Friday, July 25, 2008

My July 4th '08

Okay, despite that I JUST blogged a post, I decided to update right after for another blogpost cuz I have a bad feeling that i might not be able to blog another time this weekend. Probably will be able to next week, but I'm really not sure, so I just went on the safe side and decided to give yall 2 new posts to read/look at if I'm gone for a longer period of time than I would like to be.

I was actually gonna edit my last post to include a picture of my "before" hair, and found pics of my hair from my july 4th that i wanted to put up, but then i saw some other stuff i wanted to post from that day, so i decided to make a separate post for it, so more for yall to see! lol

the next two photos on the skating rink was taken by my guyfriend's cellphone so please excuse any blurriness. It's usually sharper than this actually, but I guess he was trying to take the pic quickly.

we first went iceskating :3

but my skates hurt me so bad. I used to be an iceskater and have my own skates but i didnt' brin g it to wear it--big mistake. the rentals are awful! 2 of the hooks were broken off and the interior had weird grooves and hard fabric that poked out and hurt me, so I went to the girls' restroom and stuffed my iceskates as if it was a bra! HAHA. It helped ease the pain. and yea, these rentals really did hurt me that bad. I just didn't want to lug around heavy skating shoes in the mall cuz I felt that they would have gotten in the way when I go shopping and surf through racks of clothes, but I now when i think about it, it's a bit more worth it. I save $3 while saving my feet as well.

giving directions to my friend on the phone. That isn't my phone though--it's my guyfriend's. It's an AWESOME phone. i wish i can have one like that. Oh, also in this picture, I am wearing NARS Orgasm Nailpolish on the hand that I am holding the phone, if you click on the picture to maximize it. I only put on one layer so it's pretty sheer. I did take pics of it for swatch purposes that I'll probably post later or something.

I didn't have anything but my NYX mascara on when i went to the mall, but my friend and I wanted to go to sephora and put on makeup :3. Sorry for the sloppyness and non-blending. I can only do so much with the alotted time and not in the comfort in my own home. Please excuse my awful dark circles. I am still searching for the right concealer that's affordable =/

I don't remember what I used, but the eyeshadows were Urban Decay. I think maybe one of them was "goddess"...? I just remember using a soft silver-blue for the lighter shade and I used a dark blue, close to MAC's deep truth for the outer edge. I used MUFE eyeliner (that waterproof one) in black to line my upper lid and bottom inner rim.

me shooting a Roman Candle

you can see my hair was getting REALLY long, if you look carefully. The longest layer reached the middle-lower back.

hmmm...I think this is the first time yall have seen me top to bottom haha. I had an earlier post but i was in a dress and i dun think yall saw my feet either. So here's a post where it's full-length lol

I hope yall all had a great July 4th as I did. I had so much fun with my friends =) amazing people I tell ya! I am rarely sad when I'm with them.

I think that's about it so far.....I'll see yall soon hopefully :) I hope this post and my previous post have enough pictures to keep yall busy for the while that I'm gone ^_^

My New Haircut <3

based upon that title, Im gonna be picture whoring again in this post with pics from when I was out with my friends and bf, but of course im not gonna put up pics that have their faces so i can respect their privacy.

So my original hairdresser guy is out of town--CONSTANTLY and is very time-unreliable, so I had to switch to a new hairstylist. I was slightly sad cuz I've been going to that one guy for 4 years! He knows what to do and he charges at only $20-23 including tip for a job that he does for 1.5 hours. He's very careful with what he does and all so that's not a lot of money spent on the amount of time he spends on me, but unfortunately, he chose to halfway-move to another town and rarely comes back to my city, so that is just way too unreliable.

The new hairstylist is also good, and can speak better english, so that is so much easier for me to communicate. He can't speak much english, but at least he can understand it. It works the same for me. I can't speak viet very well but I can understand it just fine, so I end up speaking english to him and he speaks viet back to me haha, so it all works out! lol

He charges $23 (without tip) for short hairstyles and $25(without tip) for long hairstyles. So he is a few bucks more expensive, but he's always there in the shop and he does a good job, so I'm satisfied for that.

