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ELF Cosmetics Review

I read Fei's blog not too long ago, and when I mean not too long ago, I mean just a couple minutes ago haha.

I noticed that a girl wrote to Fei asking of her opinions/reviews of ELF, and so I thought to write a review of the products I used of ELF.

For all these products that Im about to review on, I used these about 2 years ago, so it's not anything recent, BUT the same products are still on the shelf and I remember very well how these products worked.

Earth & Water Duo Mascara

Rating: 0/5

The formula when you take it out of the tube looks pretty nice, but once you touch your lashes with them, it's so gooey! I almost felt as if they were tar on me. Im not even kidding. It's ridiculous of how sticky this is. Just go put on Elmer's glue. It might be just the same consistency, or at least from the tube I got

Flakes galore! I rub my eyes and I see all these little black specks on my lids, getting inside my eyes, and down my face. Horrid. Oh, and I'm a contact lens user and my eyes are super sensitive so this flakyness I experienced is just terrible for us contacts users

Separation & Clumps:
uh, NO separation whatsoever right here. Clumps galore! It was one of those mascaras that gave you like 5 lashes at the very end after taking all your lashes into "one big lash" it looked very spidery

How it made my lashes feel:
STIFF like a board. I kid you not. My lashes felt so brittle and hard. It felt like I could bend it in half and break it all off. Terrible!

ELF Eyelash Curler

Overall: 4/5 (giving the benefit of the doubt, but in all honesty, I'd say it's at least a 3.5 to 3.8 rating)

Yes it did curl the lashes just fine, but it didn't fit my asian eye-shape, so that didn't make me too happy, but hey, it's $1 first of all, and most lash curlers, cheap and high end, tend to not fit my eyeshape anyway. I remembered I tried a Sephora lash curler ($16) at their store and it did not fit my eye one bit. So, if you are a person who has not found a single lash curler that fits (after trying everything else) , I would suggest you to buy this one since it's $1. If you're gonna buy a lash curler that doesnt fit, why not spend $1 rather than $16???

However, if you have found your "perfect fit" and perfect curls, no pinching etc etc with the lash curler you are using, by all means stick with it and don't buy this. This, in your case, would be something you'd carry in your car or purse as a "spare" for "just in case moments"

I know there are lots of people out there that this curler worked for them, but as for me, I think i'ts the fit that killed it, really, because this lash curler curled my lashes just fine. Yes it did pinched me, but it was rare when that happend cuz it pinched me when I myself accidently put it on my eyelid (yea, dumb of me).

What I think of it today:
I actually threw this away a year ago when I shouldn't have. I regret throwing it away! I bought other lash curlers that still don't fit my eye shape and it's like, I might as well have kept the $1 curler rather than spend $10 or so on other lash curlers if they're going to work just the same.

Eye Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee:

Rating: 1/5

Tugging & Hardness:
For my upper eyelid, it TUGGED like no other. I tried it when it was sharpened on its own when it was packaged, and then I sharpened the pencil with the sharpener than it was included and found that sharpening it made no difference. It kept tugging and tugging and tugging. When I used this pencil on my waterline (inner rim of eyes), it obviously was smoother just because the skin of our waterline is smooth, but really, its our skin that made the difference, not the pencil. It still felt "hard" going on my waterline like something sharp was poking me. I didn't like it

Color Payoff:
The lead looked MUCH darker than what it came out to be, but for some people, they might like the color, so I don't want to necessarily bash this pencil color due to my own preference, but still, when I see a pencil, I expect the same color I see on the lead to go on my lid, and that did not happen here.

It included a sharpener. it isn't the "cap-sharpener", but a totally separate sharpener that came with the package, and let me tell you I am in LOVE with this sharpener. I seriously would buy this product just to get the sharpener and chuck the pencil in the trash. Seriously. I tried The Body Shop sharpeners, Sephora sharpeners, and ULTA sharpeners, as well as a regular #2 pencil sharpener, and even the sharpener that I use for my Prisma pencils (art students know what I'm talking about right there), and NONE of them sharpened my makeup pencils as well as this ELF one did, so that's why I gave this overall Brightening pencil a 1/5, cuz the 1 came from the sharpener. However, the downside is that there's only one size for the sharpener, so you can't sharpen like those jumbo pencils, but hey, it's $1, and for an awesome sharpener, but bad pencil, I'd buy this again, just for that sharpener.

Oil Blotting Sheets

Rating: 3/5

It DOES soak up oil, BUT these sheets are THIN THIN THIN! The thinness is the exact same thinness like tissue paper that you wrap your presents with. It's sooooooo thin, therefore if you're an oily person like me, I ended up using 2 sheets to blot my face vs the usual 1 blot sheet with my Clean & Clear blotting sheets. However, at $1, it's still cheaper to use 2 sheets of this Oily blotting sheet than to use one Clean & Clear blotting sheet.

