Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Downhill my Skin Goes :(

I have got no clue what has happend! It's only been like 2 weeks or so and now suddenly my skin is blasted with red dots galore!! O__O....

I kept thinking it might be the Mario Badescu. Im not sure....I remember my birthday party being a baking party, so maybe all that super duper major sugar has finally soaked into every cell in my body and has irritated it or something. I know for sure if i eat too many sweets that I typically get a canker sore in my mouth, but perhaps this time instead of getting a canker sore, I feel that it might have migrated to my face instead :(

I HAVE been eating a lot of sweets lately though...like, SO much more than usual to the point where my belly has gotten bigger >.>;;;;....that makes me worried. So maybe MB isn't fully the culprit of my bad skin. Maybe its the sweets.

hm....I guess I should uptake the fruits and guzzle down the water!! I did eat tons of strawberries lately so hopefully that can kick in and help me. ........arg...it doesn't help that this friday is July 4th and since im hanging out with my friends, im sure there's gonna be some unhealthy eating somewhere around the clock >_< school=" dots">_<. I'm gonna try to keep things more clean so you don't have to walk through the day with dirt slapping you 24/7. Please show me what else can I do to make you happy and stay clear ;.; . I want you to be cheery, happy, and very clear and glow. Once again, my dear skin, i am sorry and I'll try to keep things better! *sigh*........i seriously hope my face gets better. I went through too many medications, both topical creams and pills, for my skin to go bad again. I can't go any further than what i've done already. Im getting so tired of using so many products for my face and having to keep track of the timing for drinking my pill too. I'm just so tired in general.....>_<

EDIT: since blogspot accidentally deleted a chunk here, I'll just repost what I wrote:

So here's a list of what I've been doing wrong to my health and skin

-not drinking enough water
-not exercising
-not lotioning myself enough
-not getting enough sleep
-my room is neverrr clean
-I haven't vacuumed my room in MONTHS until recently
-too much stress
-eating WAYY too much fast food lately
-eating too much sweets!
-not enough veggies
-not enough fruit
-too much junk food (cheezits, chips, etc)

I keep telling my mom that its okay, we can eat at home for lunch, but she keeps on insisting me to eat fast food since i'll "be eating fast food everyday anyway for college" -_____-.....

and what's worse, is that my summerschool canceled my Finite math class, cuz I'm assuming that not enough people signed up for the class. So they told me to go to their other location to take this class. And this "other location" is like freakin HEAVYYY traffic 24/7, and my class starts at 8am. That means I'll probably have to leave my house by 7am!!! aaaaa!! this area is major construction zone too so not only will that slow down traffic even more, but it may potentially damage our car with all the dust, debris, and nails on the floor and air, and with all the detour, we may potentially get lost every day cuz they seem to change detour routes every other day -_____-...... having to wake up around 6am for 5 weeks during summer vacation will be such a huge stress to my face, and for sleep in general. I need my sleep and i was counting on being able to sleep more, but with this ridiculous schedule, my face will remain mad at me!! ;.;.....

okay i guess that's enough ranting. Thank you to whoever read through it all :)


apparently blogspot had a hiccup and deleted like a huge chunk of this post...i guess i'll wake up tomorrow and fix it to make it what I had originally....well, almost, since i dun remember every single word i wrote.

damn you blogspot for losing a huge chunk of my post *shakes fist*


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

thats weird that your mom wants you to get a headstart on eating fast food....i would've thought she would rather feed you as much home cooked food while she can.

i hope your skin gets better! try to sleep early for your class....for me, i find that my skin went downhill after starting to work (i have to wake up around 6am-6.30am to get to work on time)

jie jie said...

I hate it when my skin is like that too. Make sure you introduce one skincare at a time that way you know which product you're having reactions with. I immediately switch to lines that my skin won't have a problem with. I agree with Blue, my skin too reacts more with stress (work, finals, sleeping irregularly) than with food. Hope it goes back to normal.

Nic Nic said...

i hope your skins gets better soon!

i tend to get break out when i eat too much greasy food.. so yeah diet does affect the skin i guess.

Ive heard from Anne (yummiebitez) that using a new skin care routine can make skin purge because they are getting used to the new products. Maybe you should start using MB products gradually so your skin gets used to it? just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh...yikes! i hate it when your skin gets mad at you! i hope that things clear up soon :( i have sucky skin too so i know how frustrating it is, just try to keep constant and relax when you can and eat lots of good food + water & SLEEP! haha i should take my own advice :/

fuzkittie said...

Awwww no! I feel so bad for u reading about ur skin trouble; I treat my skin like its my life so I can imagine how annoying it must be!

I find food to have more effects on my skin than living schedules. My La Mer cream keeps my skin glowing even when I pull late nights! But nothing prevents my skin from breakin out when I eat greasy food and sweets. =x

I hope ur skin gets better soon!!!

Gee said...

Sucks to hear about your skin :* I hope it gets better soon!

I heard from a dermatologist that diet really doesn't effect your skin except for drinking water. Eating greasy foods doesn't make your face greasy, and therefore breakout, unless you physically wiped the grease on your face :P That's just what I heard though.

P.S. The hazard score is 1/3 based on health hazard, 2/3 on sunscreen efficacy.

Link: http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/special/sunscreens2008/report_methodology.php

IchigoBunnie said...

i know right? my mom told me that for a second time and i told her no more fast food and i pointed to my face sayin that im breakin out

jiejie & nicnic:
thank you! unfortunately my skin reacted to just one item: MB Cucumber cleansing lotion. It's sad that I didn't even pile on the products, only used one very sparingly, and yet my face still wasn't happy :(


yea..my derma told me that too how food doesn't affect my face, but I think it varies per person really. In true perfect reality, food shoudln't affect, but I see so much of a pattern with the food I eat and the amount of it, more rather, that ends up making my face all sad >_<

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Sounds like sugar and lack of sleep is the culprit of your breakouts! I tend to break out more from eating junk food and sugar - dehydrates your skin. Drink plenty of water and eat leafy greens!

Anonymous said...

awe thats basically my life hahahahahah. my skin is up and down and yeah a clean room is a big part hehe. oh dear im there with ya.
ya know what kinda helps for fast kindafix?
dont laugh k....... toothpaste. (SHOCK)
like not too much cause then the skin will peal but im tellin ya its a miracle heheh .

awe and the fast food thing gosh soo hard for me i live surrounded by fast food places like literally 30 sec walk its sooo hard
so what i try to do i just eliminate bad carb even if i go out to fast food. like for example if i get a burger.. ill eat everything but the bun. i dunno little things but im sure youve got tips that i should be following hehe

i wish you well! toodles


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