Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smokey Eye Contest--PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

I am SO excited! I got accepted into May's Smokey Eye Contest!

Please please support IchigoBunnie and vote for me!
Click Here to Vote for Me. I am Contestant #6!

Since I got accepted late into the contest, I have almost no votes! I'd need more than 100 votes so I am able to catch up!

This voting is just one person, one time, and there's no registration, nothing of that, so if you click the link, click on #6, that's all you have to do! It'll take but 2 seconds of you time.

Thank yall SO much and PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! I appreciate it :)

FYI: Anonymous voters are all welcome to vote since all you have to do is click, so Family, Friends, && Anonymous, please vote! I'm falling so behind ;.;..

If yall want to see my look I did for my smokey eye contest, here it is! I worked hard to create this look and I hope yall like it! :)

of course, gotta have a silly picture. sorry the flash sorta washed out the colors in this.

Thank yall SO SO much. Hope yall can support and vote for me!

here's the link again:

Click Here to Vote for Me. I am Contestant #6!

:) I need all your Help to make this happen! Every vote helps a lot

Here's the products that I used:

-Loreal De-Crease (dun like this...but just using it to use the product up)

-Amuse Ultra Shine Diamond Shimmer Powder (4-color and I used the light pinkish purplish goldish color) . I used this color to apply on my inner corner of my eye and I applied it WET

- Lancome (Freebee Gift with Purchase) Exceptional Wear EyeColour in Peep (purple color applied WET on outer corner)

- Sisley Botanical Eye Shadow in Black, blended it into the outer outer corner of the eye, into the purple, and some on the below the eye to create more of a smokey eye and crease. Applied DRY.

-Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Black (lined top and bottom inner rim of eyes)

- NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume (used on top and bottom lashes)

P.S. I just went to ULTA today and got a tiny Haul, and since I have 2 tests tomorrow and one test Wednesday, I won't have time to blog since I'm studying from here on out and I'll blog at the end of the week--probably maybe Friday or Saturday. But I WILL blog about this in the near future sometime at the ending of the week :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

IchigoBunnie in Anne's Fall Makeup Contest//EDIT didn't make it so this will be a regular EOTN

Hey Everybody!

Anne @ Yummiebitez is hosting a Fall Makeup Contest, and your fellow bunnie decided to join :)

This is my very first contest that I joined that I am serious about and actually tried really really really hard to make this look and to take pictures of it.

This contest is based upon the amounts of votes, so I am truly hoping that yall can help your bunnie out by voting once a day for me! It's not one of those one vote by one person & then that's it. It's more of a consistency of voting, but it's just one vote per person, per day. So I'd GREATLY appreciate it if yall can vote for me please!

Here's all the products I used

yay my skin has cleared up tremendously in a week thanks to Doxy pills, Retin A, and Clindamycin Gel. I still have pimples and scars, but it's reduced a lot. So i guess this pic can double up as an "update on my skin" :)

Here are the makeup items I used listed with their names and listed in the order I used them:

- Jane No Show Oil-Free Concealer in "Fair"
- Loreal Decrease Eye Base
- Loreal HIP Paint in "Secretive"
- Silver Color on Inner Corner: Lancome (gift with purchase) Creme Powder Eye Colour Duo in "Starry" (the other color of the duo is Aubergine but I used Starry as the silver)
- Light Blue on Outer corner: ULTA eyeshadow single in "Luna"
- Dark Blue on Bottom eye: Milani Wet/Dry Eyeshadow in "Blue Lagoon" applied WET
- Hilight browbone: Clinique (gift with purchase) Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in "Almost Peach"
- Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner (NON-automatic) in Black to line both upper eyelid and bottom inner rim
- Tweezerman Metal Eyelash Curler
- NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume on Top and Bottom lashes

- NYX Lipgloss in "Smokey Look" --a nude pink to balance out the heavy eye makeup

Nothing because I'm recovering from breakouts and am staying away from face makeup for another week to let my skin calm down. Don't want makeup to irritate the skin more.

Hope you can vote for me daily! Thanks so much

Click HERE for Anne's blog :) Votes only count if it is left on Anne's blog, so any voting that was placed on my blog won't count, so please do comment/vote through Anne's contest post once she puts it up :)

I think Anonymous users are able to vote as well....? I'm not quite sure because Anne never really specified whether the voters must have a blog or not in her rules.

again, thank you thank you thank you for the support :)

awww I didn't even make the cut for the contest :(

I think it was because of my stupid self being disorganized. I sent my email in, but forgot to list what products I used! So I sent that in through another email. Maybe I really was missing some information that I was supposed to fill in. my fault & stupidity.

and despite that i AM 18, I probably don't look like it, so maybe I got cut off bc perhaps some misunderstandings.

maybe it was because I watermarked my pictures? Was I not allowed to? I thought I did...

if those weren't the reasons, maybe its the way i did the makeup. I realize that my makeup look didn't look particularly fall--it looked more WINTER, so I guess that didn't quite fit the theme. Either that or the look i did just plain looked like crap/shit (i'm more than willing to accept any fact that my eotd's in general look like crap. thats why I don't do EOTDs often bc I know im not creative and they tend to look pretty bad. Plus I basically live off of freebee stuff so i don't have much colors to do variety stuff).

darn :( I was really hoping to win cuz all i have are drugstore brand stuff or freebee things. I've never owned a single MAC in my life or anything expensive. The only thing expensive I have is NARS Orgasm that i bought with my christmas money. Plus I don't really have any brushes either--too expensive for me to buy. Plus I don't have any variety in colors so I was hoping to expand the colors rather than consistently use the bland flat-toned stuff.

i guess next time when a contest rolls around, I'll be more careful and read the rules a hundred times over and reread my emails to make sure I do it correctly, and probably should stick more to the theme next time. Oh well, not bad for my first contest :) It was fun to create a look that I never tried before and hopedfully it may have help inspire others for some other looks to do.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buff'd Foundation

I have been hearing about this foundatioin from Christina Divine as well as Fabuless Beauty and Blue (a watercoloursky), all 3 of which seem to love this foundation!

I do believe there are some Buff'd foundation users out there that I might have missed, but so far this foundation looks more promising than Everyday Minerals.

