Saturday, September 20, 2008

IchigoBunnie in Anne's Fall Makeup Contest//EDIT didn't make it so this will be a regular EOTN

Hey Everybody!

Anne @ Yummiebitez is hosting a Fall Makeup Contest, and your fellow bunnie decided to join :)

This is my very first contest that I joined that I am serious about and actually tried really really really hard to make this look and to take pictures of it.

This contest is based upon the amounts of votes, so I am truly hoping that yall can help your bunnie out by voting once a day for me! It's not one of those one vote by one person & then that's it. It's more of a consistency of voting, but it's just one vote per person, per day. So I'd GREATLY appreciate it if yall can vote for me please!

Here's all the products I used

yay my skin has cleared up tremendously in a week thanks to Doxy pills, Retin A, and Clindamycin Gel. I still have pimples and scars, but it's reduced a lot. So i guess this pic can double up as an "update on my skin" :)

Here are the makeup items I used listed with their names and listed in the order I used them:

- Jane No Show Oil-Free Concealer in "Fair"
- Loreal Decrease Eye Base
- Loreal HIP Paint in "Secretive"
- Silver Color on Inner Corner: Lancome (gift with purchase) Creme Powder Eye Colour Duo in "Starry" (the other color of the duo is Aubergine but I used Starry as the silver)
- Light Blue on Outer corner: ULTA eyeshadow single in "Luna"
- Dark Blue on Bottom eye: Milani Wet/Dry Eyeshadow in "Blue Lagoon" applied WET
- Hilight browbone: Clinique (gift with purchase) Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in "Almost Peach"
- Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner (NON-automatic) in Black to line both upper eyelid and bottom inner rim
- Tweezerman Metal Eyelash Curler
- NYX Doll Eyes Mascara Volume on Top and Bottom lashes

- NYX Lipgloss in "Smokey Look" --a nude pink to balance out the heavy eye makeup

Nothing because I'm recovering from breakouts and am staying away from face makeup for another week to let my skin calm down. Don't want makeup to irritate the skin more.

Hope you can vote for me daily! Thanks so much

Click HERE for Anne's blog :) Votes only count if it is left on Anne's blog, so any voting that was placed on my blog won't count, so please do comment/vote through Anne's contest post once she puts it up :)

I think Anonymous users are able to vote as well....? I'm not quite sure because Anne never really specified whether the voters must have a blog or not in her rules.

again, thank you thank you thank you for the support :)

awww I didn't even make the cut for the contest :(

I think it was because of my stupid self being disorganized. I sent my email in, but forgot to list what products I used! So I sent that in through another email. Maybe I really was missing some information that I was supposed to fill in. my fault & stupidity.

and despite that i AM 18, I probably don't look like it, so maybe I got cut off bc perhaps some misunderstandings.

maybe it was because I watermarked my pictures? Was I not allowed to? I thought I did...

if those weren't the reasons, maybe its the way i did the makeup. I realize that my makeup look didn't look particularly fall--it looked more WINTER, so I guess that didn't quite fit the theme. Either that or the look i did just plain looked like crap/shit (i'm more than willing to accept any fact that my eotd's in general look like crap. thats why I don't do EOTDs often bc I know im not creative and they tend to look pretty bad. Plus I basically live off of freebee stuff so i don't have much colors to do variety stuff).

darn :( I was really hoping to win cuz all i have are drugstore brand stuff or freebee things. I've never owned a single MAC in my life or anything expensive. The only thing expensive I have is NARS Orgasm that i bought with my christmas money. Plus I don't really have any brushes either--too expensive for me to buy. Plus I don't have any variety in colors so I was hoping to expand the colors rather than consistently use the bland flat-toned stuff.

i guess next time when a contest rolls around, I'll be more careful and read the rules a hundred times over and reread my emails to make sure I do it correctly, and probably should stick more to the theme next time. Oh well, not bad for my first contest :) It was fun to create a look that I never tried before and hopedfully it may have help inspire others for some other looks to do.


fuzkittie said...

Beautiful! I love the super juicy lips. And also loving your hat! :D

jeSmakeup said...

i like how ur lashes curl.. this is a cute look... im plannin to join too... but i dont got much time so i should get started lol it was ok to post up our fall pix on our page?

Anonymous said...

awe very nice. i find that the loreal decrease is pretty decent i used it as well. nice job babe. and i very much like how your eye lashes are nice and spread its awesome gives it like a "vavoom" look hehe which is good , well amazing hehe. take care please keekp up the hard work youre doing fabulous.

tokyostargirl said...

cute look!

mekee said...

wow your skin is glowing! *jealous* lol! Sighs.. i'm having a breakout right now >_< eekks!

IchigoBunnie said...