This thing is really half and half on me. Honestly, I like to use this blotting sheet when my face is slightly oily, so that I don't waste an entire sheet of clean & clear. Since C&C is thicker, it's sometimes wasteful to use one sheet only to find that you don't need to use even half of it.

So overall, for yall ladies or gents who have slight oils and don't feel that you need to blot a lot, definitely get this ELF blotting sheet. It's cheaper, and you won't feel bad for wasting blotting sheets since you don't need to use much to begin with. For yall people who are severely oily, this won't cut it when you use it for one shot. You need to use more than one sheet, so it's an iffy-type of buy. I'd say just go ahead and buy one and if you dont like it, dont buy it again. At least it isn't like makeup where you really cannot use it if it doesn't work out for you.

I have not tried any of their brushes nor their lipglosses nor eyeshadows. I think out of the products they offer, I would like to rebuy their Eyelash curler, test out one eyeshadow brush (but not ANY other brush cuz I know it'll probably suck), and I'd like to try out their eyeshadows cuz I've seen some swatches online and some of them don't look to shabby! =) But I definitely won't buy any of these any time soon unless I'm actually there at the store and it's conveniently there. I don't feel that ELF is something to go out of your way to get, unless it's truly your HG stuff. It's one of those "pick up while you're there" type of product.

I hope I helped somebody out there. And sorry that this review isn't as indepth and organized as my other ones. I am SUPER busy with my college life now and I've got 200 pages to read and lots of notes to take and a Pre-Test and regular test to take. Yikes! So yea, I tried my best to update my blog with this review, and hopefully it helped yall make a decision of whether or not to get one of these ELF products.

see yall later! =)


I really feel that overall ELF is a hit or miss--the entire line. Lots of people have raved on every single item, and some others have hated every single item. I think it's sort of like Coastal Scents how it's either you get super duper good items and then your friend who got the same product got them really crappy. Just like that. All the products are good in my opinion--I just think you have to be LUCKY to get that good item. The only item so far that I feel is possibly the worst of the bunch is the mascara. Honestly, no matter which tube you get, I don't think a person would ever get lucky with that mascara--it's HORRID. As for the eyeliner, I might have gotten an old one or a bad one, who knows? There have been people out there who claim its their HG stuff, but for me, I dun think I'll be buying ELF again. I think their lipgloss at the most...


fuzkittie said...

Sounds like I won't be trying it, ever. Haha. Thanks for the review!

mayaari said...

the flat eyeliner brush is pretty decent for the price; the bristles are a little harder than say, sephora's, but it gets the job done. never never never buy their blending brush! total waste of money, as are any of the face brushes.

the single eyeshadows are ok (the ones the same size as the MAC e/s), but I never liked their quads.

Emilita said...

I saw the eyelash curler in a store but didn't get it, worried it would be too cheap and poor quality. Your review makes me think it could be worth a try though, at least to just throw in my makeup bag for travel. It is a nice packing size.

Em said...

Thanks for the follow-up comment! Ugh...I will keep that in mind if I come across the curler.

Agnes said...

WOAH... i din know elf was that bad. lucky me i never get their shadows or whateva... i have their lipgloss.

Will review that in my blog soonie =x

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review! I see that aside from their eyelash curler, the rest of their stuff isn't great huh?

IchigoBunnie said...

fuzkittie: haha! since you have the money for the better stuff, you should definitely stick with the stash you're currently buying =)

Mayaari: thanks for telling me! I guess I won't be buying the brushes then lol! maybe the dome e/s brush since I just need a basic brush to do the job...actually, maybe i'll just get the "Posh" brush some people have been raving about. I finally found it at my grocery store of all places O.O

Emilita: i responded to you on your blog, as you probably know already :)

agnes: oooo please do review on their lipgloss :) I did see on Irene's blogspot (if u look on my blogging beauty list) and that girl has a lipgloss in "watermelon" from ELF and it looked pretty nice! I would love to see your view on it upon the lipgloss you got ^_^

incandescent: well, from what I see, i really didn't find other stuff that great from ELF. The only thing I am 100% satisfied on was the sharpener that came with the crappy eyeliner. At least the blotting sheets did their job. It's not that they didn't soak anything, because they really did soak up the oil--its just that the paper wasn't thick enough so you had to use more.

the eyelash curler really varied when i looked at other's reviews! One said their lashes were completely chopped off!!!AAA! another said it worked better than her Shiseido and Shu curlers, so it's really a luck of the draw...


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