Just now I asked my sister if I could use her credit card to order some samples, and she said yes(I gave her a $5 bill to pay her back for the $4.36 USD I spent), so I JUST ordered:

1 sample of Sungrass in Concealing formula
1 sample of Wool in Concealing formula
1 sample of Sand in Concealing formula

Jennifer, the lady who runs the site, recommended me to get Antique as well, but I personally felt it might be too dark. I used Blue(a watercoloursky) as my skin reference since we have very similar skintones (thank you blue for your Buff'd posts! they really helped me pick my colors). My skin is capable of getting really really pale, so that's why i decided to put Sungrass into my sample buying because I never know if I do get pale for the winter.

So yes, I am SOOOOOO hoping that this will be my hg foundation. I seriously do. I am tired of spending money on trying to find something I'm not allergic to and is something affordable and something that works.

I heard from all 3 bloggers that the coverage is great, it lasts, and their shade matches them pretty well. Oh, and since they have oily skin like me, I think that's great that they all said how great it is. I believe all three of them had the Original formula, but I ordered the concealing formula because I have a feeling that my face will oil up right through the original formula. But after this sample, if I feel that the concealing formula is too much, then i'll just order the Original formula.

*crosses fingers*

Since this is a Canadian-based company, it'll first take about 1-2 days to process, and 5-10 days to ship since I live SOOOO freakin far away from canada. On top of that, my city just went through a hurricane so I'm not quite sure if the delivery man will go through the flood water to deliver my makeup!!!! XDDD!!!

Oh, and what made me very very happy, was that I completely forgot that the price on Buff'd cosmetics is all in candian dollars, which at the end when i was checking out the order, I was happy to see that the US dollars was less money :D haha exciting. I can't wait to try this out!

And since 5-10 days later, my skin should be much much clearer, I'll be able to put this foundation on a good test run in my just-hurricane-hit humid hot Houston city where I walk under the blazing sun at my university every day. That should be like the ultimate test of how well this foundation works haha. Then, of course, I will review this product for yall :)

God, I seriously seriously am hoping that this product will be it. Color match. Perfect coverage. Lasting all day. Easy to remove. all of that. I want it. Wish me luck!!!!

oh, and wish the delivery man some good luck too as he has to go through the debris-filled streets......XD

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike Aftermath

First of all, thank yall for wishing me goodluck through the storm :)

I'm over at my aunt's house right now because she is one of the very very few people who has water and electricity.

Hurricane Ike was bigger than I thought :(

My house's power got shut down since 11pm last night, and it's 8pm today, so my house will be probably powerless for 24 hours. Yes that means no a/c and i'ts like hot and humid and like 85 to 90 degrees. I can't breathe too well in my house so I had to go over to my aunts.

It's so weird. She lives less than 5 minutes away from me yet my neighborhood has ZERO power. But luckily we have water.

And on another lucky note, my house did not get damaged at all in comparison to other neighbors that are a few streets away from me. Me and my mom drove around my neighborhood to find people's shingles from their roofs torn off and their fences broken down to the floor.

My cousin's house (who's also less than 5 minutes away) received little damage, but their extremely heavy backyard chairs got swept away by the wind straight into the bottom of their pool and they had to fish it out one by one. Ladies, these chairs are HEAVY. I can barely even push it to move it to a position that I would like to sit. It's severely heavy and the floor is not just flat concrete where it would slide easily. It's like pebble stones so it has more friction to hold things back, yet the wind knocked it over like 5 ft away into the pool.

my other friend who lives 30 min away has no power nor water. the poor guy! he's suffering a lot.

Please keep your prayers out for everybody in my city! Lots of people have worse damage than my neighborhood!!

Oh, and my aunt's neighbor's tall pine tree snapped in half. Luckily at my house, NONE of my trees snapped, and that's including my beloved persimmon tree! I felt awful that it was suffering but I'm glad it stood up. Hopefully the storm has passed and hopefully it won't be windy nor rainy tonight

okay i just typed all that that you just read like 10 minutes ago. Surprisingly my house got its power back as soon as my mom got home after dropping me off at my aunt's! I'm SOO happy!!!

we're getting the a/c going back. Its still humid in the house, but it'll take a while for the air to circulate and such.

This seriously makes me appreciate inventions like the electricity SO much more O___O. I was gonna go crazy!

so far my university is shut down until further notice--no damage or floods, but one of the feeders/feters(sp??) of the freeways to drive to my university is under water.

all the streets around my entire giant neighborhood has tons of debris on the streets, particularly grass, dirt, tree branches, leaves, etc.

so in total for my house, this is what happend:

-11pm electricity immediately flickers and shuts off within seconds
-wake up at 4:30 am to find heavy storming, but my mom was awake since 2am and said the storm already began since then.
-went back to sleep (surprisingly) and woke up round 8am to find my electricity STILL out and the air is hotter and thicker due to the lack of air conditioning.
-went around the house. went back to sleep. woke up only to find that barely an hour has passed -___-... I was hoping to sleep through the lack of a/c to wake up to the power back, but that didn't happen.
-later on my aunt came to my house early evening telling my family that we can come over to her house to shelter cuz she has electricity and water.
-we went over to my aunt's house for dinner
-after that i played Wii Mario Kart with my cousin XD. I lost horribly. very very very horribly. XD
-went home to shower in the dark, but I put the huge flash light it looked rather creepy to shower in 80-90% pitch dark bc my bathroom is in the middle of the house where there's no windows.
-then went straight to my aunt's house only to find out that my electricity got back on--whoo hoo!

the damage to my house:
-no electricity for approximately 20 to 21 hours.
-no a/c
-we DO have water luckily
-no trees down but some small branches fell off
-small trees got tilted over in their pot
-the poor persimmon tree is hunching over trying to survive but i'm so happy it didn't break *crosses fingers*

I do have pictures that i took with my phone camera, so it isn't good quality. I forgot to bring it with me while driving around my neighborhood, so i didn't get good clear pics of what it looks like.

These pics onward were taken from my phone camera so they aren't as good of quality, but you get the gist of what happend.