Fuz & tokyostargirl: thank you! ^_^

jesmakeup:thanks! I went ahead and commented on your blog to answer your question :)

jazzzzy: thanks so much for the encouragements. I am trying to "up" my blog. I feel like it's slightly boring right now, but hopefully after fully settling down into school, i'll be able to have more time to post some more stuff.

mekee: aww thanks! I feel so flattered, but actually, im not glowing--im OILY!! HAHAHA!! its actually the light reflecting off the oils of my face XDDD hahaha...but i'm glad it looks glowing though :3 I was worried that my face was lookin greasy. I guess the mirror might have made my face look better than it really is right now ^^() lol

hang on in there to get your skin back. Just 2 weeks ago my face was awful--click onto the next page for one of my older posts and you'll see that my face was horrible not too long ago. Chin up :) perhaps see the dermatologist or try some stronger medications?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement! My breakout is totally my own fault >_< i've been slacking with my skin care routine lately and have been living on junk food :( I need to get myself together again! Yes, i'm new to your blog and have been reading up on your previous entries :) You and Lurve convinced me to buy Mario Badescu's silver powder! GAWD that stuff is "Magic"! Thanks! :D

miemiemie said...

aww you look hot girl :)
i got the #2 shade in light/classic ivory. I actually wanted the 3 but it was out of stock at my walmart when I went there..will do a review on it soon :)

Jennifer L said...

nice look and cute hat!

i didn't know about the watermelon giving spf within, and if it's on oprah.. it must be true LOL

i tried looking for the ingredients for you, but it's not listed on the product... but i did find a site that does

hope that helps, i know what you're going through. I have really sensitive skin. I'm allergic to something but I don't know what. Last year my face broke out really bad and got swollen, i had to go to the emergency : /

oh yeah hope u don't mind I added u to my blogroll, do the same if u wish :D

ChyiX2 said...

Cool, I like it! Especially the hat pic :)

Fei said...

Def get a baggie for your purse! It keeps all the little things I have from rolling around, making it hard to find anything! I'm just using a cheapo gift with purchase bag I got for free.

Vanessa said...

you look gorgeous and your face is amazing!

Agnes said...

OMG!! the eyes are TO DIE FOR!!! seriously! its so good! i love the long long lashes! <3

miemiemie said...

i know! hahaha..what i do before applying foundtion is use this green concealer from a mineral makeup brand..just a little bit, just to neutralize the redness. it works! so that i won't be bothered with the redness on some parts of my face. but omg, when i blush i whole face turns red..but the most reddish part are my ears! i also say SHIT in my mind..hahaha more like wtf,stop it please! hahaha.. its so embarrassing.. haha i'm glad someone can relate, which means we're normal. haha

about the dreams thing..i know, it sort of helps us think about our current relationship. no guy is utterly perfect, isn't it? so sometimes when i do see other guys, its like i see qualities in them that the bf lacks..but i also think of the qualities that he has that makes it all the more special to me..something like that..

miemiemie said...

hahaha you make me laugh girl. anyway, yes you put the green mineral first. i just dab it on my cheeks, forehead and the area around my nose. those are the areas that are reddish on actually looks nice after putting it on, no need for foundation even..but i like putting foundation :)

jeSmakeup said...

awwww... girl... its okay! at least u tried u know... i dont think it was for any of the reasons you said... don't worry about it... theres always plenty of more to go! <3333

yumeko said...

wow such long lashes! i had to check what mascara u used!

Emilita said...

I think you look really cute, even if it's not a 'fall' look. I've just fallen in love with NYX lip gloss so it's great to see you used it, and you might inspire me to try the mascara. :)

Vi Anne said...

I'm sorry about the contest. For all its worth I like yours better than some of the contestants. I'm seriously jealous of your lashes. They're really long!

PS. I'm glad you found that post of mine useful. Creepy indeed. :)

jeSmakeup said...

hey u! i saw the msg u left on MAYS.. i msg her n told her she put the wrong pic of me! haha i am contestant #1... Except the closed eye one isnt me... i think she mistaken.. cuz that was my 3rd time sendin in pix... so she got confused.. but its not too late to join!! submit ur pictures in!! =)

jeSmakeup said...

yea no problem... shes prob busy today since she hasnt got back my msg... hmm as long as its a smokey look... u dont kno how many times i had to take pix over n over... it was my 3rd time submittin pix to her.. 3 diff looks.. and finally that last one was smokey enough i guess... so i think thats why she got sooo confused wit everything.. just tell ur family n friends to vote for u! u can pass the word out =)

Anonymous said...

hi can u let me know what is the full name of the lip gloss u r using?i 'll try to find that.btw how u achieve that super curl lashes?i've used shiseido n shu emura curler but yet my lashes r no longer as curl as it used agnes said maybe my mascara weighs them down but then b4 i applied it i'll wipe it with a tissue so it'll not looks messy.
p/s:ur full name of ur nyx mascara is doll...?

CKR said...

That's so pretty!

Jane said...

i have the jane concealer in fair too! but it doens't work well for me. it kind of rolls onto itself and gets flaky...

you're gorgeous!


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