So here I am right after I got my haircut. My bf went to pick me up so we can hangout and he was very excited for the hair. The wind kept blowing my hair so the "flare" on the tips of my hair got loosened =/, but you can see in the other photos of me out with my friends eating where my hair's more flipped out and more flirty/fun.

yes mam me and my bf are in an asian grocery store standing in the Ramen aisle taking a picture of my hair haha! we are weird like that. We don't really have "dates". We just sorta go to random places to hangout or date, such as in this photo, the grocery store XD haha. we were stocking up on ramune and pocky =9


forgot to add this photo that i watermarked already. I wasn't gonna put it up cuz yall already saw this post, but since i watermarked it already, i found it a waste if i didn't put it up. more camera-whoring pic to add to this post XD

/end edit.

and here's me out with my friends at a japanese buffet restaurant:

im eating shrimp tempura for those who are curious of what im eating lol. I also was eating Teriyaki Salmon and white rice. yum :3


due to the lack of updates, is that enough photos for yall? XD i kno this is my own blog, but I still feel SO weird posting that many pics of myself @_@ I still feel conceited and "omgahh look at MEEE" when i post up this many pics, but I know yall like pics, especially full-faced ones cuz yall don't see that many full-face pics of me. I just hope no creeps lurk around my blog!

so yea, I asked for layered short hair around my shoulders. Now it's growing out a bit, so im sad it's not as short as before, but oh well. I'm considering cosplaying as Rinoa again for this upcoming November anime convention, except this time to make things more fun, my guyfriend suggested me to make wings to add to the rinoa costume, so i thought that was a good idea, so I guess I'll just let my hair grow out and right after that convention, ima cut my hair then.

As for the makeup I wore for the restaurant photos, I barely wore anything really. I didn't do any crazy stuff, just basics, and that's what I've been wearing outside lately cuz I dont have too many colors to play around with.

products used:

face: no foundation or powder. the flash made my skin look better than it really is in those photos XD

-Jane Oil-Free Concealer (squeeze tube)
-Loreal De-Crease
-Loreal HIP Paints in Secretive
-Clinique high impact eyeshadow in "sunkissed" (freebee/gift with purchase) (basically a neutral beige that has a bit of shimmer. Nude color)
-Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner (felt tip) in black (upper eyelid)
-Styli-Style 24/7 line and seal eyeliner in Carbon Black for the bottom inner rim of eyes
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume

lips: nothing but the water im drinkin lol

Well there you go ladies, I updated lol. I'll come back to post more. This monday I have a test, so I have 3 hw ws's to do and gotta study, so I'm really sorry about if I don't update in time. I also have another test NEXT monday as well, so two mondays in a row i'll have tests and then aug 7 is my last day of summerschool, but one of those days will be my final...then right the day after, aug 8 will be my day to get my wisdom teeth out, so it's either I'll be knocked out so bad that I won't even go online, or I recover quickly, but stay home and have nothing to do and have time to blog lol.

Hope yall ladies and gents are doing well! =) wish me luck on my next 2 tests and finals. I need it. I got a blasted 74 on my first test--the test was ridiculous! there was even a person who got a 13!! only two got A's, 4 got 74's. the rest made F's or D's. so yea..i need all the luck and studying I can get. >_<

see yall laterrr <3

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

sorry for not updating :(

I do have some posts that i want to put up, like my Mario Badescu Silver Powder experience (only used it twice so far so after posting up the first MB experience, I'll update later down the road)

but ever since i started 2nd semester college summerschool, I've been soo busy since this class has a lot of hw given and since it is summerschool, they go at a very fast pace and crams alot of info into a 4 week period (5th week for finals).

also I've been hanging out with my friends more often, so that kept me really busy, but VERY happy :)

my test is hopefully I'll do well on it! I've been working pretty well, trying to reteach myself the lesson that i didn't understand in class and I asked a lot of questions today in class and got a lot of things cleared up =)

Now i just have to go through all the lessons and write myself an idiot-proof step-by-step paper on how to do each method/lesson. My friend's gonna come over tomorrow to help me study, review, and check my work, so i'll be busy for that.

