 4/5 stars


Anonymous said...

oooh pretty! ive never owned any revlon l/g or any products! i might get this the next time i go out!

i LOVE the colors

jie jie said...

I love revlon l/g. I collected everything and ended up losing some colors. This shade is my favorite! It goes great on top of any lipsticks or alone. ^_^ I'll make time to post swatches, maybe early next week. You did great swatching and reviewing them. My lips are so pigmented though, so it might look slightly different on me. I'd go for pink pursuit, it's so pretty!

ilurvemakeup said...

I remember getting this gloss a loooong time ago cuz of Ricebunny :) The Lustre Nude (I think the name is?) and I should really start using it again ~_~:

Wonderful review so detailed! I always rush thru mine lol

Fabu-less Beauty said...

That's an awesome deal! Is it drying though? I find a lot of cheaper lipglosses are quite drying!

Citrine said...

I have/like this as well. I got the one in nude lustre...I got one for 3 bucks back in May, then I lost it the second I went ahead a got another one instead when the sale went on again this month... the soft scent is pleasant and the finish is like a liquid balm. I like it but I still prefer clear gloss.

But one thing I found out which is a bit amusing...about the SPF 15 in this gloss.

First SPF is the measurement of UVB, (the ray that creates tan) but the lips don't have melanin, so I wonder how is that going to help.

Then I realized that in US they don't have a scale for UVA ( the wave that cause aging) protection while ingredients are still used to target UVA...

With all my doubts, I took a look at the active ingredient of this gloss and it shows: octinoxate 7% (or maybe 8% I don't remember)which is a UVB filter only...well, if the concentration is higher than 15%,it will block some UVA as well.)

So, in short, the conclusion for my mini investigation was that the SPF 15 in this gloss is just there to make you feel better while you should head for a balm with UVA filter if you want to prevent fine line...( I think Blitex and Mentholatum would do the trick...)

Sorry, if this is random, just something I want to share.

Happy Birthday btw ( I feel old now...)


Lipstickaddict said...

I landed in your blog after googling Revlon Glossy Rose and I have to agree this is one of my HG product, love it to bits!


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