Wasn't as bad as other neighborhoods in my city. Literally no where near damaged as the other part of town. My area had no flooding whatsoever.

please do keep my town in your prayers cuz some other areas have been hit pretty badly! Galveston got hit pretty bad :( and neighboring sister-mini towns/cities have been flooded ranging from a few feet, all the way to chest-deep.

see yall later!


i just looked at my friend's pics from this hurricane, and despite that she lives about 10-15 minutes away (yea our neighborhood is rather large), multiple trees were up-rooted. It's those trees that are rather old and just snapped and uprooted. Fences were knocked down with the trees and one of the street lights was knocked off.

My sister also came home today to show us pics from the extreme north of Houston, and floods everywhere and a tree fell into someone's house! i feel so horrible for that person!

I feel so fortunate that my side of the neigborhood had probably the most minimal damage. Other people's houses were so damaged!

oh and we got a second dose of rain last night (today is sept 14 that i'm updating this) and it was much windier, but it didn't last as long as the full-landfall of the hurricane.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I feel almost bad for not being severely concerned as other people about this...

most of my neighbors has put wood over their windows to protect their house and has filled their tubs with water

yet in my house, we have done none of that XD

Hurricane Rita made my HS shut down for 6 days and was like, nothing when it came here in my area--just a light sprinkle...not even full rain. Then I forgot the other 2 hurricanes, but it just somewhat rained..I mean seriously, our tropical storms were 100x worse than the hurricanes. like..i remember in 2001, one freeway was flooded up about 10-15 ft of water (NOT an exaggeration--pics to prove it!)

and now here's Hurricane Ike, and it seems perhaps bad this time--but I hope it isn't.

Should I be worried like others?

So far we've just done some of the essential stuff, like doing our laundry in case the water gets shut off, and cooking multiple meals to be set aside in case electricity runs out, and also charging our cell phones and having a massive flashlight by our side. Oh, and we've got bottled water as well and filled up our gas tanks and moved our plants inside our garage. I feel so bad for our persimmon's got so much fruit on it right now and I'd hate for it to just get damaged and drop to the floor :( It's a rather thin tree...

Sorry I'm just thinking out loud and stuff...blah. I'm not quite sure what to think really about this. At first I was like "oh, it's just ANOTHER hurricane". but now I'm starting to rethink some stuff...It's just my city has been through massive floods, hurricanes, tornados, one of the worst crime rate cities & car accident cities, excessive heat & humidity, west Nile virus with mosquitos....i guess that's what i can think of so yea...

hopefully this will indeed be "just another hurricane" since we seem to have so many of them and that my electricity won't run out, streets won't flood, and our water supply will remain more than adequate.


oh and i forgot to add my electricity flickered this morning yet it was half sunny half cloudy....I wonder if it was just a construction worker working on the lights/neighborhood electricity or whether it was a slight bump from the storm. who knows @_@

see yall later! wish me luck x.x


haven't seen any rain yet but now it's starting to get darker with the clouds. Like, half of the sky is very extremely pretty looking right now like a sunset, but the other half looks scary XD. Galveston already got hit ish and other districts/off-city towns have already been flooded, but my area is still luckily dry. Hope it stays that way!

about 9:30 pm now and there's no rain, some thunder, moderate wind bumping around randomly, and I feel so sad for my persimmon tree. i hope it doesn't break because it's a rather thin tree :(

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tagged By MieMieMie! :)

Love you schlong time rules:
1. Pass this game on to 5 people
2. Write down 5-10 ways your relationship ticks and works for you!
3. Include a brief history of how you and your significant other met or a timeline, whichever you prefer :)
Best part? NO WORD LIMIT!

Things that Make our Relationship Last:

1) Patience

I've been on a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend from the start, and most people wonder how do long distance relationships work because they'd go crazy if they dont' see their significant other on a day-to-day basis. I personally think patience is very important in that if you know you're with a person who you love a lot and you know they are worth it, waiting should not be the big big big issue like most people thing. Patience does not stop only at the long-distance part. It's also to be patient with the other when either one makes a mistake because we are only human, and when they make a mistake, it's not the end of the world and both people have to have patience to work through the problem and give time for the other to improve themselves. In addition, I feel that sex is overrated(you may disagree here if you'd like). Here's another part that patience plays a role in. Most people are so caught up and go for the sex because they dont' want to wait, and most of the time, people end up with regrets. Most peopel in the moment don't regret it, but later on it tends to bite you. Now this doesn't happen with all people. Some people can walk away as if nothing ever happend, and they are perfectly okay. But for me, I feel that waiting makes it that much more special. I mean, if it happens it happens, but YOU can definitely control your actions. I'm not saying sex is wrong if you don't wait. I'm just saying that some people rush into it too quickly without thoroughly thinking about it, and some people think they have to do it to be cool, but I am VERY well aware that there are plenty of people who do it based solel on the decision that both people love each other very much and they didn't prefer to wait til marriage. Okay, that's fine. The point I'm getting as is more of the lust part of this, not the love. So patience is important over a lot of parts in the relationship.

2) Willing to Work It Out & Not Give Up

I know sometimes the problem seems like it'll never end, or never will be resolved because it seems to have no solution, but trust me, 99% of the problems in relationships CAN be solved, and it CAN be solved if BOTH people work together to do something about it. It doesn't matter if it was just one of the two's faults. BOTH must work and have patience and the will to make things work. You learn how to yield and compromise, not "gimme gimme". Problems go NOWHERE if you're going to be selfish about it or make the other person do all the work. This is a relationship, not a butler where they do things for you. This means teamwork and not allowing petty things to get in the way of the relationship. Don't give up on the person. I know this for sure. I have made MILLIONS of mistakes, and never once did my boyfriend give up on me.EVER. he NEVER gave up on me and believed in me, and that gave me the motivation to be a better person.

3) Give Each Other Room!!!

I feel that long-distance is actually pretty healthy, as long as it doesn't get to an extreme of each person is on a different continent (thought some relationships like that DO work, its just not as often). Being with each other 24/7 will get yall sick of each other in no time. Girls need to have their girl time, and guys need to have their guy time as well. It's very very healthy to hang out with other people in conjunction with hanging with your significant other some other time. My bf's sister talked to me how the distance allows each other to grow to become THEMSELVES and who THEY are and they can discover themselves without the influence of others, especially the significant other. We shouldn't go out of our way to shape ourselves to fit into the mold of what the other wants us to be, so distance is good so each other can grow and learn from others as well.

