Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buff'd Foundation

I have been hearing about this foundatioin from Christina Divine as well as Fabuless Beauty and Blue (a watercoloursky), all 3 of which seem to love this foundation!

I do believe there are some Buff'd foundation users out there that I might have missed, but so far this foundation looks more promising than Everyday Minerals.

Just now I asked my sister if I could use her credit card to order some samples, and she said yes(I gave her a $5 bill to pay her back for the $4.36 USD I spent), so I JUST ordered:

1 sample of Sungrass in Concealing formula
1 sample of Wool in Concealing formula
1 sample of Sand in Concealing formula

Jennifer, the lady who runs the site, recommended me to get Antique as well, but I personally felt it might be too dark. I used Blue(a watercoloursky) as my skin reference since we have very similar skintones (thank you blue for your Buff'd posts! they really helped me pick my colors). My skin is capable of getting really really pale, so that's why i decided to put Sungrass into my sample buying because I never know if I do get pale for the winter.

So yes, I am SOOOOOO hoping that this will be my hg foundation. I seriously do. I am tired of spending money on trying to find something I'm not allergic to and is something affordable and something that works.

I heard from all 3 bloggers that the coverage is great, it lasts, and their shade matches them pretty well. Oh, and since they have oily skin like me, I think that's great that they all said how great it is. I believe all three of them had the Original formula, but I ordered the concealing formula because I have a feeling that my face will oil up right through the original formula. But after this sample, if I feel that the concealing formula is too much, then i'll just order the Original formula.

*crosses fingers*

Since this is a Canadian-based company, it'll first take about 1-2 days to process, and 5-10 days to ship since I live SOOOO freakin far away from canada. On top of that, my city just went through a hurricane so I'm not quite sure if the delivery man will go through the flood water to deliver my makeup!!!! XDDD!!!

Oh, and what made me very very happy, was that I completely forgot that the price on Buff'd cosmetics is all in candian dollars, which at the end when i was checking out the order, I was happy to see that the US dollars was less money :D haha exciting. I can't wait to try this out!

And since 5-10 days later, my skin should be much much clearer, I'll be able to put this foundation on a good test run in my just-hurricane-hit humid hot Houston city where I walk under the blazing sun at my university every day. That should be like the ultimate test of how well this foundation works haha. Then, of course, I will review this product for yall :)

God, I seriously seriously am hoping that this product will be it. Color match. Perfect coverage. Lasting all day. Easy to remove. all of that. I want it. Wish me luck!!!!

oh, and wish the delivery man some good luck too as he has to go through the debris-filled streets......XD


iamgrape1119 said...

Good luck! I love trying out new makeup! I always get the butterflies in my stomach before I open the package...Is that normal? LOL!

Anyways, can't wait for more!

jie jie said...
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Anonymous said...

i know how hard it is to find something that matches! i hope this is it for you! good luck and keep us posted!

Telliecoin said...

ooo hope the makeup turns out good! i've never heard of Buff'd.. gotta look into that :D

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

okay. so your email got deleted somehow... so i figured i'd answer you on here. LOL.

i like the concealing formula better because it (1) controls my oil BETTER than the original formula because it contains kaolin clay (2) DOES have noticeably better coverage. i like FULL coverage and most people are content with the original formula, but i prefer the concealing formula... just personally. :P

the physician's formula concealer is okay... i honestly still prefer my everyday minerals sunlight concealer. :P hehe. BUT if you use them together, it's just awesome. the cream concealer stays longer, but when you use the sunlight powder on top of it, it conceals better! :P so together they rock. haha. :P but if i had to pick one, i'd say it'd be the sunlight concealer. :P

i haven't tried buff'd under eye concealer because i was already REALLY happy with everyday minerals' sunlight concealer, i imagine that they work the same... not sure which one works better or how different they are from each other so i can't really help there. i'm sorry. :P

i hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just let me know. :D

MisSmall said...

Ahh, the endless (and painful) search for that HG foundation that matches our skintone perfectly. We're all in the same boat, hun. Good luck! :)

IchigoBunnie said...

thanks! LOL i love getting packages--makes me so excited that i soooo KNOW what's in there when I open it!!! <3

thanks! sure will keep yall posted when i receive it.

thanks! I never really heard of buff'd either. I first heard it from Christiana, and then it spread to A Watercolour sky(blue), and then I saw it with Fabuless on one of her older posts. I hope it turns out good too!

thanks so much for your reply christiana :) You helped me a lot and it makes me feel happy that you like the concealing formula :) Perhaps if i do like the foundation, when i order the full thing, i'll perhaps order a sample of that "awakening" concealer to test it out.I have yet to test out that "sunlight" concealer that you love but maybe one day i'll get to it. again, thanks for your very thorough response! ^_^

IchigoBunnie said...

aaa i missed your comment when i was replying to people--sorry!

yes painful search indeed! I just wish things like these could be easier...but it just isn't :( I think like 90% of our money is spent on testing out products rather than spent on the HG stuff we buy continuously.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Good luck! I hope you like Buff'd as much as I do. Update us on this!

Agnes said...

never heard of this brand! but if its good enough for you i am keen to give it a try!!



miemiemie said...

really? it broke you out? oh man..that's sad, but oh was for free anyway!:)

i hope it works for me..

jie jie said...

i drove home on sunday to check on my apartment. if you see it dirty now, you should've seen it on sunday. it was even worse since everyone just started to come out and clean up. huge trees were on the road and so many traffic lights and street signs were hanging.i too couldn't decide to look up or down since the streets in my area had huge trees. there were even other items on the road that day so I was driving really slow. and at night, there's practically no lights on the streets. it's creepy since i've never seen it that dark around the medical center, bellaire and west u area. it's sad to see all the damages, but i'm still grateful that Ike was weaker than forcasted. Imagine if it was a category 3 or higher? I think I have to prepare better next time.

Anne @ said...

sorry for getting back to you so late, but yea you can turn in your eyes or lips only if you want. you can definitely put your entry on your blog so your readers can vote for you on my site.

Anonymous said...

blog surfing and ended up here, reading your buff'd post~
I really love the concealing formula. It does the coverage, and doesnt take very much to do so!
I'm actually between colours so I'm using a mixture of Wool and Almond.
Anyway, hope you have a great experience with it^^

IchigoBunnie said...

rasilla: thanks so much for your help! That makes me feel more encouraged that Buff'd will work. I'm still knockin on wood and crossing my fingers! hahaha. Hopefully I'll like it. I think I might be getting the samples this week IF im lucky.


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