Despite my more hectic schedule, I haven't been happier in years--seriously! I used to go out only maybe...probably 2-3 times a semester? now i got out like 1-2 times a week! It's so exciting and i love it. I know it makes me tired and crash at night, but all this fun is so worth it cuz it makes me very happy, and so much less depressed.

Anyhoo...yea..that's what has been goin on over at my end.

I'd upload pics but i accidently left my camera over at my friend's house...

oh dangit! I also lost my wallet! I checked everywhere in my room, including all around and under and inbetween my bed and the bedpost, checked all my clothes drawers, checked my dirty laundry basket, checked the bathrooms, my closet, my front lawn/yard, mom's car, had my guyfriend check his car and nothing is found, and I even called the restaurant I was at with my friends that night and the restaurant said they didn't see anything.

and what sucks is that i JUST got my license renewed in the mail and i just barely had that new license and now I lose my wallet. I only had $4 in it so its not like I'd lose any money for cash, but still, what's also very important outside my license, is that my boyfriend bought me that wallet. He went through the trouble of trying to make it a surprise for me, searchign through websites trying to find the most "fashionable & functional" wallet to my liking, ordered it online and had it sent to my house. He went through all that trouble and I lose the wallet!!! >_< so mad at myself.

well..i guess thats it...I'll see yall later when i get my camera back and probably after wednesday because wednesday is my Finite Math Unit 1 test. wish me luck! ;.;

YES!!! my wallet has been found! I had a HUGE gut feeling it was under the coffee table of my friend's house. She said she checked everywhere and couldn't find it, but I had her and my other friend check one more time cuz i just had that gut instinct it had to be there, and low and behold, it is!

such a huge relief man @_@

& thank you NicNic for the goodluck on finding my wallet comment :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Awesome Water Bottle + Bath & Body Works

Hey!! :)

I got me a really cool waterbottle! It's so pretty :3 My boyfriend bought it for me (thank you honey!!) and I thought it was reallyyyy pretty for a water bottle. Maybe because the waterbottle is so pretty, perhaps that will motivate me to reach for the bottle and drink more water!! which I should already be doing, but maybe, just maybe, this can potentially be a motivation and influence to drink more water.......and in style while at that :3

i love it! Check it out:

I love how it's elaborate and all. It really does look better in person though. Cameras always take out some of the prettiness a person or product looks.

I don't know how much fluid it holds but it's bigger than my Ozarka bottle by width maybe by about 1.5cm in diameter, so I know it holds more than .5L (1PT, 0.9 FL OZ). Perhaps it may hold .6L or .7L. Something like that.

I'm so excited how stylish it is!! ^_^

and as for my Bath & Body Works, I received the coupon of "buy any item, get lipgloss or hand sanitizer for free" in the mail, so I went and bought myBody Cream in Irresistible Apple on sale for $5, original price is $10.50, and I picked getting the Hand-foaming sanitizer in Cucumber Melon rather than the lipgloss because I already have that very lipgloss at home given by one of my awesome friends, and I haven't even finished it yet--I've got too many lip products to finish so I don't need any more in my stash right now. My skin has been deprived, as stated in my last entry, and I thought buying the lotion was good, and having the hand sanitizer in my purse would help clean my hands, so that way I wouldn't transfer as much dirt to my face (hopefully the sanitizer actually works).

I love the lotion! It's thick, but isn't all greasy like other lotions. It soaks really well into my skin and makes it feel all moisturized. And you don't need to slather on a whole bunch like other lotions because this one is thicker, therefore you can use less while still hydrating your skin. Also, I love the scent! It isn't as overpowering like BBW's other scents--yall know what I mean by that. Most of BBW's stuff is flooded with scent, and this one has that sweet apple scent that is enough to scent your body, but won't damage your nose :)

I personally have got no clue whether sanitizers in general actually work or not, but hey, its worth a shot. So thank god this one doesn't have Sulfates in them! usually hand sanitizers have sulfates to kill germs, but im happy this doesn't because I wouldn't want my sulfate-absorbed hands to touch my face and spread the sulfates...x.x..that would be awful! Now despite that it doesn't have sulfates to kill the germs, it still does have Alcohol, which everybody knows disinfects.