4) Just...GIVE! Generousity

Relationships aren't meant to be selfish. You aren't supposed to "tally up" who did what so they can return each other whatever "they owe". Nobody owes anybody anything in that bad way. You give because you wanted to make the other person happy and to not expect something in return. Now, there IS a fine line where expecting to get something in return IS necessary. It's not right when someone gives and gives and gives, and the other gives nothing but hate, or treats the other inferior. That's SO not giving. You need to know if YOUR needs are met as well. Now if it's like "oh i bought you this gift, so you have to buy me one too"...that's ridiculous and shouldn't happen in relationships. You should always take to an extent, but what I think is to give plenty, take in moderation. And do it sincerely because it'll just end up back in square one where if you do something nice with the intention of trying to get something in return, that's just not right. That means your'e basically doing something to solely benefit yourself, and remember this is a relationship: teamwork; you're not dating yourself.

5) Honesty

That should be fairly self-explanatory. There ARE some things out there that are better left unsaid, but for the most part, honesty needs to be there because it leads to TRUST. How can anybody trust each other if everybody keeps lying? You get problems resolved and you create a more positive future by being honest, not deceiving. Oh, and honesty applies to cheating as well. Cheating is NOT one of those "better left unsaid". Hiding that is being a coward, unfaithful, unloyal, definitely not helping the relationship.

6) Love & Affection

SHOW that you love each other! Now I don't mean go have sex right away--not what i meant! love & affection is very healthy and makes each other happy. Warm hugs are wonderful and so are meaningful kisses. This should be self-explanatory. Don't just kiss or hug for the sake of getting horny or that "it's cool" or whatever the wrong-case may be. These things are great ways to show the other how much they care. Just dont be a cold person and leave the other in the dust. You'll make them feel deserted and very much alone, and nobody likes that feeling.

7) Care & Support

of course the previous paragraph leads to this one! Care for one another. Be concerned and know that the other person matters a lot and that they are VERY important to you. I mean seriously, lets say for example that the guy is having a really bad day and the girl is like "oh well, toughen it up. its fine"....thats' so not the way to go! Even guys need support, so girls can't expect the guys to always look after them 24/7 because guys need the "tender love and care" too! Let them know that you care about their happyness(yes i mispelled it intentionally) and that you are willing to do something to bring back that sweet smile back onto their face. Support one another. Don't leave the other out in the desert. When we feel down, sometimes we need someone there to listen, or just give a hug, or just to be told that things will be okay.

8) R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Give each other respect! Don't force the other person to do something they don't feel comfortable doing. Respect each other's feelings AND bodies. Be aware of how the other person is feeling--don't ignore it! And don't intentionally do something that you know hurts them or bothers them--that's just dumb and rude! Yall want to be happy right? Respect definitely creates a good atmosphere to understand each other's feelings and points of view. Don't shut down what the other person has to say, because just because you think you're right, doesnt mean that you really are. Give each other a fair chance and respect respect respect!

9) The Little Things

little things DO count, and lots of times, it can make the relationship better! Paying attention to some details shows that you are, well paying attention to the person and not ignoring them or checking out some other person walking by. Don't you just love it when your signficant other knows what food you always liek to order? Or go out of their way sometimes to do something little just to make you HAPPY? All those extra little efforts show that they care, and that they meant a lot, you're on their mind, and love you.

10) Love. love love love <3

There's got to be a "connection", if you know what I mean. Things gotta "click". If things feel "forced" or "unnatural", it's probably that yall MIGHT not share the love, and yall MIGHT not be the one for each other. Sometimes things DO work out if there's no connection & can work to have one, but I feel that relationships just go smoother when things just click and you don't have to work 24/7 to feel loved or to give love. Yes you want to work in the relationship to make it last, but seriously, a relationship is NOT a JOB. Some things that yall do need to just fall together seamlessly. I don't know how to explain it, but it's important to have love, feel very comfortable with each other, without having to sweat over it 24/7. And don't forget to tell the other "i love you".My boyfriend and I rarely ever end a conversation without telling "i love u". If one or the other doesn't say it, we end up calling each other back just to say it to let each other know we love one another. We don't treat love as "just something". We cherish it and cherish each other and it's important to the both of us to tell each other "i love you".

EDIT: I know the rules only say 5-10, but I want to add one more VERY important thing!

11) Saying "I'm sorry" and Forgiveness

We all make mistakes, whether it be unintentionally, or fully knowing what our actions will cause, but all the in the end, we are human and we make mistakes, and forgiveness is something powerful that allows the other person to turn around and have the opportunity to fix what is wrong. It is also important to say "i'm sorry" when you do something wrong. It shows that you are fully aware that what you did hurt the significant other and you are willing to do something to not only fix it, but to make him/her happy. Don't just say "im sorry" for "just because" reasons and to get away with things. Don't abuse those words because it gets really old when a person(whether it be in a relationship OR friendship OR work buddies) apologizes excessively when they really don't mean it. When you say I'm sorry, mean it truthfully because "i'm sorry" is meant for its true purpose, not to make you "look good" and "make the problem go away". It lets the person know you care and love them to step up, admit that you are wrong, and are more than willing to do something about it. And forgiveness takes courage as well. Lets take for example Pope John Paul II who forgave the guy who intentionally tried to kill him. That true forgiveness took a lot, i mean seriously, how can you forgive someone who's trying to kill you!?! but in either way, that forgiveness took effort by looking into the heart and trying to understand the other person's point of view. As with everything, have "i'm sorry" and forgivenesses in moderation in that if you forgive too much, lots of times you get walked over and used, and if when you say "im sorry" without meaning it and saying it excessively, it loses its meaning and people trust you less because of your deceit. So keep truth in these lovely, powerful, meaningful words that can help mend problems and a relationship last forever

How My BF and I met:

I'm sorry, but I'd rather respect people's privacy and not tell yall how we met and how our relationship started. I hope yall understand :), but I can talk upon my part and how I feel of what I've done that deals with the topics I listed above and what's going on briefly in-between.

