Friday, July 25, 2008

My July 4th '08

Okay, despite that I JUST blogged a post, I decided to update right after for another blogpost cuz I have a bad feeling that i might not be able to blog another time this weekend. Probably will be able to next week, but I'm really not sure, so I just went on the safe side and decided to give yall 2 new posts to read/look at if I'm gone for a longer period of time than I would like to be.

I was actually gonna edit my last post to include a picture of my "before" hair, and found pics of my hair from my july 4th that i wanted to put up, but then i saw some other stuff i wanted to post from that day, so i decided to make a separate post for it, so more for yall to see! lol

the next two photos on the skating rink was taken by my guyfriend's cellphone so please excuse any blurriness. It's usually sharper than this actually, but I guess he was trying to take the pic quickly.

we first went iceskating :3

but my skates hurt me so bad. I used to be an iceskater and have my own skates but i didnt' brin g it to wear it--big mistake. the rentals are awful! 2 of the hooks were broken off and the interior had weird grooves and hard fabric that poked out and hurt me, so I went to the girls' restroom and stuffed my iceskates as if it was a bra! HAHA. It helped ease the pain. and yea, these rentals really did hurt me that bad. I just didn't want to lug around heavy skating shoes in the mall cuz I felt that they would have gotten in the way when I go shopping and surf through racks of clothes, but I now when i think about it, it's a bit more worth it. I save $3 while saving my feet as well.

giving directions to my friend on the phone. That isn't my phone though--it's my guyfriend's. It's an AWESOME phone. i wish i can have one like that. Oh, also in this picture, I am wearing NARS Orgasm Nailpolish on the hand that I am holding the phone, if you click on the picture to maximize it. I only put on one layer so it's pretty sheer. I did take pics of it for swatch purposes that I'll probably post later or something.

I didn't have anything but my NYX mascara on when i went to the mall, but my friend and I wanted to go to sephora and put on makeup :3. Sorry for the sloppyness and non-blending. I can only do so much with the alotted time and not in the comfort in my own home. Please excuse my awful dark circles. I am still searching for the right concealer that's affordable =/

I don't remember what I used, but the eyeshadows were Urban Decay. I think maybe one of them was "goddess"...? I just remember using a soft silver-blue for the lighter shade and I used a dark blue, close to MAC's deep truth for the outer edge. I used MUFE eyeliner (that waterproof one) in black to line my upper lid and bottom inner rim.

me shooting a Roman Candle

you can see my hair was getting REALLY long, if you look carefully. The longest layer reached the middle-lower back.

hmmm...I think this is the first time yall have seen me top to bottom haha. I had an earlier post but i was in a dress and i dun think yall saw my feet either. So here's a post where it's full-length lol

I hope yall all had a great July 4th as I did. I had so much fun with my friends =) amazing people I tell ya! I am rarely sad when I'm with them.

I think that's about it so far.....I'll see yall soon hopefully :) I hope this post and my previous post have enough pictures to keep yall busy for the while that I'm gone ^_^


Nic Nic said...

dang, your lashes are really long!! glad you had fun!
omg, cant believe how long your hair was!!

fuzkittie said...

Long beautiful hair!!! =D Looks like you had a load of fun~

Agnes said...

woahhh ur lashes... longgggg~~

is the NYX mascara good? xD

i like your hairrr~~

Violet Honeybee said...

yay ice skating! =D I love ice skating it's so fun~

I really like your new haircut! Hehe.

Roman candles are always fun =P

jie jie said...

love the lashes!!! gotta try nyx doll eyes next time.

ChyiX2 said...

you used to be an iceskater?? Awesome! Post videos if you can, I'd LOVE to see you iceskate :)

IchigoBunnie said...

nic & Fuzkittie: thank you! yea, my hair was pretty long! not the longest i've had it, but it was definitely getting there.

agnes & jiejie: thanks! and yep, NYX mascara is AMAZING :3

violet: omgah i haven't seen you in forever! i guess uve been busy :O.

chi: yup. i did iceskating lessons for...2 years? i think. so im not really super duper good, but i learned quite a bit of moves. Im sorry but I dont have any vids of me iceskating ^^() I do have it on regular video camera that my dad has, but that as a while ago and iono where it went =/

Anonymous said...

yay! lots of posts! your eye lashes are very lonnggg; are roman candles some type of fireworks? how's it work? haha when i was a little kid i used to play with fire works in the philippines, but can't here :(

ice skating! i havent' been in SO long! wow you used to be an ice skater :) my mom wouldn't let me hahaha

SUGABUM said...

Wow, I can't believe how much hair you cut off! When I have long hair, I wish for it to be short, but when I have short hair I wish for it to be long. I like how your short hair flares out all nicely. When I had short hair, my ends would flip in all sorts of directions! It must feel nice to get all that weight cut off though!

REI 麗 said...

I love your eyelashes they are so long and beautiful. Your eyes are also so beautiful as well! <3

Vi Anne said...

I wanna see old ice skating pics! I like your lashes, btw. I'm never gonna light a roman candle again. It shot sparks out the other end of the tube and it burned my wrist. :(

Audrie said...

gahh you look so cute in your ice skating shoes!! I didn't know that you were an ice skater, such a pretty and graceful sport!

Agnes said...


its Giorgio armani silk luminous foundation in code 5 xD... just dropping by.

And to just remind u to UPDATE pls xD...


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