Friday, August 8, 2008

An Update because Agnes wanted one =P

lol, Agnes commented and wanted me to update, so here i am updating haha. Yes, Agnes, you are special! I update just for you =) But im sorry there's no pictures =/

Sorry i couldnt' update too much. Cuz this is what happend this week:

Sunday-Monday: lost my wallet. someone stole it, AND stole my NYX eyebrow pencil. It HAD to be a girl who stole my wallet! I reported it to the police already and hopefully I'll get it back cuz that was my bf's gift to me, and i had lots of money due to my birthday and graduation gift, and i had lotsa gift cards too. it makes me depressed to lose it. Please wish/pray for me to get it back.

Monday: Test #3 for my college summerschool course for Finite Math. I got an 85 on it! =)

Tuesday: Hurricane was supposed to hit my city, and it did, but since my city is so wide and huge, it hit more on the east side, whereas i live on the far westside, so i just got a light sprinkle of rain.

wednesday: oddly, there was lots of rain this day despite that the weather people forcasted yesterday was supposed to be the hit. Anyhoo, I went to 3 different police stations, yet they said I went to the wrong one each time. They said I have to go to the sheriff's department that is in charge of the location where I lost my wallet.

thursday: hung out with my boyfriend cuz on Friday I would get my wisdom teeth removed. It was a good day. Then when my boyfriend went home, my mom drove me to the correct sheriffe's police station that's like freakishly far away (gayyy!!!) and the directions were gay too, so we kept getting lost. I didn't get to eat dinner yet cuz I was waiting at the police place. Didn't matter too much cuz I wasn't hungry cuz I had a full lunch. I just ate Honey Bunches of Oats cereal for dinner =) Then took my med in preparation for tomorrow's surgery.

Friday (today): i got my wisdom teeth pulled. The meds they gave me was like Valium so calm me down and reduce anxiety. The IV didn't hurt at all cuz my doc put this freezer foam on my arm, and then I literally knocked out in like 5 seconds. I woke up the minute the took out the IV and remembered all that the docs did. I was fumbling around trying to get to the bed to rest. I felt pretty nauscious =(. What's funny is that the doc told me the guy next to me reacted differently to the numbing meds. He kept smiling and wouldnt' stop smiling. As for me, my mom told me that the doctor informed her I couldn't stop saying Hi to people XD!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH I must have been some freakin delirious person lol

So i come home, and after eating a chocolate milkshake, as suggested by my doctor, I felt sick and threw up from not drinking my antibiotics at the right time. Then I went to sleep...woke up, and ate the rest of the chocolate milkshake. Surprisingly, and luckily, I'm recovering fast. I can talk slowly, I don't feel any pain (probably cuz of meds), and I'm walking around. I feel so restless laying in bed despite the aweseome squishy-ness factor of my bed, but my legs feel like going on an adventure so I had to walk around my room and house.

At the point, I have this...headband thingy around my head holding icepacks on either side of my face. My face is slightly puffy lol, but it isn't as bad as i thought, really.

mmk i better get some sleep and rest.

see yall later!! =)


jie jie said...

Oh dear, I hope you find your wallet. My city was also on tropical storm watch last week, they said to expect somethng big. I heard people started to panic buy again. I didn't though, cos I was so clueless I didn't know about it till the night before the tropical storm hits my town. I work at a hospital, I didn't even know they were on hurricane preparation mode and I was supposed to ride out the storm there and work.

Haha... your wisdom tooth story sounds too familiar. That was the first time I got stuck by a needle for IV. I was so scared, and thanks to the anesthesia, I was babbling away when I left the clinic. That was terrible.. the blood and pain.. I lived on mashed potatoes for 3 days! Hope you feel better soon!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Awww i hope your wallet turns up with everything back. :(
Hope you'll heal soon from the wisdom teeth removal! i had mine removed too a few years ago and i remember being really out of it too, I ended up sleeping the entire day because of the meds. I ate congee and fruit milkshakes for a week, which I actually enjoyed haha.

ChyiX2 said...

What? Not again!! Argh! This makes me so mad on your behalf, seriously... I really hope that whoever did this to you will reap as he/she sows. Don't worry, Karma is a bitch!

Agnes said...

OMG.. for little ol me? i feel so touched. *bigweteyes*

how i wish i am wonderwoman and catch those thieves! my friend just had his wallet stolen too! Together with his driving license, IC, credit cards and so on. *pfffttt*

Congrats on your great resultssss~~ wee yippee yippee~

you got ur wisdom teeth pulled out =x... i have one... but i pulled out the baby teeth when i did my braces and push the wisdom teeth in. now i have a sharp sharp teeth. "I MA dracula" xD..

oh btw, do take care!! eat more ice cream xD... (if you are allowed to), sleep like a little piggy~ cause this is the best time to sleep and sleep and sleep and act as if you are sick.

ok i am a bad example. Don't listen to me.

<3 you xD

take care!!

p/s: ok.. i take back my word, i dun wanna be wonderwoman. i'll just have a superman bf. xD

fuzkittie said...

Oh no! Hope your wallet turns up soon! Good you are feeling better after the wisdom teeth... I hate dentists.

IchigoBunnie said...

thank you all for the warm wishes =)I appreciate all the support! ^_^

ilurvemakeup said...

Well, it sounds like a crazy week except for your Finite Math, go girlie :) Hope everything gets better for you from here on out. I still have never gotten my wisdom tooth pulled lol

Audrie said...

Ahh I really hope you find your wallet, having your ID and credit cards stolen is SUCH a pain! Especially since the wallet has sentimental value :(

I keep on hearing everyone's wisdom tooth story, but guess what? I've never even had my wisdom tooth yet, I wonder if it will ever come? lol

IchigoBunnie said...


you are so lucky! some people have only 2 wisdom teeth, some just 1, and some just 3....lucky me i have all 4 -.-......

maybe you are one of the luckiest of them all to have absolutely NO wisdom teeth to ruin your life! My wisdom teeth already made 2 of my top and 2 of my bottom front teeth go slightly crooked, and the sugery costs lotsa money! you are SO lucky to not have any, and I really feel that if you haven't had any grown in slightly by now, im sure u won't have any in the future--lucky duck!


and yea...the wallet has such sentimental value and it makes me so sad beyond belief. In all honesty...despite that i feel bad that i lost a lotta money...I really don't care anymore about the money. I want my wallet back, just the wallet cuz my bf gave me that and it means so much to me. Plus, my HS school ID is in there...and it was my best picture too! XD

too bad some people choose to live the life of selfishness to the point where they would steal a wallet...especially mine >_<

Nic Nic said...

removing the wisdom sounds pretty traumatic.. i still have my top ones.. glad to hear that you're recovering quickly tho! :)


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