I honestly feel that I have been the "bad" one in the relationship. I always always messed up to a horrible level, and I was so rude to my bf, that I have no idea how he put up with me. My ridiculous whining and all of that, I dont' know what was wrong with me. But after a couple fights and letting my bf speak his mind, things just smacked my head and gave me an epiphany that I need to change.

I always had a problem with TRUST because I have been betrayed so much. The people who I counted on the most ALWAYS left me, hurt me, you name it. I hated it, and so I kept accusing my bf so much of ridiculous things such as "omg ur checking out that girl aren't you". Yea, petty things and immature things like that. I didn't trust him when he was around other girls because I was always scared that he'll just end up being another person important to me who would leave me. I never believed him when he tells me he loves me. I was so blind and STUPID! It was only until the 2nd year we were dating that I started to change myself for the better. To this day, I still have trouble with the whole "checking out other girls thing", but I've reduced it down so much that I barely complain about it anymore, AND i just end up forgetting about the event and letting it go. Sometimes things like that just need time, but I'm glad I finally got better at some point. Also, I was a bad listener. Though my bf doens't speak his feelings too much (cuz most guys dun talk about how they feel), but when he did speak his mind, I did the opposite of what I wrote above--things needed for a relationship. I shut down his feelings and disregarded what was happening, and I can't believe I did that.

Whenever people are like OMG yall are so good and yall make the relationship last. I cringe every single time because I knew I was guilty. I was guilty of not being part of the "yall". It was more that my bf was doing more of the work and sat back and did nothing. How stupid could I get?!?! After going through disagreements and a few long-night talks, things finally clicked into my mind that what I was doing was NOT okay, on ANY level.

Today, I can finally trust my bf a lot, not freak out if a hot chick walks by, we can communicate and let each other know how we're feeling, and sometime I still need to work on is accepting the feelings because lots of times we don't like to beleive what we hear, especially if it's a complaint pointed towards something we do. I hate being told what I'm doing is wrong because it just makes my self-esteem that much lower. I am constantly told what I'm doing is wrong or isn't good enough, so having one more person, especially someone important, say it to me, i just end up shutting it away, which I should NOT do. Hopefully I'm getting better.

We've been dating for around 3.5 years now, and I feel that I can truly trust my bf, let petty things go, willing to accept my wrondoings and do something about it (improved, but I still need to improve more!), and just overall...I've learned so much and I'm glad things turned out the way it is to this day.

Tag 5 People:

I dun wanna tag anybody cuz I don't know who's done it or not, but please feel free to share yall's wisdoms on relationships and post this on your blog! Especially yall successful married couples--share us your wealth of knowledge! Also, if yall feel there should be some "corrections" in what i wrote, please feel free to state your opinion because everybody has their way of doing something. There's not just one way to make something work, there are many ways, and giving other options always helps :)

Thanks Mie for tagging me! :)


Oh, btw, when I wrote on one of my previous posts that I'll be doing 1-2 posts a week, that was meant to be like one of those HUGE full blown out reviews/swatches and stuff. Usually these tags and other words can be written rather quickly (or at least for me because I'm a quick typer), but pictures usually require me to take LOTS of pictures. Let me tell you when I make a review, yall just literally see like 5 out of the 20-30 pictures I take of it. I usually take the top pictures that are the clearest and provide the best information and depiction of the product, so it takes me a while to upload them, watermark them through photoshop, and write the whole post regarding it, so I'm sorry I'm slow on reviews. But hey, maybe doing these little inbetween-updates aren't so bad and provides some variety. So yea, I just wanted yall to know that in case there was any misunderstandings of some sort

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sally Beauty Deals

Are you an Ardell Falsies addict?,default,pg.html?cgid=Specials

Sally Beauty is having a sale and selling these falsies where you buy one and get one for 99cents. I might have read the coupon wrong, but I believe that's what it meant.

So....its like..u either buy one falsies directly for 99cents? Or buy one then get the second for 99cents? who knows. But either way, here's an excuse for you girls to go buy yourselves another pair of falsies lol.

I looked at the other deals, and didn't find anything else appealing too much, so the Ardell deal is probably the best deal :), but go ahead and check out the other deals to see if you like any of them

hope this helps some of yall :D

Monday, September 8, 2008

Update On My Skin

My skin is clearing up! whoo hoo!

I wouldn't say that it's a face that I could walk with my head up high, but I DO see improvements, which is what counts :)

Instead of the 2 Amoxycyllin (1 morning 1 night), I'm taking 2 Doxycyclines (1 morning 1 night) because I felt that the Amoxycyllin was too gentle for the severe acne I have at the moment, so I decided to do the Doxy back again to get rid of the acne, and once my face is stable, I'll reduce it down to 1 Doxy a day, and then ask my doctor what to do from there.

The amoxy definitely creates more loose bowels...and if yall don't know what loose bowels are, it basically makes your poop shoot more lubricated and makes you, well, poop. haha. I didn't have any bad bad poopage with the Amoxy, but I noticed enough of a difference....and the thing is, outside of that Amoxy is currently too gentle for me, I honestly do not want to poop at school XD. Hope that wasn't TMI, but the last thing I want is for me to take a test and my rear end decides to make me run to the ladies' room. ^^() So I opted for Doxy instead...

Right now, I feel internally a drastic difference with using 2 pills instead of one. First off, I honestly feel more nauseated. I take it at the same time as when I used to use 1 pill a day. I mean, I'm not throwing up or anything, but my body is adjusting to it and two 75mg pills is pretty powerful in that it totals up to 125mg. My doctor specifically made it 75mg to make me take it at separate times so that my body isnt overwhelmed all at once. I remember when I first tried Doxy, my dermatologist put me on 125mg pills where I take that 1 pill all at once, and let me tell you I threw up in less than 30 minutes, so Im glad my OBGyn doctor considered how powerful 125mg and considered my health!

I definitely don't want to stay on 2 pills for any form of long term cuz this nauseating feeling isn't good at all :( It's rather distracting. The 1st pill in the morning is fine, but once the 2nd dose in the evening kicks in, its like...EHHH. I'll just wait a couple days after my skin is very very stable to reduce it down to 1 pill because I'd hate to have my acne come back after trying so hard to make it go away.

