Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

sorry for not updating :(

I do have some posts that i want to put up, like my Mario Badescu Silver Powder experience (only used it twice so far so after posting up the first MB experience, I'll update later down the road)

but ever since i started 2nd semester college summerschool, I've been soo busy since this class has a lot of hw given and since it is summerschool, they go at a very fast pace and crams alot of info into a 4 week period (5th week for finals).

also I've been hanging out with my friends more often, so that kept me really busy, but VERY happy :)

my test is hopefully I'll do well on it! I've been working pretty well, trying to reteach myself the lesson that i didn't understand in class and I asked a lot of questions today in class and got a lot of things cleared up =)

Now i just have to go through all the lessons and write myself an idiot-proof step-by-step paper on how to do each method/lesson. My friend's gonna come over tomorrow to help me study, review, and check my work, so i'll be busy for that.

Despite my more hectic schedule, I haven't been happier in years--seriously! I used to go out only maybe...probably 2-3 times a semester? now i got out like 1-2 times a week! It's so exciting and i love it. I know it makes me tired and crash at night, but all this fun is so worth it cuz it makes me very happy, and so much less depressed.

Anyhoo...yea..that's what has been goin on over at my end.

I'd upload pics but i accidently left my camera over at my friend's house...

oh dangit! I also lost my wallet! I checked everywhere in my room, including all around and under and inbetween my bed and the bedpost, checked all my clothes drawers, checked my dirty laundry basket, checked the bathrooms, my closet, my front lawn/yard, mom's car, had my guyfriend check his car and nothing is found, and I even called the restaurant I was at with my friends that night and the restaurant said they didn't see anything.

and what sucks is that i JUST got my license renewed in the mail and i just barely had that new license and now I lose my wallet. I only had $4 in it so its not like I'd lose any money for cash, but still, what's also very important outside my license, is that my boyfriend bought me that wallet. He went through the trouble of trying to make it a surprise for me, searchign through websites trying to find the most "fashionable & functional" wallet to my liking, ordered it online and had it sent to my house. He went through all that trouble and I lose the wallet!!! >_< so mad at myself.

well..i guess thats it...I'll see yall later when i get my camera back and probably after wednesday because wednesday is my Finite Math Unit 1 test. wish me luck! ;.;

YES!!! my wallet has been found! I had a HUGE gut feeling it was under the coffee table of my friend's house. She said she checked everywhere and couldn't find it, but I had her and my other friend check one more time cuz i just had that gut instinct it had to be there, and low and behold, it is!

such a huge relief man @_@

& thank you NicNic for the goodluck on finding my wallet comment :)


Nic Nic said...

aww hope you find that wallet of yours soon!! N good luck on your test :]

ChyiX2 said...

Good to hear you found your wallet! How did the test go btw?

Anonymous said...

yay for finding the wallet! :)

cant wait for your mb silver powder review! im tempted to go out and get it!

cheeeezie said...

yay, it's great that you found your wallet! i can't imagine the hassle i'd have to go through if i ever lost mine...

looking forward to your MB Silver Powder post! i've only tried it once and it was a sample size, and i haven't tested it enough to buy a full sized jar.

Anonymous said...

aw I'm glad you found it :) I would be so seriously pissed if I lost mine, there's so much important stuff inside

Anonymous said...

i didn't know you could test out the eye lash curlers :( i got your comment after i bought it haha oooo well! but idk if i want to put that on my eye knowing others may have done it o.O

im glad that you found your wallet; man i remember i lost my license once WHAT A HASSLE! --__--; but if i lost my whole wallet i'd go crazy & insane there's very important things in there!

Anonymous said...

whew good thing you found your wallet! If I ever lose my wallet I wouldn't be able to survive! It's stuffed full of everything lol. That's cute that your boyfriend put so much thought into finding you a wallet, he's definitely a keeper ;)

Agnes said...

good luck in your exam <3


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