And for those of you who love animals, both of these products are not tested on animals. I don't think BBW does animal testing at all on all their products though.

alrightee, that's my haul for today :) Tiny, but it made me happy ^_^ and what's even more exciting is that it's stuff I KNOW I will use and not put into a corner and forget like most other stuff lol

thanks for stopping by and reading! ^_^

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Downhill my Skin Goes :(

I have got no clue what has happend! It's only been like 2 weeks or so and now suddenly my skin is blasted with red dots galore!! O__O....

I kept thinking it might be the Mario Badescu. Im not sure....I remember my birthday party being a baking party, so maybe all that super duper major sugar has finally soaked into every cell in my body and has irritated it or something. I know for sure if i eat too many sweets that I typically get a canker sore in my mouth, but perhaps this time instead of getting a canker sore, I feel that it might have migrated to my face instead :(

I HAVE been eating a lot of sweets lately, SO much more than usual to the point where my belly has gotten bigger >.>;;;;....that makes me worried. So maybe MB isn't fully the culprit of my bad skin. Maybe its the sweets.

hm....I guess I should uptake the fruits and guzzle down the water!! I did eat tons of strawberries lately so hopefully that can kick in and help me. doesn't help that this friday is July 4th and since im hanging out with my friends, im sure there's gonna be some unhealthy eating somewhere around the clock >_< school=" dots">_<. I'm gonna try to keep things more clean so you don't have to walk through the day with dirt slapping you 24/7. Please show me what else can I do to make you happy and stay clear ;.; . I want you to be cheery, happy, and very clear and glow. Once again, my dear skin, i am sorry and I'll try to keep things better! *sigh*........i seriously hope my face gets better. I went through too many medications, both topical creams and pills, for my skin to go bad again. I can't go any further than what i've done already. Im getting so tired of using so many products for my face and having to keep track of the timing for drinking my pill too. I'm just so tired in general.....>_<

EDIT: since blogspot accidentally deleted a chunk here, I'll just repost what I wrote:

So here's a list of what I've been doing wrong to my health and skin

-not drinking enough water
-not exercising
-not lotioning myself enough
-not getting enough sleep
-my room is neverrr clean
-I haven't vacuumed my room in MONTHS until recently
-too much stress
-eating WAYY too much fast food lately
-eating too much sweets!
-not enough veggies
-not enough fruit
-too much junk food (cheezits, chips, etc)

I keep telling my mom that its okay, we can eat at home for lunch, but she keeps on insisting me to eat fast food since i'll "be eating fast food everyday anyway for college" -_____-.....

and what's worse, is that my summerschool canceled my Finite math class, cuz I'm assuming that not enough people signed up for the class. So they told me to go to their other location to take this class. And this "other location" is like freakin HEAVYYY traffic 24/7, and my class starts at 8am. That means I'll probably have to leave my house by 7am!!! aaaaa!! this area is major construction zone too so not only will that slow down traffic even more, but it may potentially damage our car with all the dust, debris, and nails on the floor and air, and with all the detour, we may potentially get lost every day cuz they seem to change detour routes every other day -_____-...... having to wake up around 6am for 5 weeks during summer vacation will be such a huge stress to my face, and for sleep in general. I need my sleep and i was counting on being able to sleep more, but with this ridiculous schedule, my face will remain mad at me!! ;.;.....

okay i guess that's enough ranting. Thank you to whoever read through it all :)


apparently blogspot had a hiccup and deleted like a huge chunk of this post...i guess i'll wake up tomorrow and fix it to make it what I had originally....well, almost, since i dun remember every single word i wrote.

damn you blogspot for losing a huge chunk of my post *shakes fist*


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