As for beauty-related stuff, I can't review some of the stuff I'm using right now cuz I just want my face totally off-limits from other products, so no Aspirin Mask review until after my skin is fully fully fully fully better, and no makeup stuff until this is all overwith. I'm sorry but I just gotta take care of my skin right now, and also school is taking up time, so once I get everything managed correctly, I'll come back with a vengeance and blog away! :D I honestly feel that once I get everything together, I'll probably only be able to post 1 or 2 posts a week.

Right now blogging is rather distracting, as you can see I typed this post despite that Im supposed to do my Calculus HW and read my Govt book! XD

I'm almost done with my Calc anyway..i just have 2 more questions so it's no biggie on that...but dear god I gotta read govt cuz I got a test this friday!

so I'll see yall later! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tag! I Love Your Blog Questionnaire :)

I got tagged by Vianne! :) I haven't heard from you in forever! thanks for tagging me :)

I Love Your Blog Rules:
1. Pass this award on to 7 people.
2. Answer the following questions using only one word. One word? Yeah right!

A:1. Where is your cell phone? On my dresser drawers table
2. Where is your significant other? A city away at his university ;.;
3. Your hair color? Dark brown/black
4. Your mother? <3 style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">:I? =/? :)?
6. Your favorite thing? computer.Canon SD870 IS camera, & especially the cell phone my bf got for me
7. Your dream last night? can't remember what it was...
8. Your dream/goal? Near future: straight A's all freshman year (& hopefully throughout college!), distant future: stable job and very financially-happy salary, married a couple years after graduating college.
9. The room you're in. My room
10. Your hobby? makeup. fashion. hanging out with my boyfriend & also with friends. random escapades with my bf. shopping. lotsa stuff
11. Your fear? Losing my loved-ones, poisonous insects, deep dark waters
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 6 years from now I'll be 24, so hopefully by then I will have already finished Graduate school and having a stable job, and hopefully getting heading towards marriage by this age.
13. Where were you last night? At home
14. What you're not? im not perfect, and that's okay. im not rich, nor poor, nor the nicest, nor the bitchiest person. Im just me, im in the middle just being who I can be.
15. One of your wish-list items? im gonna list more than one XD HAH!
- new purse cuz the strap of my brown one broke.
-Pretty black flip flop (that would hopefully have some cute charms on it!)
-more sweaters for winter, strapless bra that fits
-a VW Rabbit car!!!!
- black pumps/heels in the style of Christian Louboutin black pumps
- black nail polish
- base-ball cap from my bf
- more Bath&Body Works Pleasures Body Cream in Irresistible apple
- eyeshadow base that really works & doesn't have sulfur!
-Buff'd foundation in colors "sungrass", "wool", and "sand" in Concealing formula to sample and then hopefully I'll find my color to get the full sized foundation
-mid-thigh-length trench coat
- an eyelash curler that actually fits my eyes(hopefully is affordable as well!)
- a concealer that covers my dark circles and acne scars!
- cute pencil holder....someone stole my entire pencil bag at my summerschool community college!

16. Where you grew up? U.S.
17. The last thing you did? eat a pear & paint my nails
18. What are you wearing? winnie the pooh tank top with boxers
19. Your TV? 13 inch samsung bubble-block type of tv where i accidently broke the vcr part of it long time ago....oops.
20. Your pet? i dun have one but my sis has a cute black dog
21. Your computer? Dell with Intel Pentium 4, 2.8ghz, and 180 gb hard drive, 512mb RAM, and a Dell Ultrasharp LCD monitor screen donated by my uncle to replace my bulky CRT screen
22. Your mood? still hungry...and blah...and not wanting to do HW!
23. Missing someone? very much. im really missing my bf >_<>
24. Your car? dun have one yet ;.;....but hopefully i'll be able to get the VW Rabbit! <3>
25. Something you're not wearing? makeup. i haven't been wearing makeup lately cuz of my skin
26. Favorite store? ooo..i have lotsa stores i like....Forever21/XXI, thrift stores, Express, sometimes Charlotte Russe, mainly bargain stores haha
27. Your summer? summer school for Intro to Psych and Finite Math and spent time with bf
28. Love someone? very very very very much. <3
29. Your favorite color? blue black and white
30. When is the last time you laughed? when i uploaded pics onto my fb cuz i saw some pics that made me laugh
31. Last time you cried? bout to cry when i saw some of the photos.
32. Are you a bitch? when im on my period or about to have my period, or if someone's being a bitch to me
33. Favorite Position? virgin--abstinence :) . so i don't exactly know how to answer this question
34. Favorite Past Time? looking at with my bf
35. Are you a hater or a Lover? mainly a lover but sometimes i can be a hater if u get me in a bad mood
37. Are you genuine or fake? Genuine. I dun like fakes who put up 2 faces and kissy up to other people and taking advantage of people. hate it.
38. Any Vices? eating sweets.....mainly chocolate chip cookies :3....and also, being too stingy at times XD, and procrastinating!
39. Pro Life or Wire Hanger? depends on the situation
40. McCAIN or OBAMA? neither. im not into politics despite that im the age to vote this year. I just dun like politics in general. Im waiting for the day that a real genuine person who can truly deliver will step up to the presidential position. i just ignore politics mainly cuz most of them lie just to get their position, and its Congressmens that people should mainly be worried about cuz they do most of the work, not the candidates.
41. Pro Plastic or Natural? Natural as possible but if something truly bothers you, and only you, then go ahead and get plastic surgery if it truly makes you happy and if you have the money for it. No one should have to go under the knife to please someone else. Oh, and if my boobs freakin look severely nasty of getting old age, i think im going to go do something about it!!! XD
42. Dream Job? traveling around having fun during vacations, and enjoying life without hassles. no job is the preference! but if i really had to pick, I'd like to be a fashion designer or something with makeup/hairstyling/beauty related stuff.
43. were the last 11 questions PINK added on fun? lol a few of them were quite...interesting =P

7 people to tag! (alphabetical order)

6)Mz Joey


P.S. Thank you lurve for tagging me in that beauty blog award that was a while back! I was so busy that i did not have the time to post mine up, but I want to thank you for nominating me ^_^

Friday, September 5, 2008

Your Bunnie is Bouncin Back! :D

First of all, I want to thank yall for all yall's support!! I appreciate it a lot :)

So, today, Friday, is AMAZING.



freakishly wonderful.


