Thursday, July 3, 2008

Awesome Water Bottle + Bath & Body Works

Hey!! :)

I got me a really cool waterbottle! It's so pretty :3 My boyfriend bought it for me (thank you honey!!) and I thought it was reallyyyy pretty for a water bottle. Maybe because the waterbottle is so pretty, perhaps that will motivate me to reach for the bottle and drink more water!! which I should already be doing, but maybe, just maybe, this can potentially be a motivation and influence to drink more water.......and in style while at that :3

i love it! Check it out:

I love how it's elaborate and all. It really does look better in person though. Cameras always take out some of the prettiness a person or product looks.

I don't know how much fluid it holds but it's bigger than my Ozarka bottle by width maybe by about 1.5cm in diameter, so I know it holds more than .5L (1PT, 0.9 FL OZ). Perhaps it may hold .6L or .7L. Something like that.

I'm so excited how stylish it is!! ^_^

and as for my Bath & Body Works, I received the coupon of "buy any item, get lipgloss or hand sanitizer for free" in the mail, so I went and bought myBody Cream in Irresistible Apple on sale for $5, original price is $10.50, and I picked getting the Hand-foaming sanitizer in Cucumber Melon rather than the lipgloss because I already have that very lipgloss at home given by one of my awesome friends, and I haven't even finished it yet--I've got too many lip products to finish so I don't need any more in my stash right now. My skin has been deprived, as stated in my last entry, and I thought buying the lotion was good, and having the hand sanitizer in my purse would help clean my hands, so that way I wouldn't transfer as much dirt to my face (hopefully the sanitizer actually works).

I love the lotion! It's thick, but isn't all greasy like other lotions. It soaks really well into my skin and makes it feel all moisturized. And you don't need to slather on a whole bunch like other lotions because this one is thicker, therefore you can use less while still hydrating your skin. Also, I love the scent! It isn't as overpowering like BBW's other scents--yall know what I mean by that. Most of BBW's stuff is flooded with scent, and this one has that sweet apple scent that is enough to scent your body, but won't damage your nose :)

I personally have got no clue whether sanitizers in general actually work or not, but hey, its worth a shot. So thank god this one doesn't have Sulfates in them! usually hand sanitizers have sulfates to kill germs, but im happy this doesn't because I wouldn't want my sulfate-absorbed hands to touch my face and spread the sulfates...x.x..that would be awful! Now despite that it doesn't have sulfates to kill the germs, it still does have Alcohol, which everybody knows disinfects.

And for those of you who love animals, both of these products are not tested on animals. I don't think BBW does animal testing at all on all their products though.

alrightee, that's my haul for today :) Tiny, but it made me happy ^_^ and what's even more exciting is that it's stuff I KNOW I will use and not put into a corner and forget like most other stuff lol

thanks for stopping by and reading! ^_^


Nic Nic said...

oohh the bottle looks really pretty :D what a good motivation to drink water! lol.

Ms. _______ ! said...

such a great bf you got there.....
I also recently brought a eco bottle....but it's plain pink...haha....
I love the smell of cucumber and melon ...i got the lotion and hand wash...

Anonymous said...

i want that water bottle...hahahahamy boyfriend got one that has measurements on the side and he's been water crazy lately & when i'm at his house he'll randomly just shove it in my face haha i have to admit though, their water is good, they got this one water in a jug recently i forget the name but it's from new zealand..hahaha
i know what you mean about the bath & body scents! i can't go into that store :( my nose is too sensitive & i get a headache & get dizzy

fuzkittie said...

I saw those SIGG jars at Whole Foods and thought, those are some awesome water bottles! I would totally get one if it could hold hot water as well... that one is really pretty though!

You must be REALLY allergic to sulfate, haha, I suggest you not to use DDF's Sulfur Therapeutic Mask, LOL.

IchigoBunnie said...

nicnic: thanks! yea, i am depending on it to stare at me and make me drink water XD

ms.___! : thank you!

aireen: lol :)well thats good though that he puts it to your face so that way you can drink more water :)

fuzkittie: HAHA yea that mask thing would be total overkill and destroy my face to bits and pieces. That's what the ProActiv Sulfur mask did to me XD thats when my face started to be full-destructed :( it was really bad. I made a post about it a while back how my face looked when I got a bad reaction to sulfur. Its somewhere in the Archive of my older posts

(g)ezebel said...

that IS a pretty water bottle!!

i haaaaate water. i can only drink it if it's reeeeally cold or if i add a packet of crystal lite into it.

i love the hand sanitizers from bath and body works.

cheeeezie said...

omg i love that water bottle! i should get one like that so i drink more water too.. >_>

that apple cream sounds awesome! esp since i love apple scents :)

Anonymous said...

you know, i work at bath & body works and i don't really know if the gels work either. but i can say this... it makes me feel better knowing that im putting this stuff on right after pumping the gas or something like that. haha. your water bottle looks very pretty. i like the art.

ChyiX2 said...

If I had a water bottle like that I'd totally flash it at the gym every time and basically anywhere else I go! ^_^

Gee said...

What a super cute waterbottle!!! It's so fancy~ I likeeee

Vanessa said...

Such a cute water bottle!

Anonymous said...

cute water bottle! I had no idea that BBW sells water bottles??? lol.

IchigoBunnie said...


oh no lol, BBW doesn't sell waterbottles. my bf bought me it from whole foods :)

jewels said...

I love the water bottle. where did your bf get it?

jewels said...

hmm..then i gotta go check out Whole Foods then.

ya its pricy for a water bottle.

lol makes you drink more water tho. ^_^


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