Friday, July 25, 2008

My New Haircut <3

based upon that title, Im gonna be picture whoring again in this post with pics from when I was out with my friends and bf, but of course im not gonna put up pics that have their faces so i can respect their privacy.

So my original hairdresser guy is out of town--CONSTANTLY and is very time-unreliable, so I had to switch to a new hairstylist. I was slightly sad cuz I've been going to that one guy for 4 years! He knows what to do and he charges at only $20-23 including tip for a job that he does for 1.5 hours. He's very careful with what he does and all so that's not a lot of money spent on the amount of time he spends on me, but unfortunately, he chose to halfway-move to another town and rarely comes back to my city, so that is just way too unreliable.

The new hairstylist is also good, and can speak better english, so that is so much easier for me to communicate. He can't speak much english, but at least he can understand it. It works the same for me. I can't speak viet very well but I can understand it just fine, so I end up speaking english to him and he speaks viet back to me haha, so it all works out! lol

He charges $23 (without tip) for short hairstyles and $25(without tip) for long hairstyles. So he is a few bucks more expensive, but he's always there in the shop and he does a good job, so I'm satisfied for that.

So here I am right after I got my haircut. My bf went to pick me up so we can hangout and he was very excited for the hair. The wind kept blowing my hair so the "flare" on the tips of my hair got loosened =/, but you can see in the other photos of me out with my friends eating where my hair's more flipped out and more flirty/fun.

yes mam me and my bf are in an asian grocery store standing in the Ramen aisle taking a picture of my hair haha! we are weird like that. We don't really have "dates". We just sorta go to random places to hangout or date, such as in this photo, the grocery store XD haha. we were stocking up on ramune and pocky =9


forgot to add this photo that i watermarked already. I wasn't gonna put it up cuz yall already saw this post, but since i watermarked it already, i found it a waste if i didn't put it up. more camera-whoring pic to add to this post XD

/end edit.

and here's me out with my friends at a japanese buffet restaurant:

im eating shrimp tempura for those who are curious of what im eating lol. I also was eating Teriyaki Salmon and white rice. yum :3


due to the lack of updates, is that enough photos for yall? XD i kno this is my own blog, but I still feel SO weird posting that many pics of myself @_@ I still feel conceited and "omgahh look at MEEE" when i post up this many pics, but I know yall like pics, especially full-faced ones cuz yall don't see that many full-face pics of me. I just hope no creeps lurk around my blog!

so yea, I asked for layered short hair around my shoulders. Now it's growing out a bit, so im sad it's not as short as before, but oh well. I'm considering cosplaying as Rinoa again for this upcoming November anime convention, except this time to make things more fun, my guyfriend suggested me to make wings to add to the rinoa costume, so i thought that was a good idea, so I guess I'll just let my hair grow out and right after that convention, ima cut my hair then.

As for the makeup I wore for the restaurant photos, I barely wore anything really. I didn't do any crazy stuff, just basics, and that's what I've been wearing outside lately cuz I dont have too many colors to play around with.

products used:

face: no foundation or powder. the flash made my skin look better than it really is in those photos XD

-Jane Oil-Free Concealer (squeeze tube)
-Loreal De-Crease
-Loreal HIP Paints in Secretive
-Clinique high impact eyeshadow in "sunkissed" (freebee/gift with purchase) (basically a neutral beige that has a bit of shimmer. Nude color)
-Loreal Line Intensifique Liquid Liner (felt tip) in black (upper eyelid)
-Styli-Style 24/7 line and seal eyeliner in Carbon Black for the bottom inner rim of eyes
-NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume

lips: nothing but the water im drinkin lol

Well there you go ladies, I updated lol. I'll come back to post more. This monday I have a test, so I have 3 hw ws's to do and gotta study, so I'm really sorry about if I don't update in time. I also have another test NEXT monday as well, so two mondays in a row i'll have tests and then aug 7 is my last day of summerschool, but one of those days will be my final...then right the day after, aug 8 will be my day to get my wisdom teeth out, so it's either I'll be knocked out so bad that I won't even go online, or I recover quickly, but stay home and have nothing to do and have time to blog lol.

Hope yall ladies and gents are doing well! =) wish me luck on my next 2 tests and finals. I need it. I got a blasted 74 on my first test--the test was ridiculous! there was even a person who got a 13!! only two got A's, 4 got 74's. the rest made F's or D's. so yea..i need all the luck and studying I can get. >_<

see yall laterrr <3


ilurvemakeup said...

You remind me more of Yuna now woohoo! :D <3 It's like Rinoa/Yuna, I can't decided, but I love it on you sweets :) GL with your test, don't stress out too much :)

Miss you :o

Vanessa said...

Love the new haircut! Suits ya!

alien man?! said...

love it. it's perfect for the season and it's perfect for you. i thought you had given it bluish highlights in the supermarket pix and i thought, cooooL... haha

Nic Nic said...

Cute haircut! Im still thinking of to cut my hair, im very particular about it >.< lol.

SUGABUM said...

Your new haircut is totally awesome. I love it!

Agnes said...

i kinda like the short hair~~~ but for me it will turn out pretty childish... i dun suit short hair i think... huhuhu...

your hair is so healthy too~~

mayaari said...

your new haircut is really cute - i like all the layers :)

ChyiX2 said...

I LOVE your new hair! You look like an anime figure from the back and sides :)

IchigoBunnie said...

haha yea, thats what a couple of my friends, including my bf, said, is that i look more like Yuna at this point

vanessa, Sugabum, Mayaari, & Chi: thank you!

haha, i actually want to do one of those temporary hilights where they wash out in a couple of days--just to see what i'd look like in hilites, but im too chicken to do that. Im so scared if my hair will end up fried or something ^^()

Nic: thanks! yea, I did TONS of pic-research before i got my haircut. Despite all the research, I ended up just lookin through one of those books in the salon and pointed at the style i sorta wanted. my hairdresser did his own version though that was just slightly different from the picture, but i love the way it turned out =) goodluck on finding ur haircut that you want! ^_^

thats what i first thought when i was thinkin of getting my haircut, whether i'd look like a lil 4 yr old child or not, but really, I feel that anybody can have any haircut, but a certain variation/style of it is what will suit them. This is the short hair that suits me. Im sure if i had like some pixi cut or buzz cut, i'd look HORRID! but on other people, it might look better on them. photoshop around with diff hairstyles and see if you like anything =)

Anonymous said...

i like your hair cut it's so cute :)
it looks soo healthy..haha
anyway good luck with your tests; summer school is eating me alive too :(

REI 麗 said...

I love your haircut, it's so cute and super layered!

Vi Anne said...

I like the new cut on you. The flips suit you. :)


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