Because instead of going to my dermatologist, I went to my OBGyn instead for my acne!

And let me tell you, she may be a gynecologist, but she is at the least 1000X better AND more knowledgeable AND more helpful than my dermatologist! I kid you not! She actually stayed there to talk to me and explain everything thoroughly, and gave me so many options to actually help me. I felt that she actually wanted to help me out rather than leech off $$$ like those dermatologists do!

So what's gonna happen to my face?

Well she said I can continue my Doxycycline, but I asked her if there's another option where I don't have to deal with the side effect of throwing up from Doxy, and she said yes.

I did not expect to hear "Amoxycyline (Pennecyllin)" to be the pill to help take away my acne. Yes, the same pills you use to help your regular sickness is the same pill that can be used to help acne! And the best part is that I love how there's no "throwing up" side effects, AND I dont' have to be so strict with the time I take it. With Doxy, I had to take it within 1.5 hr or else I'd puke, but Amoxycyline is SO much more convenient.

I remember when I had mild Bronchitis, I was put on Amoxycycline, and oddly, my face looked more clear while I was on antibiotics to cure my sickness than when I was taking my Doxycycline. After I finished taking my Amoxy & my sickness was gone, my face started to go wonky again with my Doxy! I find that so funny. At the time I didn't know ti was Amoxy that was helping out my face, but now I know!

What's even more awesome, is that my doc told me that I could even mix and match, in order to maintain good immunity. My doc didn't want my body to get used to one pill and such, so she told me different things to do to maximize my benefits.

1) For Doxycycline, she said I can take either two 50mg pills a day (1 morning 1 night), or do two 75mg pills a day (1 morning 1 night)

2) As for Amoxy, she's letting me do 500mg twice a day, again 1 morning 1 night (my current plan)

3) the mix&match part: There's even an option to take one Amoxy and one Doxy! I didn't know you could combine diff pills to maintain acne. I thought it was bad to mix/match. My dermatologist kept saying "oh no there's no more pills and/or topicals you can take. there's no more, you tried them all--the ones without sulfur" HAH my ass! My derma NEVER told me I could use Amoxycyline! I seriously think that all dermatologists seem to want to do business with customers so they can just rack up money. I don't feel that they are there to help you! But my OBgyn totally gave me the heads up on all this.

4) If all else fails, treat the ROOT of the problem: Hormones! of course, with Birth control pills. I was actually hoping that I could take BC pills cuz my periods are so irregular! Sometimes I skip a month, sometimes it comes 2 weeks late, sometimes 1 week early, sometimes 1 week late, and it lasts sometimes as short as 3 days, or once it was as long as 8 days! On top of that, I'm a heavy flow person (hope that wasn't TMI!), so I'd love to be able not to have cramps and light-flows are so much easier to maintain--AND won't drown my wallet $$ to have to spend like an entire pack of pads a day.

5) Clindamycin (sp?). That's a basic gel that I could use instead of NeoBenz. I told my Gyn. doc that my dermatologist prescribed me Neobenz KNOWING that it has sulfur and that I'm allergic to it! I told my derma TWICE that I can't take Neobenz cuz it has sulfur and it isn't helping my skin at all, but they were like, Oh it's NOTHING! there's not a lot of it at all, don't worry. MY ASS!!!!! My Gyn shook her head and thought my derma was ridiculous to prescribe me, the patient, something that I'm allergic to!

6) I asked her since I already bought my Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (gel), could I use the rest of that instead of the Clindamycin so I don't put it to waste. I asked if it is bad if i did that or if it isn't strong enough, and she said it's fine, so I'll go ahead and use the rest of my Neutrogena, and until that runs out, I'll go by Clinda. since it's only $10 (insurance covered the rest) and that's almost almost the same amount of money as the Neutrogena.

I am SO happy I got immediate help! I don't have to wait 2 weeks anymore to start making my face look normal again! SO HAPPY!!!!!!! I got my Amoxy, Neutrogena and Clindamacin, as well as Retin-A micro, all to help my skin NOW. Not 2 weeks from now, but NOW NOW NOW.

awesome! :) I'm excited man! I don't have to walk on campus with my head down anymore. This is such a liberating feeling! On top of that, I know Amoxy is gentle & not toxic with the body so it wouldn't even be horrible if I was on that for any form of long term, as mentioned by my doctor.

On top of that, I went shopping! Well, actually me and my mom went shopping for my cousin's birthday present while waiting until my doc appt comes around the clock, and since there was the mall 5 minutes away, we decided to take care of buying my cousin's present.

and, along the way, I bought myself some stuff!

Shopped at Forever21. I know some of yall hate that store, and some love it. But for me, I like that store :) I usually don't buy too much from there but I typically do like what they have there (but sometimes I wish the fabric was of better material).

So I got a black turtleneck tunic and a cute silver-gray satin-bow headband, making this purchase a grade total of a little less than $15. :) Yay for saving money and buying good stuff! ^_^

Oh, and I got my LAPTOP in today! So awesome! They shipped it yesterday, and I got a 2-day free delivery service, yet it came the next day! has AMAZING shipping! hooray!

All of this, is what made today so lovely:

1) got meds for acne and doc was nice and helpful
2) bought clothes and a headband that I've been lemming to have
3) received my laptop

let's just hope that good things like this stay this way! I don't want any more bad luck and unfortunate things to happen to me @_@

Here are some pics (no flash, so pic came out slightly fuzzy, so my face doesn't look as bad as it really is):

Oh, FYI, the belt and black tights are stuff I already had, and added to the outfit to make it look prettier. I didn't want yall to think that the outfit came with that belt cuz I know some outfits DO come with accessories like that, but no, this tunic was $10.50 (and very soft too!) and came like that alone.

front view

side view

back view

the cute headband!

i love the bow :3 im such a sucker for cute stuff


Now, to go shower, and then study for my Calculus Practice and Real Test! I've also got like 150 pages or more to read this weekend--yikes! Wish me luck! XD

and again, thanks for all yall's support in my last post and for all the suggestions ^_^

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Fellow Bunnie Blogger is SAD


My skin

totally exploded.

I hate it. Just a week after I was with my bf to help him move into his dorm, my face turns out looking like this:

My whole face is covered in acne! Top to bottom! I even got one or two on my neck and chest. Ridiculous!

I tried:

-drinking more water
-eating more fruit
-no junk food whatsoever (no chips, no sweets,etc)
-eating more veggies (ex: I ate a WHOLE PLATE of spinach!!! that's a lot!)
-I've been having around anywhere from 6 to 7 to 8 hours of sleep
-I cleaned my room and changed my pillowcase to make sure everything in my room is clean. Vacuumed and everything.
-I've been sleeping less on my side and more on my back so that my face doesn't touch anything, not even the pillows, in order to avoid bacteria spreading
-I avoid the sun as much as possible when I walk on campus.
-obviously since I walk on campus, I've been walking a lot more! therefore, I've got my exercise thing going on

seriously. I've tried whatever I could think of that's healthy and yet my skin has BARELY cleared up.....sometimes it gets worse, and then sometimes it looks slightly better, and then within a day it goes back to bad again.

This is saddening that I think that I truly do have to depend on acne pills to keep my face clear. I was hoping to be able to steer away from prescription meds to avoid the high cost AND the inconvenience of going to the doctor with all those ridiculous appts and rude doctors, and also it's best not to put pills like that in your body. Vitamin pills are okay (centrum, one a day, etc), but these are acne pills and....honestly, I don't feel comfortable or happy having to depend on pills for the rest of my life. That is sooo inconvenient and costly!

So yes, my appt is Sept.19, Friday, which is a horrifying 2 more weeks. Some of yall might think, "Oh, it's just 2 more weeks, suck it up."

uh, if you had skin as bad as mine, you wouldn't want to go outside to show your face--you'd feel pretty bad. Lately I've been looking down while I walk at school. When I had clear skin, which was just a freakin week ago!, I held my face up more often, and as of right now, I look like your stereotypical dorky shy asian person.

I can't wait for the day that my skin is finally normal and reasonable to maintain. I HATE having this severe of skin. I mean, if it was like 3 pimples or so, I'd be fine. Not that I would like to have 3 pimples, but it's just much more easier to maintain than the 20-30 that i have planted across my face at this moment! arg!

So yes, aside from work, this is the reason why I don't post my face on my blog very often because my face never looks good enough to be able to put up! acne galore man! And I have yet to find a mineral makeup foundation that will cover up my acne scars and soak up the oil so that I can at least walk outside not feeling so horrible.

On a beauty-related note, I've been looking at Buff'd Foundation ( since I saw Christiana Divine use it as well as bLue (A WaterColourSky) use it, and it seems to make their face look rather lovely! I also like the fact that christiana mentioned how her skin is oily oily oily, so knowing that and her using this foundation, it must be good with keeping the oilies I am waiting until my skin clears up with the pills before attempting to order since my appt is Sept.19, and I know it'll take about 2 weeks to clear up my face, then I probably won't be ordering any Buff'd Foundation until October! But that's okay, I can wait...

oh, on a non-beauty-related note, my body has be luring too many mosquitos! It's horrid. Despite how hot it is where I live, I've been wearing pants every day ever since my mosquito incident when I was wearing shorts. I even went as far as wearing my jacket OUTSIDE in our 90-95 degree weather so that those pesky little bugs won't bite me!

WHYY is this happening to me!?!?! O____O

Monday, September 1, 2008

Question About Aspirin&Honey Mask/Scrub

Hey everybody :)

I'm sorry but this time I've got me a question to ask yall and I'm hoping yall can help me out! :)

I've been reading tons of reviews on MUA regarding this Aspirin&Honey Mask/Scrub, and I would love to hear yall's story on it.

First of all, just for reference to compare on everybody, please comment and state your skin type first before answering the question: Is your skin Oily? Sensitive? Dry? Normal? Acne-prone? :)

For the real questions:

1) Did it made your skin lovely? Shrink your pores? brighten your skin's complexion? Less acne? Less blackheads?


2) Did it just ruin your skin altogether? Created more acne? Too abrasive? Made your skin "raw-feeling" and red?


3) It just didnt' do anything good OR bad. Your skin remained the same as if you never used it? Was it not abrasive enough(too gentle)?


4) what did you use? 325 mg tablets? 80mg tablets? (trying to get the lowest mg possible or highest miligrams possible?) How many did you use? 2 tablets and a few squeezes of honey? 5 tablets? I hear many different stuff so I was wondering what is the best one for a "one-time" scrub.


5) Do you believe in that "problem" in that Aspirin is a blood-thinner and using this scrub/mask on your face at a weekly or daily level is harmful to your health? Why or why not?

Thank yall so much and I hope yall can answer me quickly as I have the opportunity to go out right now to get these two products.

I've heard great things and I looked at SOOO many different face scrubs at the store, and 99% of them had sulfates! aaa! I've already used 2 of them and I like to change things up, and since this Aspirin scrub was the "purest" with the least amount of ingredients, AND the fact that it has honey associated in the scrub made me think whether to use that instead--and plus it's cheaper too! :) My face is just horrid right now and I'd love to have my clear skin back and this mask sounds like a life saver

please please do give your inputs. Thank you so much!

For reference, my skin is:

-severely Acne-prone
-able to handle lots of scrubs/friction, but at the same time is moderately sensitive
-severely allergic to Sulfates


I received no responses, but oh well.

I went ahead and bought it.

I bought Walgreens 99Cent 325mg uncoated Aspirin tablets

and at Target I bought 100% Organic Dutch Gold Pure Honey U.S. Grade A (12 oz) .....and this honey does NOT smell good x.x.....oh dear. I thought it would have smelled "sweet" but it doesn't XD Maybe it's because it's organic...? oh well. As long as it makes my face look good, I'll put up with slight stinkyness XD

I'm only going to use this as a SCRUB since I feel slightly unsafe using Aspirin on my face, or maybe it's just me being so cautious, but once I use this for a couple weeks, I'll review it for yall :)


regardless that I bought it, please do still comment below to tell your story. Not only would it help me out, but there are tons of viewers who have the same questions as I do, and it'll help all of us out a lot. Thanks! ^_^


All products are 100% my opinions and thoughts. I am not paid to review any products I post. Use the product and advice/suggestions at your own discretion. Thank you!

Thanks for Visiting!